TGL Volume 4, Chapter 4 (3)

It’s already been six years. Sophia grows so fast. It’s been tough trying to bring her up, but surprisingly, Lucia’s been contributing a lot. I thought, with her personality, she’d be a terrible mother. Father? I think she’s more of a father than a mother. She does the things that a father would be more inclined to do. However, I don’t know why Ilya’s poking her nose into my daughter’s cultivation. The Divine Dreadful Beast Cultivation Technique? I’ve never heard of it! …Granted, there are probably millions of techniques that I haven’t heard of, but if it was strong or famous, I would’ve known it.

Perhaps I’m just bitter. It would’ve been nice for Sophia to follow in my and Lucia’s footsteps, cultivating heart devils in people. But I know she’s too sweet of a girl for it. She doesn’t have Lucia’s way with words that can poison one’s heart with a single sentence, and I don’t want her to grow up like I did, stringing on countless suitors to place heart devils inside of them. It’s for the best that Sophia cultivates in something else. If only the technique hadn’t been selected by Sister Ilya….

There’s still time though! After four days, Sophia will officially turn six years old. With that, she’ll begin foundation training, building up her strength. Her potential hasn’t been tested yet either, but as Lucia’s child, Sophia’s potential should be boundless. I don’t know what kind of life I hope for her. I wish for her to be an unparalleled genius, but at the same time, I hope she’s mediocre to save her from the struggle on the road of immortality. Cultivation is a tedious process. It’s secluded and lonely and boring at the same time. If my parents and grandparents didn’t have such high expectations of me, I wouldn’t have chosen to cultivate. I don’t want to be like that towards Sophia; I don’t want to be the sword hovering above her head, giving her endless amounts of pressure.

“What are you thinking about, Little Moon?”

No matter how old I get or how high my position rises, my grandmother always treats me the same. For that, I’m thankful. “I’m thinking of Sophia, Grandma. She’s almost ready to cultivate.”

“Does that child already know what she wishes to cultivate?” my grandmother asked with a faint smile on her lips.

“She has an idea that Sister Ilya planted in her head.”

My grandmother patted my shoulder. “You don’t sound very happy about that. What technique did she recommend?”

“The Divine Dreadful Beast Cultivation Technique. Have you heard about it before, Grandma?”

My grandmother’s brow furrowed. “No, but it sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?” A sigh escaped from my grandmother’s lips. “Elder Ilya is quite knowledgeable and traveled with Sect Leader Fluffytail since young. She wouldn’t pick an unsuited technique for Sophia. She’d be too terrified of the sect leader’s wrath.”

That’s true. It pains me to say it, but I know Sister Ilya wants what’s best for Sophia as well. There’s just something about her that draws people in. Sister Ilya does her best to help her. Mrs. Feathers does her best to help her. Brother Long Chen does his best to help her. Now that I think about it, perhaps it’s Lucia who’s the charismatic one, making everyone want to help take care of her child.

“Regardless,” my grandmother said, clearing my train of thought. “No matter what Sophia trains in, her future is guaranteed to be bright. Your grandfather and I pushed you very hard, and we know you’ve been upset because of that more than once or twice; however, look at where you are now. Would you still be here if you weren’t the holy child of our sect? Children want things, but they don’t want what they need. It’s your job as a parent to guide them onto the right path and, sometimes, that means doing things that may rock your relationship with your child.”

Is that really how it is?

“Speaking of which, where is Sophia?” My grandmother looked around. We were outside, in a courtyard with flower petals falling around us from the tree branches. This is where I go when I need some time to myself. It also happens to be the front lawn of my home. I can’t live in holes in the ground anymore. Lucia was right about them. They’re so dreary, and they suck the fun out of people.

Sophia should be … awake by now. “She’s usually up by this time, but it seems like she’s still asleep.”

“Oh, what a pity,” my grandmother said and shook her head. “I brought her a gift for her sixth birthday. I’ve reached a bottleneck, and I plan on entering secluded cultivation today. I’m not sure how long I’ll be away.” A small jade appeared on my grandmother’s palm, and she held it out towards me. “Take it. Give her my love for me, would you?”

The jade was cold to touch. “I will, Grandma. Thank you.”

“Take care,” my grandmother said and smiled at me. “The next time we meet, I’ll be at the peak of the sky realm.”

“Good luck, Grandma.” Sister Ilya was the one that helped my grandmother reach the sky realm. She helped my grandfather too. Her actions make her seem like a nice person; if only there were some way to glue her mouth shut, then she’d be less mean. I hope Sophia doesn’t adopt Sister Ilya’s manner of speech. That would be a nightmare.

Speaking of nightmares, is Sophia experiencing one right now? Why isn’t she awake yet? Perhaps she’s exhausted from school. There’s nothing wrong with sleeping in, but a sudden change in her behavior is cause for alarm. I’ve gotten too used to her waking me up right at the sunrise every day for the past three years. The sun hasn’t risen yet, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen Sophia this late. I think I’ll go check on her.

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