TGL Volume 4, Chapter 1 (1)

It’s been over two thousand years since my family was murdered. Demonic Lord Bloodmoon slaughtered my clan: my parents, my siblings, my cousins, my aunts and uncles. He used their blood and bones as materials for an evil ritual. Not a single life was spared, not even our dogs and chickens. I only survived because I wasn’t at the clan grounds when the massacre happened.

Today, my dead kin may finally obtain closure. Demonic Lord Bloodmoon’s deeds have caught up with him. He became bolder and bolder as every one of his actions went unpunished, but he crossed the line after raiding a sacred land the seven great sects were fighting over. I wanted to take Bloodmoon’s head with my own hands, but I’m afraid that won’t be possible, not with seven immortals seeking to apprehend him.

“Demonic Lord Bloodmoon, obediently hand over the treasure and immortal inheritance! I can guarantee your safety if you do.”

The representative from the Blazing Sun Sect may have offered Bloodmoon a chance of survival, but I’m not worried. I know Bloodmoon’s personality; he’s not going to accept it. He’s too greedy and ambitious to hand over something he obtained. As expected, Bloodmoon replied by speeding up, creating some distance between him and the seven immortals. I’ll follow them.

“Fairy Lin, what do you intend to do by following us? Are you after the inheritance as well?”

“No, I’m not interested in the inheritance.” That’s a lie. Who wouldn’t be tempted by an inheritance left behind by an immortal sovereign? However, I’m more interested in watching Demonic Lord Bloodmoon’s downfall. “Over two thousand years ago, Demonic Lord Bloodmoon slaughtered my clan. Only by witnessing his death will the knots in my heart be undone.”

“Feel free to come along,” the representative from the Blazing Sun Sect said. “You can witness what happens to someone who covets the things of others.”

His words were an indirect threat aimed at me, but I still cupped my hands towards the representative. “Thank you.” He didn’t say anything, and I flew after the seven immortals, ignoring the gazes of the disciples from the seven great sects below. They were still in training, and only the representatives of their sects were strong enough to chase after Bloodmoon. I recently became an immortal, making me barely qualified to participate in this pursuit. Bloodmoon’s incredibly fast. If the seven representatives weren’t launching attacks at him, forcing him to defend, I wouldn’t be able to keep up.

The chase continued for three months. Bloodmoon was extremely well-prepared for stealing the inheritance. The retreat route he planned in advance avoided towns and cities with immortals overseeing them, and the places he didn’t avoid had evil ritual formations laid out that converted the citizens into spiritual energy for himself. Despite his preparations, the seven representatives stuck to him like dogs biting a bone, unwilling to let go. As people chosen to lead their sects’ disciples into a sacred land, they had plenty of tricks up their sleeves as well. I didn’t get to see them since I had to do my best to barely keep up, following the traces of spiritual energy left behind by their clashes.

As the weeks went by, it became easier and easier for me to follow along, keeping the group within sight at all times. They were tired from the constant pursuit, and I was too. Thankfully, I didn’t have to expend any spiritual energy on attacking or I wouldn’t have lasted this long. And after six months, the hunt reached its climax.

“How long are you persistent dogs going to chase me for!?”

“Are you regretting not accepting my offer earlier? It’s too late now!” The representative of the Blazing Sun Sect let out a chilling laugh before punching the air. A ray of bright light shot out of the representative’s fist and engulfed Bloodmoon’s body.

“Bastard! Don’t force me!” Bloodmoon dived downwards, and he escaped from the ray of light. His skin was burnt, and there were a few patches of exposed red flesh on his back. They wriggled as new skin grew over them. “I’ll self-detonate, and none of you will obtain the inheritance!”

“He’s bluffing!” I know he is. “He’s too ambitious to be unafraid of death! He’s a coward at heart, and a self-detonation is the last thing you should worry about.”

“Hmph! Even if I don’t self-detonate, how will the eight of you decide who receives the inheritance?” Bloodmoon kept flying forward into the woods, further and further away from civilization. “Will seven of you chase down the one who kills me and repeat the process until there’s only one of you left?”

“Don’t listen to him!” the representative of the Blazing Sun Sect said. “He’s trying to sow discord between us; it’s his last resort! We’re exiting the province, and he must’ve run out of ritual formations to rejuvenate himself. Let’s all attack at once!”


I gathered my spiritual energy and performed my strongest technique. “Ten Thousand Illusionary Swords!”

Along with my technique, there were seven others that accompanied it. They all landed on Bloodmoon, putting him into a miserable state in an instant. He did his best to resist, but he was still riddled with wounds, looking more dead than alive. With that, there was no one he’d be able to escape. It seemed like my dead kin could finally rest in their graves after today.

“Wait! What’s that light?” one of the representatives asked. Below us, there was a golden light peaking through a crack in the ground. One of the attacks had been deflected downwards, creating a massive crater in the forest. “It looks like the aura of an immortal door! Quick, don’t let him escape!”

The instant the light appeared, Bloodmoon had changed his course towards it. “The heavens haven’t forsaken me yet! Just you wait! Once I digest the inheritance, I’ll be back to take your lives!” With his remaining strength, he widened the crack in the ground, revealing a majestic doorway.

The seven representatives let out more attacks, but before they reached, Bloodmoon had already disappeared through the doorway. Ugly expressions appeared on the representatives’ faces. “What are the chances that someone from the lower realms had just broken through, opening a path of escape for him? Perhaps the heavens really don’t want him to die yet.”

“Let’s wait for him here. He’ll have to exit someday.”

“That’s the best choice.”

“I agree.”

“The heavens might let him live today, but the day he returns will be the day of his death.”

It was understandable for the seven representatives to take such a passive stance. The penalties imposed by entering a lower realm were too harsh for them since they were immortals. They were harsh for me too, but it doesn’t matter. “I’m going after him.” They were just as devastating to Bloodmoon as well. With the penalties imposed by a lower realm, Bloodmoon and I would be equal in strength. My best chance to kill him and put my clan to rest has arrived.

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