TGL Volume 3, Chapter 15 (2)

An hour has passed, but I’m only on the tenth step. Why are these steps so dang long!? Mm, no, it’s not their length that’s the problem. I can easily clear this distance in a shorter time by sprinting. The problem is none of the people I’m using as scapegoats are sprinting or even jogging! They’re walking like they have all the time in the world. The tomb’s dumb voice didn’t say there was a time limit, so maybe they do have all the time in the world…. But I don’t! The more time I spend here, the older I get! That’s it. I’m not waiting anymore. I thought it’d be safer to let others go ahead first, but clearly, there’s no danger at all. A few people are still stuck on the fifth step because the pressure was too strong for them or something, but I don’t feel that pressure or death aura that these people are talking about at all. How’s the barkeep doing? “Want to rush ahead?”

“Sorry, Boss,” the barkeep said. His face was pale, and sweat was streaming down his face. “This is a bit tough for me. You don’t feel anything?”


“Then, perhaps the tomb selected you as its inheritor,” the barkeep said. “You’re quite lucky, Boss.”

Hmm? The tomb selected me? Why would it do that? I’m as far from death as one can possibly get! I even have a secret phoenix technique that brings me back to life if I die! Ah, I get it. Like those other two despairy and slaughtery people, this deathy person’s gone senile. In that case, I’ll rush to the top of the staircase! But…. “Will you be alright if I leave you alone here?” Right, the barkeep is super weak. Even Mrs. Feathers was bamboozled by the tomb; if I take my eyes off my alcohol supplier, err, travel buddy, who knows what might happen to him! Especially since he slapped those people silly—once they get up here, they’re definitely going to slap him back or cut off his legs or even kill him!

“Don’t worry about me, Boss,” the barkeep said. Out of nowhere, an ugly set of armor appeared on him. “With the Despair God’s inheritance, I’ll be able to defend myself. Their ancestor isn’t here, and they only have two sky-realm elders accompanying them, but you already cut off their legs. It isn’t that dangerous anymore.”

“If you say so….” Well, if the barkeep says he’ll be fine, then he’ll probably be fine. Mrs. Feathers is waiting for me to save her; I have to rush to the top and clear this stupid tomb! Wait a minute, if this is the end of the tomb, does that mean I’m not getting a Vera? Hah…, there wasn’t even a reason to come here in the first place. I should’ve just destroyed it while I was outside. Hmph. Alright, it’s time to run. Thanks to Durandal’s training where he had me chase after a carriage like a bully, running’s become a breeze! If Mrs. Feathers were here, I bet these steps would only take a couple of hers to clear.

Eleven steps….

Twelve steps….

Um. What comes after the one that comes after twelve? No, what comes after that? I’m running a bit too fast to keep count! Ah, it doesn’t matter anyway. All I have to do is reach the top. There’s no need to challenge myself by counting too! Eh? The bone of intelligence should help me with counting? Nah, I don’t have to be intelligent to count! Of course it wouldn’t help.

Am I halfway there yet? Maybe. I’m not sure. All I know is the steps get narrower and smaller each time. It’s like a poorly designed pyramid. Maybe the Death God ran out of building materials while making this trial? Ooh! I’m feeling a bit of pressure in my nose. Is this what those people were talking about? I … sneezed. Never mind, the pressure’s gone. And … I made it to the top! But there’s nothing here. Why isn’t there anything here?

“The fourth trial has been completed!”

My vision turned white, and once it reappeared, I was in a creepy room with a coffin in the middle. Is this the fifth trial?

“Welcome, ye who seeks my inheritance.”

Ah? Something’s crawling out of the coffin! Well, not really out of since the lid is still on. It’s phasing through? It’s a ghost. Mm. I already know what to do. The only good ghost is a dead ghost! Eh? Ghosts are already dead? Well, by dead I mean dead dead. “Secret Phoenix Rebirth Technique: …Punch!” I really have to think up a better name for this technique? Maybe Breaking Fist. Yeah, that sounds good. Wait, I already have a Breaking Fist. Flaming Breaking Fist? “Secret Phoenix Rebirth Technique: Flaming Breaking Fist!”

Ah. The ghost turned into ashes. It didn’t even have time to scream. Can ghosts feel pain? Hah…, why do ghosts even exist? They’re so strange, unnatural. Like water. Mm, it’s settled then. When I become an immortal, I’ll get rid of every ghost and every water there is! Oh, right, the tomb. Let’s not get distracted now. First, I’ll store the coffin. What am I going to do with a coffin that most likely has a body inside of it? I’ll give it to Ilya, of course! Wait a minute. I didn’t hear an announcement for the next trial. Maybe I was distracted by my thoughts. “Hey, Mr. Tomb? Did you say something earlier?”

There was no response. I guess not. Anyways, there was a treasure chest underneath the coffin! And inside of it, there’s … an interspacial ring. I, I don’t understand. It’s such a huge chest, but there’s only one tiny ring inside of it…. Isn’t that a bit of a waste? Well, I guess I can sell the chest since it’s made of some shiny materials. As for what’s inside the interspacial ring…, I’m not falling for that again! There’s probably going to be a stupid tablet that’s going to stick itself onto my face. And I don’t have time to waste on burning the worm inside of it away; I have to save Mrs. Feathers! …But how do I get out of here?

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