TGL Volume 3, Chapter 11 (3)

The foxkin really let me go. She even let Gold Seeker go, but not before taking all his stuff. It’s a shame about Money Grubber though. Is this karma? She refused to lend money to Gold Seeker, forcing him to attend the Despair God’s Tomb’s opening. And for that, she was kidnapped by a deranged foxkin. I’m not sure if the punishment fits the crime: It’s too harsh.

“She’s still there! Catch her!”

…I swear I just heard the foxkin, but then again, I’m in a very crowded and noisy place. It’s easy to have made a mistake. Despite being a sky-realm expert, differentiating between this many sounds is difficult. And … there’s a large phoenix flying towards me. I’m deluding myself, aren’t I? Why does this damned foxkin want to catch me again!? “Hello again, Mrs. Feathers.” That’s the phoenix’s name, right? I bet the foxkin named it.

“Don’t call me that!”

Ow! The phoenix hit my face with its wing! All I saw was a flash of red after she spoke. As expected of the foxkin’s pet; they’re both so damn violent. “Do you really have to tie me up?”

“Yes, Boss’s orders,” the phoenix said. “If I don’t listen to her, she’ll try to eat me.”

…Have I been mistaken? Perhaps this phoenix is on my side after all. She has an abusive owner, but that doesn’t excuse the fact she’s violent herself. No. I wasn’t mistaken. Both this foxkin and this phoenix are evil. Once the phoenix finished tying me up, she slung me over her wing and onto her back, right next to Money Grubber. If Money Grubber was caught due to bad karma, why was I caught? Bad luck? My luck’s always been relatively good. I suppose it was about time for it to run out.

A small clearing had been made around the foxkin. If I had to guess how, she probably picked people up and tossed them aside after taking their valuables. Even the people who were still in despair knew to avoid her space which was conveniently right in front of the tomb’s entrance. Even after I told her being first offered no benefits, she still claimed this spot. Though, I’m surprised she didn’t just destroy the tomb like the Slaughter God’s.

“Treasure Finder!” the foxkin said and smiled at me as if she were happy to see me. I wish I could do the same, but all I could muster up was a scowl. “I need your help again. I’m going to conquer the tomb and take the inheritance!”

If I ask her for my interspacial ring back, she’ll probably reject even if I agree to help her, so I won’t to save myself from being embarrassed. But does she even need my help? Actually, the almanac I gave her should’ve had its subscription canceled, so she probably does need me to guide her through the tomb. But she doesn’t even listen to my suggestions! Ugh, I’m still mad about that. She asks me for advice and proceeds to directly ignore me. …Then again, circumstances were different from the trials depicted in the almanac. However, that was probably due to her affinity with slaughter. This time, there shouldn’t be any unexpected changes…. Right?

“Hello? Are you listening?”


“Then you should’ve responded!” The foxkin snorted and crossed her arms over her chest. By her side, the purple girl—who I’m pretty sure was the statue from the Slaughter God’s Tomb—stared at the foxkin. Was that disbelief? “When does the tomb open?”

“It opens at noon today.” But is that really all she’s worried about? “So…, by any chance, you do know the Slaughter Seeking Sect is here, right? And that you probably shouldn’t flaunt the Slaughter God’s inheritance?”

“Eh…. But it makes me look pretty!” The foxkin furrowed her brow and looked up at the sky. The war between the two sects was still ongoing. Luckily, the phoenix was here to fend off the few stray attacks that came by. “Besides, those slaughter people are busy fighting the despair people. They don’t have time to worry about me.”

I’m not sure where this foxkin’s confidence comes from. Most people are confident in their abilities, but I think this foxkin is only confident because she’s too stupid to recognize any danger that exists. It’s a miracle that she’s survived this long especially since the bad karma she’s accumulated must be astronomical. “Shall I tell you about the trials inside the tomb right now?”

“No, tell me inside before they start or I’ll forget.”

Of course.

“Oh!” The foxkin’s eyes widened as if she just remembered something. “Tell me about the defensive formation protecting this stupid tomb. Does it just blow people up and make them rip their faces off?”

I don’t think the defensive formation blows people up…. “It’s a mental attack that causes whoever it targets to feel an immense amount of despair. Maybe people commit suicide via self-detonation if it targets them?” That’s the only reason I can think of that’ll cause people to explode. And … I just noticed the traces of self-detonation on the tomb walls and ground around it. “Did you throw people at the wall again?”

“Mm, it was a gentle toss, not a throw.” The foxkin frowned. “Is there anyway to avoid this despair?”

It seems like the only reason she’s trying to take the inheritance normally is because she can’t figure out a way to go around this defensive formation. Good job, Despair God. You’re much better at defending your grave compared to the Slaughter God. “I don’t think there is. But if you have an unyielding conviction, the despair shouldn’t affect you.”

“An unyielding conviction…,” the foxkin muttered. “How do I get one of those? Can I steal, err, borrow it from someone?”

“Uh, I think you’re either born with it or not…. It’s not something you can take from someone else.” Do I tell her that she probably doesn’t have it? No, I won’t. Maybe she’ll delude herself into thinking she does and touch the wall, activating the defensive formation. One can only dream.

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