TGL Volume 4, Chapter 3 (1)

Softie should’ve accomplished her mission by now. Even though she’s a bit cowardly and portrays an aura of constantly needing to be protected, she’s actually quite capable when given responsibilities to handle. She must’ve become more capable after having a child because she wasn’t like this before. Well, she also had time to grow older too, experience more things. Anyway, speaking of experienced people, there’s an inexperienced one right here. “What are you doing, Sophia?”

“Trying to eat this.” Sophia stopped biting the thing she was holding. What exactly was she holding? A tablet of sorts? I remember Lucia ate a tablet once for a competition way back when. Who knew her child would do the same? Hang on a second….

“Where did you get that?”

Sophia crunched down on the tablet before letting out a cry. Blood splattered onto the object, and with a flash of dark-green light, it vanished. Sophia was left holding the empty air with blood coming out of her mouth. There was a small white object on her black pants. “My tooth! Auntie! Help! My tooth fell out!”

And that’s why you don’t eat random things you find on the ground. “It’s alright. That’s just your baby tooth; it’s meant to fall out in the future anyway.”

“But it hurts!”

I do have some instant painkillers. “Here, eat this.”

Sophia stuffed the pill into her mouth. Having eaten many pills before, she knew what to expect and swallowed it down the instant it dissolved. “Thank you, Auntie.” Sophia made a growling sound, and a look of intense concentration appeared on her face.

Is she alright? “What are you doing?”

“I’m licking the blood from my lost tooth. It’s tasty!” Sophia swallowed repeatedly, presumably drinking her own blood. After a few seconds, she stopped and frowned at me. “How come that was so hard to eat? I found it in your food ring.”

My food ring is the interspacial ring I keep all my food in. Most of the food in there isn’t for myself. I use it to distract Lucia and Sophia when necessary, and I even gave Sophia permission to take food out of the ring without asking because I wanted her to stop bothering me. I have an automatic sorting formation to organize my rings; the formation must’ve made a mistake and transferred that tablet into the wrong ring. Speaking of which, where did that tablet go?

“Um, Auntie? There’s something in my head.”

“That’s called a brain. It’s inside everyone’s head except for your mom’s.”

“No, something else is there.”

Oh, that’s probably where the tablet went. It’s probably an item that requires blood to create a bond with it. Where did I get…? That’s Demonic Lord Bloodmoon’s. He was being pursued by the seven great sects and forced to enter this lower realm because of that tablet. It was looted from a sacred land, a pocket dimension left behind by a supreme expert upon his death. The tablet holds the key to the supreme expert’s inheritance, and I think Sophia was just accepted by it…. And, that means, if the seven great sects send in scouts to find the inheritance, Sophia will be their target. “Sophia.”

“Huh? Do you know what’s inside me?”

“Yes. It’s something very special, okay? Don’t tell anyone you have it. If anyone asks about the thing you ate, you’ve never seen it before, okay?”

Sophia’s eyes widened. “You want me to lie?”

“Yes, I do.” I’ve taught Sophia a few valuable bits of wisdom. I figured it was the least I could do to help someone whose mother is Lucia. “Remember what I told you about lying and telling the truth?”

“Of course!” Sophia nodded before reciting, “Always, always tell the truth. That way, when I lie, people will believe me without proof.”

“Exactly.” Unlike Lucia, Sophia’s very smart. It must come from Softie, but she’s not that bright either. “So, do you remember that tablet you ate just now?”

Sophia blinked. “What tablet?”

“Great, you’re a master already.” She’s a natural. The oblivious look was inherited from Lucia. I wonder if Lucia was this cute as a kid. I wonder if Sophia will grow up to be like Lucia. Does a child’s personality develop depending on their heritage, or does their environment they grow up in play a bigger role? I hope it’s based on the environment. Sophia can be my first research subject in this domain. “Here, let me clean up that blood, and store your tooth into your interspacial ring.” Sophia doesn’t have any qi, but she can still use interspacial rings with the help of some spiritual stones. “Pay attention in school, and have Mrs. Feathers fly you back to Lucia when it’s over, alright?”

“Okay, Auntie.”

The school is something I set up as part of my Immortal Continent unification plan. Sects are very secretive with their techniques. They don’t want their enemies to learn what they’ve created; after all, knowledge is power. If you know everything your opponent can do, and if you know everything you’re capable of, you’ll never lose a battle that you’re prepared for. Anyway, I made the sects voluntarily hand over their techniques and had a bunch of elders from said sects analyze the best methods of cultivation. The schools are a way to disseminate this knowledge. I plan on raising an army of immortals obedient to only myself, and that won’t happen if geniuses are raised by their own sects. It’s mandatory for everyone of the younger generation to attend school and receive a universal education. They’ll grow up with a sense of belonging to the school and not to their family.

However, an army of immortals isn’t enough. According to the memories of Fairy Lin and Demonic Lord Bloodmoon, immortals are also classified into different power levels—I knew that was going to be a thing when I first heard about them. Thankfully, immortals aren’t the weakest people in the immortal realm. Immortals have children, and the children aren’t also immortals, so there’s regular people living up there too. I’d say, immortals in the immortal realm are similar in status to earth-realm experts here. I’ll only feel comfortable traveling to the immortal realm when Lucia becomes a supreme immortal, but who knows how long that’ll take if she stays in this lower realm?

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