TGL Volume 4, Chapter 1 (3)

Could this have been an elaborate trap? Demonic Lord Bloodmoon knew about the immortal door beforehand and chose to escape into it as a backup plan long ago. There are thousands of attack-oriented formations targeting me! “Bloodmoon! You’re despicable!”

“I know I’m despicable, but I’m not the one who set these formations!”

Wait a minute; I’m not the only one who’s being attacked. Thousands of formations are targeting me, but an equal number are targeting Bloodmoon. If he wasn’t here, would all of them focus onto me? I’d probably die from the sheer pressure! If only I hadn’t expended most of my spiritual energy during the hunt, then I wouldn’t be in such a terrible situation.

“Let’s work together to break out!”

Is he crazy? “I’m not going to work together with you. I’d rather die together with you!” If I attack him while he’s distracted, he’s bound to take a devastating blow. Even if it doesn’t kill him, as long as I die, the formations targeting me will shift focus onto him. “Ten Thousand Illusionary Swords!”

“You’re insane, woman! Absolutely insane!” Bloodmoon retrieved a black flag from his interspacial ring. The screams of thousands of miserable souls echoed out. Ghosts surged out of the flag, flying towards the attacks coming from the formations around us, stopping them at the cost of their already dead lives. Then, Bloodmoon’s eyes turned red, and his fists glowed black. “Blood Moon Eclipses the Sun!”

The world around me lost its light, everything becoming monochrome, and the ten thousand swords I summoned were shattered in an instant. “I didn’t expect you to still be hiding this up your sleeve, but do you think that’s enough to stop me?” My vengeance is one step away. I’m not going to let it slip out of my grasp! I’ll kill Bloodmoon, even at the cost of everything I have.

“Wait! Are you self-detonating!? Do you seriously want me to die that much!? What did I ever do to you, Fairy Lin!?”

“You slaughtered my clan and refined their souls!”

Bloodmoon fell silent and stopped moving. Was he repenting? He can repent in hell for all I care!

“Um, so, I don’t mean to interrupt anything, but Ilya says I should do this….”

Huh? “Who are you?” Out of nowhere, a humanoid beast appeared. Is she the one that set up the formations around the immortal door? Well, it doesn’t matter who she is; I’m going to kill Bloodmoon with my self-detonation! The only thing is, this beast is standing between me and Bloodmoon. “I’m going to self-detonate and take him down with me. Please don’t interfere.”

The humanoid beast stared at me without saying anything.

“Well, are you going to move or not?”

“Ah? Sorry, I wasn’t listening. Did you say something?” The humanoid beast tilted her head and blinked twice. Was she messing with me? “Where’d you get that dress? I bet it’d look really good on Sophia if I shrank it down.”

…Does she not realize the situation right now? “Excuse me, I’ve already gathered my resolve and wish to perish together with the man who slew everyone I’ve ever loved. Do you mind not ruining the atmosphere?”

“Eh?” The humanoid beast turned around. Then, she drew the sword hanging on the belt from her waist. It was a plain-looking sword, not like a strong immortal weapon at all. She pointed it at Bloodmoon. “You mean you want to kill this guy?”

“Yes.” I’m not sure how many times I have to say it. “Will you stand aside now?”

“Don’t do it,” Bloodmoon said. “Aren’t you curious about what lies beyond the door? I think you and I can work together. If you turn off these formations and help me defeat Fairy Lin, I can bring you power and riches beyond your wildest dreams.”

“Power and riches? I like those!”

…This isn’t looking too well for me. How strong is she? None of the formations are targeting her, so she hasn’t shown any of her abilities yet. “I have a question, Madam Beast. Who summoned this door of immortality? Did they perish due to the tribulation lightning before entering the immortal realm?”

“Oh? This door? It’s mine,” the humanoid beast said. “As you can see, I’m perfectly healthy!”

Then why didn’t you go through!? Is she one of those people who prefer to be the head of a chicken instead of the tail of a phoenix? “I have a much better reputation than that man over there. He’s vicious and evil, and he’s wanted by the seven great sects. If you work with me to kill him, I promise you double the power and riches that he can provide.”

“Double power and double riches! I like those too!”

“Then you’ll cooperate with me?” That’s right, Bloodmoon. You think you’re the only one who can resort to bribery? Seeing the cramped expression on his face makes my heart feel so much lighter. “He’s been weakened after a long pursuit. Now is the best time to kill him before he’s able to recover any strength. I’ll burn my spiritual sea and shatter his defenses. You strike once an opening appears.”

“Hey, hey, hey,” the humanoid beast said. “Is it a good idea to plan directly in front of him like that?”

“It doesn’t matter if he hears it. He has to defend against my strongest attack if he doesn’t want to die. This is called an open scheme.”

The humanoid beast looked baffled. “Then a regular scheme is a closed scheme?”

“It doesn’t matter what words are called! I’m going to strike him in three, two, one!”


“Agh!” It feels like I was hit by a mountain! I plummeted straight to the ground, and my body nearly shattered. The humanoid beast had moved so fast, I didn’t even see her attack. “Why did you strike me?”

“Grah!” Next to me, Bloodmoon was forced into the ground as well.

“Perfect!” The humanoid beast appeared above both of us. “I’ll get power and riches from him, and double power and double riches from you. That means I’ll get…! Um, um…. Tribble? Tribal? Quadual? Hmm, those aren’t the words…. I’ll get lots of power and lots of riches if I add your two’s stuffs together!”

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