TGL Volume 4, Chapter 4 (5)

The demon’s so-called school is an interesting concept. Instead of monopolizing knowledge, she’s choosing to share it. Techniques that people would die for, they’re freely available in this school’s library. Does she not understand the consequences of disseminating knowledge so widely? What on earth is she thinking?

“Hey, you, Ms. Monk.”

“I’m not a monk.” I’m no longer wearing orange robes. Why do people still think I’m a monk? Never mind, this isn’t a person. It’s a talking rainbow chicken. Chickens can talk? “Greetings…, sir.”

“Do you have dung for eyes?” the talking chicken asked before sighing. “What are you doing here? School’s not even open yet. Didn’t you know? If you want to ignore the rules, you have to bribe me, the librarian.”

Is it okay to have such a corrupt librarian guarding the library? Bribes are supposed to be underhanded, not spoke about in the open, an unwritten law of society. Unfortunately, I don’t have any money. I only have my knowledge, these black robes, and the choker restricting my freedom. “I’m sorry. I thought the library was open. No one stopped me from entering.”

“Do you have dung for brains too?” The rainbow chicken let out a sigh and rolled its head as if it were a human rolling their eyes. “Get out. I’m stopping you from entering now.”

“I’m actually a teacher starting here today.” What was that demon’s name? “Principal Pentorn hired me yesterday. I was hoping to get a grasp on the techniques that some of the disciples here may be learning.”



“They’re not disciples.” This rainbow chicken had a really bad attitude. “They’re students. And I don’t care if you’re a teacher. If you want access to the library, show me your contribution points or a really large sack of spirit stones.”

This bird is unreasonable. “How am I supposed to teach if I don’t have the knowledge required?”

The rainbow chicken sneered. Can birds even sneer? “How did you get hired in the first place? Have you thought about that?”

It seems I was underestimating this chicken’s intelligence. I always heard they weren’t very smart, but this one is even capable of talking. It’s also been hired to watch over the library, arguably one of the most valuable parts of the sect. “Are you the guardian beast?”

“Yes, that’s right.” The rainbow chicken snorted. “You’re not from around here, huh?”

“I’m not. As I said, I was hired here yesterday.” I can’t tell anyone I’m from the immortal realm. I wouldn’t put it past the people here to kidnap me and torture me for information. Knowledge is valuable; no one would pass the chance up. There’s something I’m confused about. “Excuse me, Ms. Guardian Beast? I thought the library was open and free for anyone to browse.”

The rainbow chicken nodded. “It is.”

Then…? “Why are you stopping me from browsing if that’s the case?”

The rainbow chicken stared at me. For some reason, it made me feel dumb. “Because it’s not open yet.”

“Not open?”

“Your eyes and brain are really made of dung, aren’t they?” The irritating chicken pointed at the window. There seemed to be some text written on it, but it was backwards. It was meant to be seen from outside. “Those are our operating hours. When the library is closed, no one’s allowed inside except for me.”

Why are there operating hours? If the demon wants to disseminate knowledge, wouldn’t it be wiser to keep the place open at all times? “Why is that?”

“You ask more questions than a five-year-old child!” The rainbow chicken burst into flames. Was it a phoenix? That … would explain how it could speak. The flames quickly died down, leaving everything in the library unharmed. “You think I should be stationed here all the time? I have my own needs too! I’m not going to stay here every single day watching this library.”

“Isn’t there someone else who can cover a night shift?”

“Enough of your questions!” The rainbow phoenix pointed at the wall. There was a strange device there. “See the time? The library is open now. Do whatever you want, but if you break any of the rules, I’ll be forced to eat you, so don’t do that, okay?”

Would it really eat me? Considering a young child wanted to eat me, I wouldn’t put it past a phoenix to do the same. Mere seconds after the phoenix said that, the door to the library opened and dozens of people poured in. The first ones in gave me a knowing smile upon seeing the choker on my neck. What was that about?

“You’re a new teacher here, aren’t you?” a young man asked and came up to me. Similarly, he was also wearing a choker.

“You were captured as well?” Now that I look more closely, at least half of them were young and wearing chokers. The other half were elderly and walked with their heads held high.

“The majority of the teachers here were captured,” the young man said and shook his head. “I’m Fleeting Sand. I used to be the sect leader of the Shifting Desert Sect, but I didn’t surrender when the Shadow Devil Sect came knocking. You should know what happened next.”

He suspects I’m also a prisoner of war. The Shadow Devil Sect is engaging in rapid expansion? “What happened to your sect members?”

“All enslaved. I’m lucky. They’re working in the mines now.” Fleeting Sand sighed and shook his head. “Just be thankful you were hired as a teacher. My master, my sect’s ancestor, was also a sky-realm expert. He was qualified to be a teacher, but he was enlisted into the expansion army instead.”

As I thought, the demon is cruel and cunning. This school may look like it belongs in a utopia, but it’s built upon the backs of millions of innocents. Then again, isn’t that the kind of world we live in? It’s a miracle this library can exist in the first place. Perhaps this lower realm isn’t as bad as I originally thought.

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