TGL Volume 3, Chapter 17 (6)

After dealing with the first sky-realm experts that came to intercept us, I had the boat fly to the closest pagoda. I knew nothing about the layout of the sect, but people tended to gather near buildings. The goal was to rob the sect of its resources, but there were many ways to go about it. Needless death should be avoided. With regards to karma, death nearly always brought about a negative reaction. The only exceptions were violent criminals, but not all violent criminals. There must’ve been something differentiating between the violent criminals, but no matter how I investigated them, the karma judgment I got seemed completely arbitrary.

No one blocked our path on the way to the pagoda. They had just witnessed us take down their vanguard which had four sky-realm experts. It turns out the rest of them were only earth-realm experts using external help to fly. The people we captured were from the sect’s defense hall. Honestly, they were weak, and I’m not surprised about that. They worked in the defense sector for a sect that was too powerful for anyone to attack. What practical experience could they possibly have?

Also, there might have been eighty sky-realm experts in the sect, but not all of them should be here. No doubt, the Holy Beasts Sect has many branches, and to oversee them, experts are needed. It’s similar to how I only bring around a hundred bodyguards with me despite having contracts with many more. I need people to watch over the armories I’ve erected, and I also need people to catch those who break their contracts. A faction’s total force can’t always be present. In fact, I’d say over a quarter of the whole sect isn’t available at this very moment. However, the strongest forces, the four quasi-immortals, should be watching my movements at this very moment. They’ll have to act soon since they know none of their disciples can stop me. Once they do act, they’ll lose to the quasi-immortals I hired, and the sect’s treasures will be within my grasp.

There’s just one thing that I’m worried about. An immortal. If it was this easy to defeat the strongest sect, these rogue cultivators would’ve banded together a long time ago, but they haven’t. The simple reason for that is they’re scared of the immortals that were produced by the Holy Beasts Sect. With one attack, an immortal can vaporize a group of sky-realm experts. I’ve witnessed this myself with Lucia. However, when I detailed my plan to the immortal from Pill Valley, he told me to go ahead with it, promising he’ll make sure no immortal interferes. So, whether I die or not depends on someone else. It’s an unsettling feeling, but I’ve felt it often enough while traveling with Lucia.

The first pagoda was surrounded by fields of golden wheat, immortal rice. Even if one person only needs to eat a single grain per month, there’s still maybe twenty to thirty million people within the sect. If they didn’t have food production facilities, they wouldn’t deserve their place at the top. Unfortunately for me, that meant there wasn’t anything worth taking here. I could burn their food, but I’m not planning on fighting a protracted war. This is just a raid. Does that mean I’m not going to do anything? Of course not. “Capture everyone within a five-mile radius.” Five miles is the most efficient distance for an earth-realm expert’s teleportation. Any distance more than that, the consumption of energy exponentially increases.

I have enough restraining ropes to tie fifty million people up. Let’s just say there’s five different interspacial rings holding all this rope. I can take everything from the disciples, the elders, and even the quasi-immortals. I’m going to rob this sect blind. Why? For immortality, of course. As Softie once said, stepping on others to achieve immortality isn’t wrong. The karma detector might disagree with her, but I like Softie’s reasoning more, so that’s the one I’m going with. Did I sound like Lucia just now? No, I didn’t. After all, the karma detector could be faulty. I’m not pushing away the truth for a fantasy like Lucia often does.

The first batch of sky-realm experts came back, some carrying unconscious people, others carrying conscious ones, but they were all tied up. The large majority of them were saints with the exceptions being earth-realm experts. There wasn’t a single person who had yet to become a saint. Softie was right while judging herself. She was a chosen of the Shadow Devil Sect back when she was a saint, but over here, she would’ve been an average disciple, maybe even weaker than an average one.

Before long, my bodyguards finished clearing out the area. Sky-realm experts move extremely fast, it only took several minutes. But even at this rate, I think it’ll take over a day to capture everyone in the sect. The land it occupies is just that large. My pocket realm could’ve fit inside of it multiple times.

I’m surprised the quasi-immortals haven’t shown up yet. Even if we’re only on the outskirts, I did destroy the obscuring formation covering their sect. Everything’s going too smoothly. Perhaps we’ve already fallen into an illusion formation from the first moment we flew inside? If that’s the case, I’ll have to pause here for now and interrogate the disciples below the deck. If I really am in an illusion formation right now, I should be able to notice if something is off. An illusion formation is very rigid and prodding it in the right way can easily cause it to be exposed. Of course, someone can manually control the formation, but people are also flawed. With enough testing, it’ll be easy to determine the truth. One of the quasi-immortals that I hired was an expert in illusion and soul techniques. I could ask him, but what if the formation was only targeted at me, trapping me in my own mind? If I want something done right, I have to do it myself. I can’t let one misjudgment bring about my downfall. This is the strongest sect, after all; I can’t underestimate them.

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