TGL Volume 4, Chapter 2 (2)

What kind of lower realm did I enter? There are an uncountable number of lower realms, but most are unpopulated, and if they’re full of life, like this one, they’re usually incapable of creating a passage to the immortal realm. Since I entered this place through an immortal door, I expected to meet strong people. The thing is … I didn’t expect the strongest person to be such a moron! How did someone like her become so powerful? I don’t mean to brag, but I’m a very capable individual. Schemes, tricks, bloodthirsty politics, I’ve seen them all and even participated in a few. However, schemes and tricks only work on a rational individual! I can’t read this humanoid beast. Is it a difference in species?

“Mommy, I have to sleep soon, or I’ll be late for school tomorrow.”

“One more game!”

Right now, the strongest person of this realm is playing a game with her daughter. There’s nothing wrong with that, nothing at all. However, she’s losing. Badly. At first, I thought she was losing on purpose to make her daughter feel better, but that’s not the case.

“Mommy, you cheated. Put the piece back.”

“I didn’t cheat! Don’t you remember what I taught you? It’s only cheating if you get caught!”

“But I caught you, Mommy.”

“Oh, hey, is that a carrot?”


Listening to this is unbearable. I can’t even cultivate to take my mind off of it. There’s a reason immortals don’t enter lower realms unless they’re forced to. The spiritual energy of lower realms is extremely diluted. Trying to cultivate with the energy here is akin to drinking ocean water to quench one’s thirst. Once an immortal’s spiritual energy runs out, they’ll take too long to recover. Of course, an immortal’s body is sturdier than most and doesn’t require spiritual energy to maintain, but I was unlucky and encountered a body practitioner, the humanoid beast, Lucia.

“Interesting. Now I know why immortals never descended to kill us all despite what you did,” the possibly moon race, possibly demon woman said. She was talking to Lucia. “I was told there was a penalty, but I never knew the specifics.”

“Shush! I’m thinking!”

“Just surrender. Your loss is confirmed in four turns.”

“I’ll bite you, Ilya.”

“But Mommy, earlier you said we don’t eat people.”

It’s a shame I didn’t get a chance to self-detonate and kill Bloodmoon. I really wouldn’t mind being dead right now. I’m not even sure what’s going to happen to me from now on. Will I be stuck here forever? Maybe the little humanoid beast will succeed in convincing her mother to let her eat me. However, I do know what I’ll do if I manage to escape. I’ll return to the immortal realm and hire some moon race experts to lock down the immortal door with formations. Then, if these people ever ascend, they’ll be wiped out of existence before they can do any harm.

“Fairy Lin,” a hoarse voice said, coming from the cell next to me. “What do you think of our situation?”

Under what circumstances would I respond to someone who killed my family? Let me think…. Oh, right. None.

“Ignoring me? Are you really that petty?” Bloodmoon snorted. “I thought someone who marched along the road of immortality would understand certain things. Amongst us immortals, which one of us hasn’t left behind a trail of blood and bones? Without stepping on others, how could you have come this far? Isn’t it quite hypocritical of you to act like you’re above talking to me?”

It’s true that I’ve left behind many dead bodies on my way up, but I’ve only killed those who’ve deserved it. I’ve taken their things too to help me get stronger, but it’s justified. The people I’ve killed are a blight upon the immortal realm. If everyone behaved like they did, then humanity would be worse off. Traitors to the human race, thieves and bandits, murderers and tyrants, those are the people I’ve slain.

“Is revenge the only thing you’re after? You’re not even slightly concerned about your own life?” Bloodmoon sighed. “And if not your own life, how about the lives of others? Don’t you have a man you’re interested in? Or woman, if that’s what you’re into. Won’t they be sad if you die?”

What is he trying to do? “Excuse me, Lady Ilya, I’ve already transcribed all my memories and given you everything you wanted. How long are you going to keep me locked up?”

The possibly moon race, possibly demon woman struggled free from the humanoid beast. She fixed her clothes and hair and walked in front of my cell. “Well, you’re pretty much going to stay in that cell until you die.”

She’s a demon. There’s no way she’s part of the moon race. “What is the meaning of this? You said you’d let me live if I cooperated with you.”

The demon raised an eyebrow and crossed her arms over her chest. “You’re alive, aren’t you?”

Technically. “Isn’t caging me until I die of old age the same as killing me?”

“You see, if I let you go, you’ll probably return to the immortal realm and hire a bunch of people to set up formations around the immortal door. If I ever decide to go through that door, I’ll probably be wiped out of existence, no?”

Is she a mind reader? “There’s people from the seven great sects waiting outside the immortal door. If I don’t return—”

“Don’t try to bluff me. If they cared about you, they wouldn’t have sent you here alone.” The demon rolled her eyes. “You’re just a rogue cultivator.”

Am I really going to die here, in this cage? I’ll be the first immortal to die of old age! As long as an immortal stays in the immortal realm, the spiritual energy there will prevent their body from aging. It’s another reason why immortals won’t enter lower realms; dying of old age becomes a possibility—a very slim one that’s looking more likely with every passing second.

Like a snake, Bloodmoon’s voice crept into my cell. “Are you willing to discuss with me now?”

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