TGL Volume 3, Chapter 22 (2)

Is this a wilderness? Mrs. Feathers said we’d be transported to a void. I don’t know what a void looks like, but I do know what a wilderness looks like, and this looks more like a wilderness than a void to me! Except there’s just one thing…. Why are we surrounded by little boats? Did the box-throwing man come here too? Hmm…, I don’t see him, but it’s hard to see anything with all the boats in the way.

“Activate the sect’s killing formation!”

The sect’s killing formation? That sounds scary! And that sounded like the man’s voice! “Mrs. Feathers, what’s going on!?”

“It seems like he transported us back to his sect,” Mrs. Feathers said. “Depending on how many other people who have levels of cultivation similar to him, we might be doomed, Boss. Nearly all sects have defensive formations too, so we’re especially screwed.”

The thing inside the box was a device that transported people back to his sect? This…, this sounds like the time I was kidnapped by Ilya’s old wine-drinking teacher! I was in the wilderness and touched a teleportation formation. Mm, then I’ll solve this the same way I solved my problems back then. I can’t really remember how I escaped, but I’m sure I used violence. “Long-Ranged Flaming Hammer Strike!” I’ll smash these boats apart! Let’s see if they can stop me! And…, they can’t! There’s a giant empty space with no boats now. “Go, Softie! Drive!”

“I said activate the killing formation! Are all of you deaf! Where’s Elder Peng!? If Elder Peng isn’t here, where’s Elder Kun!? Elder Lin!? They dare ignore the sect-gathering whistle!?”

Ah? Something’s lighting up underneath us! “Drive faster, Softie!” This boat’s supposed to be fast enough to escape from me, so why are we moving so slowly!? At this rate, the killing formation is going to activate. I’m not sure how dangerous it’ll be, but it’s named killing formation and not acorn-generating formation, so I don’t want to be here when it starts!

“There’s something slowing us down!” Softie said. Her face was pale, and her hand that was holding onto the boat’s railing was trembling. “The teleportation severely damaged our boat’s flying formation! Or it was the anti-Lucia cannon. Sister Ilya did say there would be a lot of backlash….”

Damnit, Ilya! If you’re going to develop something to kill me, develop it properly! “Switch boats!” It’s a good thing I have so many flying boats, but I’m not sure which one’s the fastest. Should I use a smaller one? A larger one? Err…. “Which one do we use?”

“The smaller larger one!” Mrs. Feathers and Softie shouted. Then they stared at each other. They couldn’t agree on which boat to use! Mrs. Feathers opened her beak, and the smaller boat turned to ashes!

“Hey! That’s expensive!”

“Boss, a larger boat should have higher defenses! The killing formation is about to activate! We need all the defenses we can get!”

Before Mrs. Feathers was even done talking, I was already on the new boat. Since the old one is broken, I’ll pick it up and throw it towards the direction I heard that man’s voice coming from. “Breaking Boat Throw!” I would try to add flames to it, but it’s a bit too big. “Softie, drive!” Alright, we’re moving much faster now! But the light beneath us is getting really bright.

“Killing formation, attack!”

Ack! There’s a pillar of light heading straight for us! And it covered us! Why’s this boat so damn slow!? I can’t see anything. Am I dead? Mm, there’s no pain. Is this heaven? Ah? The light’s fading. Err…. “Mrs. Feathers? Softie? Are you two alright?”



Mm? Wait a second; my tail isn’t even stiff! There was no danger in the first place! Well, it’s a bit springy, but that’s probably because I’m surrounded by so many people.

“Why didn’t the killing formation do anything!?”

Oh? It seems like the man’s confused about it too. Well, it doesn’t matter; we’re going to escape from the sect soon! I think…. The surroundings are all wilderness and more wilderness. Is this even a sect?

“Ancestor Bai, earlier, someone barged into our sect and directly shot down our mist-wall formation! She must’ve damaged the killing formation’s foundation in the process.”

Nice going, formation-destroying stranger! Ah? The man’s flying after my boat, but he’s not large anymore, and that means, I can beat him up! He only made my tail stiff when he was huge, but since the anti-me cannon shot him, he shrank! I can take him! …There’s a lot of other people though. Are they strong?

“Xiao Hong, Old Hei, Old Lan, help me defeat this squirrel!” the man shouted while flying after the boat. He raised his hand and took out … the boat that I threw at him? Then he threw it back at me! That’s plagiarism! He stole my technique! I’ll smack it with my hammer! “Everyone else, join together to defeat that phoenix!”

I destroyed my old boat, but now we’re surrounded again. “Long-Ranged Flaming Hammer!” The giant ball of flaming qi flew towards the boats in front of us, but it crashed into an invisible barrier before stopping. Ack!? Our boat stopped too! And my tail’s getting a little perkier…. This might be dangerous.

“We just hit something!” Softie shouted. “I can’t move the boat!”

“Nice job, Old Hei!” The man flying after us disappeared and reappeared in front of me. “Return my disciple to me!”

His disciple? The woman I captured? “If I do, will you calm down and stop trying to kill me?”

“All squirrels deserve death!”

Then…, that’s a no? Ah, behind the man, three old people appeared. Were they all quasi-immortals too? Probably…. If they’re old, then they’re supposed to be strong or something like that. Then there’s only one thing to do. I’ll take out this man’s disciple! “Back off! If you try anything funny, I’ll…, I’ll kill her!” If he wants his disciple back alive, then he’s definitely going to back off! And it’s not like I’d really kill her if he didn’t back off; I’m not a murderer. I’d just rip her arm off as a warning to let him know I’m serious. Mm. I’m a genius.

The man froze and raised his hand. The three people behind him glanced at each other. It looks like they’re giving up! The man sighed and stared at his disciple, who I was definitely not going to let go of now. “Hu Shen, as your master, I apologize.” Is that his … greatsword!? “Tiger Maul!”

What the heck!? How heartless is this guy!? I raised my hostage, but the greatsword didn’t stop! It stabbed straight through the woman’s body and hit me! Of course, it only hit my Armor of Slaughter, but there was still so much blood, not mine but the woman’s. This guy’s crazy!

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