TGL Volume 4, Chapter 2 (5)

The sect leader is a moron. The vice-sect leader is also a moron. How did this Shadow Devil Sect become the strongest sect in this lower realm? Probably by being immoral, evil monsters who’ll do anything if it’s in the name of immortality. However, if that’s what the ruling sect is like in this lower realm, I don’t think there’ll be any righteous sects present. They’ll all be greedy for resources, and destroying the Shadow Devil Sect will do nothing but replace them with an equally evil sect. In that case, the best thing to do is damage the lower realm, shatter it into even further pieces to prevent anyone from ever becoming an immortal. There’s no doubt that immortals born from this land will join the ranks of demonic cultivators. Sadly, by myself, I’m not capable of destroying this place. Perhaps if I obtain the help of a few quasi-immortals, it might be possible.

“Fairy Lin? Are you alright? It’s been a while since you last responded.”

This vice-sect leader…, she’s all looks, no brains. “We’re ending the debate here. You’ve given me much to think about.”

“Now that you two are done,” Bloodmoon said from the adjacent cell, “what do you think about recruiting me into your Shadow Devil Sect? No doubt, you’ll want to keep me restrained, and I don’t mind. I can contribute even without fighting: I used to be a sect leader, a very successful one if I may say so myself. I have no doubt that I can contribute to the management of your sect. I ruled a region of land larger in size than this whole lower realm.”

The vice-sect leader was unfazed by Bloodmoon’s bragging. “How do you know how large this lower realm is?” she asked. At least, she could think for herself. She wasn’t a complete moron.

“When I first entered, I spread my divine sense and examined the whole realm.”

The vice-sect leader seemed shocked. “Your divine sense is capable of seeing the whole realm? All of the continent?”

“My divine sense is capable of that as well.” I can’t let her think Bloodmoon is more impressive than I am. She’s already leaning towards the side of evil; I have to convince her the righteous are better, even if it’s by strength. “Any immortal is capable of doing the same.”

“Can you do it now?” the vice-sect leader asked and put her hand behind her back. “How many fingers am I holding up?”

…It’s embarrassing to admit weakness after bragging. “The formations restricting me are very formidable. My spiritual energy and divine sense are restricted. Right now, I’m similar to a mortal albeit one with a longer lifespan and slightly stronger body.”

“I knew Sister Ilya was capable, but I didn’t think she was that capable.” The vice-sect leader frowned. “Anyway, as I said earlier, I wish to work with the two of you, but I can’t trust you. So”—she took two small bands out of her interspacial ring—“I have these: They’re chokers. If you agree to help me, I’ll put these on you, and you’ll be free to leave these cells.”

Chokers? “Those are the restraints you’re going to put on us? If we disobey you, they’ll choke us?”

“No.” The vice-sect leader said and shook her head.

Surely, they can’t just be used for decoration.

The vice-sect leader cleared her throat. “If you disobey me, they’ll explode. If I don’t input my qi into it every month, they’ll explode. If you take them off, they’ll explode.”

…Explode? Isn’t that a little too cruel? If we disobey, we won’t even be left with a complete corpse.

“How strong of an explosion are we talking about?” Bloodmoon asked.

“Oh, don’t worry,” the vice-sect leader said and gave us a bright smile. “Sister Ilya said the explosion is strong enough to instantly incinerate Mrs. Feathers—she’s a quasi-immortal phoenix, by the way. If the choker does happen to kill you, it’ll be so quick that you won’t even have time to realize you’re dying. It’s been tested before, and Sister Ilya guarantees it’s completely painless.” The smile on the vice-sect leader’s face froze. “I’m, um, not sure how she came to that conclusion. She probably asked the ghost of the person who died….”

I’m not wearing that.

“I’ll wear it.” Bloodmoon stuck his hand out with his palm up. “Hand it over.”

“Great!” The vice-sect leader gave Bloodmoon one of the black chokers. She turned and looked at me. “What about you? Are you going to accept the deal?”

If I don’t accept the deal, I’ll likely be stuck down here for the rest of my life. However, I have to put my life in someone else’s hands if I want to be free. There’s a slim chance of escape if I wear it. However, there’s also a chance of escape if I stay in this cell. The seven great sects aren’t going to sit and wait around for Bloodmoon to reappear. Likely, they’ll get some quasi-immortal disciples and send them through the door, have them explore this lower realm. That demon, Ilya, should realize this from the memories she took from me, so she’ll be prepared. Is it more likely for me to escape by waiting or by wearing the choker and seeking a chance once I’m out of the cell?

“Fairy Lin?” The vice-sect leader held the choker out towards me. She had already freed Bloodmoon. He was standing behind her while smirking at me. As a cultivator who stands on the side of righteousness, I can’t allow Bloodmoon to influence this lower realm, turn it more corrupt than it already is.

“Then I’ll accept your offer.” I took the choker and put it on. It locked into place with a click. Though it was light as air, it weighed down on me like a mountain.

My cell door creaked when it swung open, and the vice-sect leader smiled at me as held the door open, gesturing with her hand for me to leave. “Welcome to the Shadow Devil Sect, Fairy Lin.”

Bloodmoon grinned at me. “It looks like we’re on the same side now. Isn’t it funny how fate works?”

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