TGL Volume 3, Chapter 19 (7)

Squirting this phoenix lady is really fun. Well, she’s supposed to be more of a vermillion bird, but her qi’s very similar to those Rainbow Phoenix Sect sky-realm experts. It’s a bit purer, sure, but she might as well be a phoenix for all intents and purposes. Unsurprisingly, she’s weak to water—not to the point that it incapacitates her. It’s more of…, how do I put it…? An annoyance? Or a pet peeve. Yeah, that’s the best description for it. Water was never really renowned for its destructive capabilities unless there’s ungodly amounts of it.

“You! You f***ing bitch! I’ll tear you to shreds! Come out here and die!”

It’s amazing how strong her screeches are. I can hear them even through my earplugs which are reinforced with qi. They’re almost damaging the barrier as much as her regular attacks too. Speaking of which, I should douse the flames that are eating away at it. “Water, dance and sprinkle!”

“Ahhh! I’ll murder you! Die! Die, die, die!”

I wonder if there’s a defect in her technique somewhere. Cultivators are supposed to be calm and collected. The brash and impulsive ones are usually the first to die—according to the references I’ve read. They’re the ones that try to ignore important rules or pick fights with young masters or provoke wild beasts. Judging by her fellow disciples’ reactions though…, it seems like she’s normally this way. None of them are showing any surprise at her outbursts. That’s a bit odd to me. Her teacher was the most level-headed of the three quasi-immortals that appeared. Why did the disciple end up as a maniac? Is this a plot to make me lower my guard? If that’s the case, I should stop using her as stress relief and finish this already. “Wind, rend my enemy, Void Slash!”

From my barrier, an invisible wind blade shot out, leaving a trail of shimmering air behind. It struck Hong Tian Ji, and a golden light lit up around her body. It must’ve been a defensive artifact because she showed no signs of using any technique. Or it could be an autonomous technique similar to Lucia’s Armor of Slaughter. It didn’t trigger when I squirted her with water though. “Wind, rend my enemy, Void Slash!”

Another blade of wind, another flicker of golden light. Hong Tian Ji’s still striking my defensive formation, but not with her fists. At some point, she pulled out a golden fan with red threads attached to it like a horse’s tail. It doubled the damage she was dealing to my barrier, but according to my energy reader, I still have several minutes before it collapses. “Wind, rend my enemy, Void Slash!”

The golden light stopped my attack again. It hasn’t showed any signs of weakening either. It might seem unimpressive, but Void Slash is actually the result of me circulating my mana through my heart and lungs twenty-seven times. It can cut apart a mountain with ease—I tested it back in my pocket realm. Being able to shrug off an attack like that, as expected of a top disciple of the strongest sect. Now that I think about it, am I not facing one of the best disciples of this generation? To be honest, she’s a bit underwhelming for her position. If she were Lucia…. Let’s not think about that.

Since Void Slash isn’t working, it’s a good time to test the strength of my other spells. I have such a willing test subject after all. I’ll start by circulating in another organ for a third-tier spell. “Wind, rend my enemy and freeze her soul, Chilling Void Slash!”

Another wind blade shot out of my barrier, but this time, instead of leaving a shimmer behind, it left a wall of ice in its path. The blade struck Hong Tian Ji, but the golden light appeared around her just in time. Behind her, there were a few splashes of ice where the remains of my Chilling Void Slash dispersed. Her artifact or technique seemed to be conserving energy by only protecting a layer over her clothes. It must be extremely valuable, probably worth more than the silver dragon-turtle’s defensive orb I used earlier. …She won’t make me pay for her artifact if I break it, right? Since it seems to nullify a single strong attack just fine, I’ll try multiple attacks this time instead. “Earth, pierce my enemies, Thousand Spears!”

Unlike its name, Thousand Spears did not summon a thousand spears. That wouldn’t be very practical. Ten earthen spears rose up from the ground, one at a time, jabbing towards Hong Tian Ji. Upon making contact with the golden light around her body, the spears’ tips instantly crumbled. No matter which angle they attacked from, the golden light reacted to them all. Is my personal attack power really that low? I’m tempted to pull out the anti-Lucia cannon. Unfortunately, the cannon would shatter the defensive formations I prepared. Only attacks that follow the flow of my formation can pass through without damaging my barriers. It’s one of the downsides, but nothing can be perfect. Well, to ease my frustration…. “Water, dance and sprinkle!”

“You!!! I’ll gouge your eyes out with my toes!”

Her artifact really doesn’t activate when I sprinkle her with water. Is it weak to water, or does it not react to things that don’t cause a certain amount of damage? I’ll try a first-circle spell to test it out. “Lightning, mess with her hair, Static Charge!”

Huh. It worked. Her hair’s sticking out in all directions now. No damage has been done, but her already poor image is a bit poorer now. It’s a good thing she dries so easily after I douse her or this spell might not’ve been effective. Would it have been blocked by her artifact? I’m curious now.

“That’s it! That’s the last straw! Blazing Blood!”

Oh? Something’s changed about Hong Tian Ji. She’s on fire again, but it’s not like the previous flames. Her skin’s even changed color this time too, and it seems like the fire is … made from her blood? Her blood’s coming out of her pores as a fine mist and taking on the shape of flames. I imagine that can’t be very healthy for her. I’ll help her out. “Water, dance and sprinkle!” I showered her, but this time, the water evaporated before making contact with her flames.

“You bitch! Die!!!”

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