TGL Volume 3, Chapter 10 (5)

What the f*** is happening!? The sky is falling! Not literally, but it’s close enough! The Slaughter Seeking Sect’s and the Despair Seeking Sect’s boats are losing power and crashing to the ground. And hardly anyone on the ground is able to stop the boats. They’re all crying and injuring themselves! Those sect members in the sky are even jumping off of their boats! Did someone trigger the despair formation protecting the tomb? That shouldn’t be it. According to my almanac, the despair formation should only target the one who triggers it; it wouldn’t affect everyone on a large scale like this.

Luckily, I had a defensive treasure that protects my mind. Unfortunately, it was a one-time-use item, and now it broke. However, it served its purpose perfectly. I have to get out of here. I knew coming here was a terrible idea even though that dreaded foxkin hasn’t shown her face yet. “Money Grubber! Gold Seeker! Snap out of it!”

“How am I going to pay back this debt…? Were these sky-realm-ranked weapons worth it? Yes, yes, they were! They have to be! …But were they really? I haven’t even used them yet. What if they break? Will I be held responsible?”

Words aren’t doing it. How do I get Gold Seeker to come to his senses? I’ll slap him. That’s how Money Grubber helps him sober up.

“Ow! What the hell!?”

Alright. It seems like Gold Seeker’s mind is clear. What about Money Grubber? Where did she disappear to? “Money Grubber? Where’d you go?” Don’t tell me she teleported away in the midst of her despair.


That was Money Grubber’s voice. I turned around. She was waving at me while standing next to a fallen boat that had its front half buried in the ground. “Since you’re fine, help me loot this boat!”

That boat belongs to the Slaughter Seeking Sect…. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Nonsense!” Money Grubber pulled a crying man out of the boat. He was wearing blood-red robes, and the token he was wearing on his sash indicated he was an earth-realm expert. “Everyone’s distracted by their tears, and there’s a war going on overhead. This is the perfect time to fish in troubled waters.” She smacked the back of the man’s head, knocking him out. Then she took his interspacial ring and tossed him aside.

“Let’s do it!” Gold Seeker said. His eyes and nose were still leaking tears and snot, but he somehow radiated an aura of confidence. “I have a debt to pay!”

I, I suppose looting the Slaughter Seeking Sect is much more profitable than tomb hunting, but the risk is much, much greater. Then again, if we leave the country, will the Slaughter Seeking Sect and Despair Seeking Sect bother to hunt us down? It’s not like a tomb hunter stays in one place. We’re nomadic by nature. And with this many people competing for the tomb’s inheritance, there’s no way I’ll profit. Not to mention, there’s an expert following the Path of Grief or Despair who unleashed an attack that affected everyone in the surrounding area. If someone’s going to inherit the inheritance, it’s him. He’s probably the old ancestor of the Despair Seeking Sect. I wonder why he attacked his own people though.

“We’re not going to wait for you!”

Gold Seeker and Money Grubber were already on the second floor of the flying boat. As sky-realm experts, it wouldn’t take them very long to ransack everything. Normally, I don’t rob people unless they target me first. However, that foxkin took everything I had except for what I was wearing! This is all her fault! I’m sorry, Slaughter Seeking Sect members, but if you want to blame someone, blame her. “Bastards, leave some loot for me!”

There was no resistance. None of the Slaughter Seeking Sect members put up a fight; they were all too busy sobbing. Even the elders weren’t responsive; in fact, they were the ones most proactive in hurting themselves. Could it be that the higher one’s strength, the greater the feeling of despair they’d suffer? If that’s the case, it’s a really good thing I had that treasure. And it’s an even greater thing that the foxkin didn’t notice and take it from me. As for Money Grubber, she’s rich. It’s no surprise she has defensive treasures capable of defending her against this attack. It’s a shame though; these disciples are too poor. Even the elders didn’t have much. I thought I’d earn more from looting a ship, but the stuff I took was only worth around three hundred thousand spirit stones. They’d probably be worth less considering I have to dispose of them through black-market channels if I don’t want them to be traced back to me.

However, this is only the first boat! Dozens of them are falling from the sky. A few other sky-realm experts are waking up from their grief, but that’s not an issue. There’s plenty of boats to go around. Like this one over here. Why does its sail look so familiar? I’ve definitely seen this symbol somewhere before…. I’m sure it was recently too. Could it be? Isn’t this the Long family’s symbol? The family that followed around the foxkin definitely wore tokens on their waists with this symbol. I’m sure of it. While I was on that phoenix’s back, there wasn’t much else to look at. Doesn’t this mean the foxkin’s here?

“That’s a grand ship you found there, Treasure Finder!” Money Grubber said. I’m not sure when she appeared next to me, but she was staring at the boat in front of us with greed in her eyes. “It’s a good thing your parents named you that.”

“Money Grubber, wait….” I told her to wait, but she didn’t listen! She already charged ahead, and Gold Seeker is right behind her. Do I run? Of course, I run! So what if my tribulation is a little harder? I have to be alive to see it first!

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