TGL Volume 4, Chapter 5 (3)

This is so boring! Why are there so many brats!? I just want to see Sophia’s potential crush everyone else’s! Mm, but this reminds me of the Godking’s Brawl. There was supposed to be a talent testing thing, but it didn’t work for me. Talent is the same as potential, yeah? Wait a minute. If my talent couldn’t be measured, will this test work on Sophia? Mm, I’m sure it’ll be fine. Ilya should’ve done something to make sure it does.

“The heavens above! Look at that child’s potential!”

“Nine soaring phoenixes burst out of the pillar. As long as she doesn’t die, she’ll surely become an important figure.”

“Which family is that girl from? Why don’t I recognize her?”

Ah? Are they talking about my Sophia!? Who’s on the stage right now? I’m basically an immortal right now, so why am I standing on the ground instead of in the sky!? Oh, right, there was someone selling food on the ground, and I never bothered going back up, but still! I’ll fly up, and…, oh. That’s not Sophia! Who’s this imposter?

“How was your snack, Lucia?”

“Ah? It was pretty good.” Oh, it’s Ilya! “When did you get here?”

“I was always here,” Ilya said. “That child is Hong Tian Ji’s distant cousin.”

Hong Tian Ji…. Doesn’t ring a bell. “Who’s that?”

Ilya stared at me for a very brief moment. Then she turned away. “She was in the Holy Beasts Sect.”

Was in the Holy Beasts Sect? That means she isn’t anymore? “What happened to her?”

“We cut off her limbs, remember?” Ilya furrowed her brow. “Well, you cut off her limbs, and I preserved her life. It happened back when you thought Softie died, so you had everyone help you dismember people. Does that ring a bell?”

Oh yeah…. There was something like that, wasn’t there? “How come we didn’t cut off her limbs then?” This child is too impressive! Look at her potential! She has nine phoenixes bursting out of the pillar! …Whatever that means. What if Sophia is worse than her?

“She wasn’t even born yet.” Ilya rolled her eyes. “She’s the same age as Sophia, and Sophia was born after the whole limb-removing incident. We might not be good people, but we’re not completely evil, alright?”

Excuse you, Ilya. I’m a very good person! Also, isn’t this a bit of a problem? I might not think things through a lot, but I feel like keeping someone like this child around would be a very bad idea. It’s not because I hate her for making Sophia’s life harder or anything; this is for practical purposes. “Is it a good idea to let this kid inside our sect? Didn’t you take the limbs of her family members and turn them into weapons?”

Ilya shrugged. “I’m wiping out sects, enslaving the survivors, and letting the traitors convert to the Shadow Devil Sect. I think this one six-year-old kid is the least of our worries when it comes to problems with the sect. The Immortal Continent is a huge place, and diverse opinions exist amongst everyone. Trying to—”

Whew, Ilya talks a lot sometimes. I think she forgets I’m me, but luckily, my hand is there to remind her. All I have to do is cover her mouth, and she stops. Simple. “So, it’s not a problem, right?”

Ilya glared at me. “Why do I even bother?” she muttered and shook her head. “Don’t worry about it. The only thing you have to worry about is becoming a supreme immortal. How’s your cultivation, anyway? Do you want to look through Baldie’s and Scarry’s memories to learn more about immortals?”

Cultivation…. I haven’t worked on that in a long time! I’ve already become the strongest here. Who cares about going to the immortal realm or whatever? I don’t have to cultivate anymore! Training was super-duper boring and monotonous, and training the Heart Devil Cultivation Technique was a little fun because of the tingles, but sitting still for so long is pretty annoying. Now, I have all the time in the world to cook, eat, and spoil Sophia!

“You haven’t been cultivating, have you?” Ilya asked and sighed.

How did she know!? “How many times do I have to tell you to stop reading my mind?” Ahem. “Anyways, enough about the unimportant stuff. What does the nine phoenixes mean, and can Sophia beat that?”

Ilya sighed again. “You see that pillar over there, right? When it tests potential, it lights up. It’s designed by the Holy Beasts Sect, so when there’s an exceptionally talented individual, images of the holy beasts appear. Nine phoenixes mean she has great potential with fire-based techniques, probably enough to become a quasi-immortal.”

That’s a lot of words to not answer my question. “So, can Sophia beat him?”

“Another projection!”

“Nine azure dragons! There’s another once-in-a-generation genius!”

What the heck? The crowd is really loud. Oh, it’s not Sophia again. “How come there’s so many once-in-a-generation geniuses? Isn’t there only supposed to be one per generation?” And that one is supposed to be Sophia!

“Huh. That’s Old Lan’s grandson. Looks like Sophia’s going to have a lot of competition.” Ilya rubbed her chin. “Well, once-in-a-generation geniuses is just a phrase people use. It doesn’t really mean anything since it’s overused. It’s similar to how the word literally came to mean figuratively.”

“The word what did what?” Ah! Sophia’s up! “It’s finally Sophia’s turn! How many dragons and phoenixes do you think she’ll have? Ten? Twenty? Three thousand?” She’s touching it. She’s touching the pillar! It lit up! Mm? Is that all? “Hey, Ilya, what’s that mean? How come the crowd isn’t going wild?”

“It looks like Sophia’s potential is pretty average, if not slightly below.” Ilya frowned and furrowed her brow. “That shouldn’t be right. How is that possible?”

Sophia’s below average? How!? “Redo! I demand a redo!”


 Eh? Why’s Ilya stopping me?

“Can’t you see Sophia’s disappointed? If you make such a huge fuss now, all you’ll do is make it even worse for her.”

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