TGL Volume 3, Chapter 11 (5)

Things aren’t looking good. Despite the foxkin and the phoenix being quasi-immortals, I don’t think they’re going to win. They’re facing two sects of over a million people each; though, there’s slightly less than that thanks to their previous scuffle. But still, the foxkin’s side has two quasi-immortals, and their opposing side has two quasi-immortals along with dozens of sky-realm experts plus an uncountable number of earth-realm experts and below.

“Mrs. Feathers, can you beat them all by yourself?” The foxkin was peering over the phoenix’s back, but she was keeping as close to the center part of the phoenix as she could. It seems she’s terrified of water, so much so that her despair upon encountering water attracted all the despair fish.

“You’re not going to help me, Boss?” the phoenix asked. Her voice was a lot deeper since she expanded.

“Mm, I can’t fly,” the foxkin said. “And that means I have to fight on the ground, but I can’t do that because the ground’s underwater!”

The phoenix spread her wings and leapt into the air. “Other creatures might not be able to fly under the tomb’s restriction, but phoenixes are the rulers of the … eh?” With a splash, the phoenix fell back down. “It seems like I can’t fly either, Boss. Isn’t that a bit too unfair? I don’t even have arms. If my wings aren’t usable, then neither should your two-legged creatures’ arms. This is discrimination against phoenixes.”

“You have two legs too,” Money Grubber said. Why was she chiming into their stupid conversation? The duo was finally ignoring us, but she had to go and drag us back into their attentions! If my arms weren’t tied, I would’ve strangled her.

The phoenix turned her head like an owl, twisting her neck all the way around to face us. “Oh, the wingless creature knows how to count.” Then her gaze shifted onto the foxkin. “Boss, if I fight that many people at once, I’m going to lose. The two quasi-immortals are enough to fight me to a draw. Those weaklings around them are enough to tip the scales in their favor.”

“Mm, I mean, I guess I can help out a bit….” The foxkin frowned. I wish she would make up her mind already because the two sects are getting a lot closer. And the rogue cultivators are lingering around, waiting to fish in troubled waters. “Alright, Ilya, here, you take this net and catch the fish around Mrs. Feathers’ legs. And Mrs. Feathers, you run.”

The phoenix blinked. “I what?”

“You run,” the foxkin said. “You can do that, right? Your legs are longer than theirs; every step you take is equal to dozens of theirs.”

I think that’s the smartest thing I’ve heard this foxkin say since I’ve met her.

“Alright, if you say so, Boss,” the phoenix said. Then, wind pushed against my face as the phoenix sprinted ahead, leaving the uncountable number of people behind her in the figurative dust. As for the purple statue that was assigned to catching the despair fish, it didn’t seem like she was going to have it easy. Not like a statue would care.

The foxkin scrunched up her face and looked down at her feet. “Alright, what can I throw away…?”

Throw away? What is she planning at a time like this? Is that … a palace!?

“Unrelenting Path of Slaughter: Palace-Throwing Technique!”

There’s no technique involved! The foxkin literally threw a palace at the approaching sect members! She coated it with her qi and threw it! Sending qi into an object is the first thing one learns while manipulating qi. To call this barbaric action a throwing technique is a bit of a stretch….

“You call that a barrier, you shitty slaughter brat!? A child could sneeze on that to break it!”

“You have no right to complain, Old Man Despair; you didn’t even put one up!”

Surprisingly, the palace went straight through the barrier that the quasi-immortal from the Slaughter Seeking Sect put up. It smashed into the center of the group, crushing all forms of resistance. It was quite unlucky for the people in the center since they were boxed in, prevented from dodging by the sect members on the fringes and restricted from flying by the tomb.

“Unrelenting Path of Slaughter: One Hundred Flying Boat Projectiles Toss!”

…Why does she have a hundred flying boats? Even one is relatively expensive! This, this is simply using money to smash her opponents! But I have to admit, it’s quite effective. The people chasing her are like fish in a barrel, unable to escape because others are in their way. After that volley of a hundred boats though, the sect members are spreading out. And some of the despair fish are leaving, heading towards the bloody waters behind us, no doubt attracted to the despair of the crippled and dying. But didn’t she say she couldn’t take her boat out of her interspacial ring before? How come she can do that now? Don’t tell me it’s because the tomb counts it as an actual offensive technique and not a transportation method….

“Wait a minute…,” the foxkin muttered. “Why am I wasting my stuff like this? I can attack from afar with Breaking Blade! It’s been so long since I used it that I almost forgot. Mm, I guess the sword has one tiny advantage over the more satisfying hammer.”

The foxkin drew the sword that she kept on her waist and raised it over her head. “Unrelenting Path of Slaughter: One Thousand Breaking Blades!” Then she swung down, and a beam of red light shot out of her sword, cutting into the group of scattered, yet still bunched up, people. As if killing a large swath of people wasn’t enough for her, she swung her sword so fast that I couldn’t even see her arms—they were just a blur. The beams of sword qi flowed like a river, washing over the people below, reaping their lives. Within a few seconds, over half of the people were slaughtered. Then the foxkin stopped. Was that really a thousand sword swings?

A puzzled expression appeared on the foxkin’s face, and she tilted her head. “Eh? What do you mean I slaughtered over three thousand people? I’m inheriting your what now? Stop bothering me, dumb voice! I’m busy trying to not get eaten by fish!”

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