TGL Volume 4, Chapter 7 (5)

How odd, it feels like I’m forgetting something. What was I doing before I came to the classroom? Didn’t I plan on heading to the library? It feels like my memories were erased, but I’m not sure by who. Perhaps it was the demon; did I discover something I shouldn’t have? Regardless, I’m not in any position to resist. All I can do is try my best to recover some semblance of strength. The spiritual energy concentration is too low to use my immortal spells; if I want power, I have to learn the combat techniques of this lower realm. The library is problematic though; my memories were wiped in there. Also, my body feels a little sore. Was I attacked?

“Teacher Lin, is everything okay?”

I’m thinking too much. Along with a decrease in my strength, my computational abilities have slowed down. Thoughts that would take me an instant to process before take a longer amount of time. Even a small child has noticed something was off about me. “Yes. Good morning, class. Today, we’ll be separating those who’ve discovered qi and those who haven’t. If you can feel qi, follow me. For those of you who haven’t felt it yet, continue training in the Shadow Devil Foundation Building Technique.

It seems like the natives of this lower realm are more capable than I thought. Half of them have already touched upon the intricacies of qi in a single night. People are born with this ability in the immortal realm, but that doesn’t undermine the abilities of these children here. If they were born in the immortal realm, perhaps they’d be recruited into the seven great sects. After a short walk outside, I arrived in front of a circular building with the capable students in tow. A familiar face that I really didn’t want to see greeted me at the building’s entrance.

“If it isn’t Fairy Lin,” Bloodmoon’s snakelike voice said. Even his smile reminded me of a serpent’s. “No, it’s Teacher Lin now, isn’t it? My fellow colleague.”

The situation I’m in, it’s all Bloodmoon’s fault. I’m going to kill him. The vice-sect leader said if we attempted to take off the chokers, we’d explode. If I rip the choker off of Bloodmoon, wouldn’t he die? Yes, I’d die in the process, but I’m not sure if I’d die before I manage to remove his choker or not. It would be unfortunate if the attempt at removing his choker counts as acting against the Shadow Devil Sect. It’s not like I have anyone I can ask either. Once again, I’m placed in a passive situation. Since I’ve become an immortal, when have I ever been this helpless?

“You’re still ignoring me?” Bloodmoon asked and shook his head. “Why must you act like this? As people belonging to the same lands, we should stick together, don’t you agree?”

“You look familiar.”

Oh? It was the humanoid beast’s child. She managed to feel her qi after a night of training? That isn’t too surprising. Even if her natural talent isn’t as high as other students, she’s still the child of the strongest existence in the lower realm. She should’ve eaten all kinds of heavenly and earthly treasures while growing up.

“That’s right, child,” Bloodmoon said and raised an eyebrow. “You’ve seen me before, and you even asked your mother when you’d get to eat me. Do you remember that?”

“Oh yeah!” The humanoid beast’s child bobbed her head up and down. “I remember you now. Mommy hit you and captured you along with Teacher Lin. You’re a teacher too?”

“You can call me Teacher Bloodmoon,” Bloodmoon said and opened the door to the building behind him. He turned around and headed inside. “I will be your body training and combat teacher. Come, follow me.”

I wasn’t aware of this. I thought foundation and body training were my subjects. This is probably a ploy from the demon. I’m not sure what her aims are, but this was done intentionally. However, there isn’t a single thing I can do about it. I had some very faint hopes that I could raise a prodigy who’d help me achieve my freedom, but with Bloodmoon here, the chances of that becomes extremely slim … unless I’m willing to work together with him.

“To start off the training, Teacher Lin will say a few words of guidance.” Suddenly, Bloodmoon thrust me into the spotlight. I was planning on giving words of guidance to these children, but after hearing Bloodmoon say I’ll do it, my motivation has dropped to its lowest. “There are quite a few things you need to be aware of. Teacher Lin, if you will.”

Bloodmoon’s smirk is disgusting. All I have to do is pretend he doesn’t exist. “When training one’s body, it’s important to sense the flow of qi within yourself. There’s…. No. I won’t say words of guidance.” The way Bloodmoon is looking at me is causing my killing intent to well up. “Let’s get right into the training.” The training facilities inside the school are impressive. Did the demon create these formations herself? “As with cultivation, the most important part of training is building your foundation. Your organs are the foundation of your body: namely, your heart and lungs. Without them, no matter how strong your muscles are, they’re useless without blood and air. Run one hundred laps around the building. Don’t come back inside until you’re done.”

The students didn’t protest. They obediently went outside, their footsteps echoing as they ran. Bloodmoon approached me, but I pretended like he didn’t exist. He couldn’t harm me; he was also bound by the rules of the Shadow Devil Sect. There weren’t to be any conflicts between sect members. If members had an issue with one another, they had to solve their grievances in the arena. Since that’s the case, where did these injuries on my body come from? I noticed a few bruises and tender spots on my skin, but I can’t remember when I got them. Was my memory wiped by someone who was afraid of getting caught for breaking the rules?

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