TGL Volume 4, Chapter 4 (2)

I need a secretary. I’ve created a few golems with the help of some formations, but they can only do simple tasks. I can’t manage everything by myself. There’s simple too many sects, too many people on the Immortal Continent. It’s no wonder why vassal sects are so popular. Trying to incorporate everyone is impossible; it’s simply better to let regions manage themselves and collect taxes passively. It irks me a little; I enjoy micromanagement. It lets me feel more in control.

Thankfully, there’s a technique in Fairy Lin’s interspacial ring that resolves my issue—Ten Thousand Thoughts. Theoretically, it’ll allow me to fully concentrate on more than one thing at a time. A sky-realm expert can focus on three things at a time, a far cry from the technique’s name. A quasi-immortal can focus on ten thoughts at a time, and an immortal, one hundred. Trained to the peak, one can focus on ten thousand things at once. According to Fairy Lin’s memories, it’s a relatively common skill. I wonder why Bloodmoon hasn’t learned it.

“Principal Pentorn, the two new teachers are here, and they’re making strange requests.”

New teachers? I didn’t hire any new teachers. “Bring them in.”

My vice-principal is Passionate Cloud. At first, he didn’t think he was suited for the job, but once Lucia patted him on the shoulder and said she believed in him, he changed his mind in an instant. I don’t think she meant it, but this fellow is a bit damaged in the head. Lucia’s words are law to him. Well, they’re law to many other people too, I suppose.

“Here they are, Principal Pentorn.” Passionate Cloud came into my office with two people in tow. They were dressed in Shadow Devil Sect robes, the most basic apprentice robes with none of the adornments. It seems like Softie succeeded in her role as the good enforcer. She convinced them—no matter what measures were taken—to voluntarily help us. I didn’t expect her to convince them to become teachers, though. She went above and beyond my expectations. To have two immortals, even if they’re weakened, train these students, this generation of prodigies should easily surpass the previous one.

“Demonic Lord Bloodmoon, Fairy Lin, who set you free?” Of course, I have to pretend I have no clue what’s going on. I’m trying to instill the idea of unrest between two factions within the Shadow Devil Sect. In reality, there isn’t any unrest at all. Everyone worships Lucia; it’s insane. The sect is practically a cult.

“The vice-sect leader of the Shadow Devil Sect has recruited us as members,” Fairy Lin said. For some reason, she was bald. “Also, please address us by our new names.”

New names? They’re that committed to their roles?

“They’re”—Fairy Lin took in a deep breath—“Scarry and Baldie.”

“Scarry and Baldie….” Fairy Lin is bald. Demonic Lord Bloodmoon’s face is scarred. I think I know what happened to these two poor saps. “You tried to introduce yourselves to Lucia, didn’t you?”

“She alerted you?” Fairy Lin, no, Baldie asked. “Did she tell you what subject she requested us to teach?”

Lucia was the one that convinced these two to become teachers? “No, she hasn’t informed me about anything. I wasn’t aware you two were even set free. I do notice that you’re wearing the chokers I designed. Fashionable, aren’t they?” I think they look pretty good myself—maybe not on Scarry, but definitely on Baldie.

“She hasn’t informed you?” Baldie asked. She gritted her teeth before fixing her expression. “As the principal of the school, you should be the ones making decisions for the teachers, correct?”

“Under usual circumstances, that’s correct.” What class did Lucia assign them to teach? “Tell me, what did Lucia tell you to do?”

Baldie kept her mouth shut. Scarry smiled at Baldie before looking at me. “Your sect leader wished for us to teach a class together.”

“What subject?”

“S** ed.”

Oh. That explains it. “Yeah, forget about that. Your specialty is in combat and management.” What can I do with that? I was looking for a secretary, but to accept someone like Scarry…. He’s good though. Well, I’ll have to wait a little longer to make any decisions about that. As for Baldie? “Your alchemy skills aren’t that great. Your formations are mediocre. And your combat abilities aren’t quite up to par either.”

Baldie’s face hardened. “Why did you point out his specialties but point out my weaknesses? Isn’t that a bit unfair? You’re making me sound useless.”

Huh, I suppose I was being a bit biased towards her. I just don’t like her righteous attitude. To be fair, she is an immortal, and she’s powerful in her own right. I was comparing her alchemy and formations to my own while comparing her strength to Scarry. “Well, if you want to work for me, the first thing you’re going to need is humility. As it stands, I still see you two as prisoners going through a trial run. And if you don’t want to be stuck teaching s** ed, then complain less.”

Baldie stiffened, but she didn’t say anything. Her face was extremely displeased. Compared to when we first met, she’s lost her grip on some of her emotions. Perhaps she’s getting more comfortable thanks to Softie. People always let their guards down around Softie because she looks and acts so harmless. “Currently, we don’t have too many advanced classes going. Schools were implemented five years ago, and the majority of the focus has been placed on the new generation. For now, you’ll go through the curriculum I’ve created and point out anything that needs improvements.”

The curriculum is pretty simple. I’ve gone through all the techniques of raising geniuses from the strongest sects, pick and chose the best parts, and cobbled them into something of a standard cultivation technique. I call it the Shadow Devil Cultivation Technique. It doesn’t have anything to do with shadows or devils though.

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