TGL Volume 3, Chapter 9 (6)

Durandal hit me! So I hit him back. Lightly. For some reason, he died. Mm. Maybe I should do some training to get used to my strength. But first…. “You’re Vera, right?”

The green-haired lady that Durandal had hung upside down stared at me. I cut the rope attaching her to the ceiling, and she fell down onto her head. She’s a statue, so it shouldn’t’ve hurt. She rolled over and sat up, but her arms and legs were still tied, so she was like a worm. A worm with big b***s. Didn’t Durandal say Vera was the Godking’s favorite item spirit…? I’m sure he must’ve mentioned it once. And now I finally know why. It’s because the Godking was a pervert.

But why isn’t this lady saying anything? “Hello?”

“I said yes. I am Vera.”

Oh, it seems like she did say something, but I wasn’t listening. Wasn’t there a question Ilya once asked me? If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? And Ilya wouldn’t tell me the answer. But I figured it out because the same thing applies here! If someone answered my question, but I wasn’t listening, did they really answer me question? Of course they didn’t! “Mm. Okay. Now that Durandal’s dead and not here to distract us, tell me everything that happened between you and him!”

Vera tilted her head. “Everything that happened between me and Durandal? Can you be a little more specific? What exactly do you want to know?”

“Everything.” That’s right. “I especially want gossip to embarrass him with!” Mhm. Recently, Durandal hasn’t been listening to my threats. Why is that? Because he doesn’t care about dying! But if I can threaten him with his deep dark secrets, then I won’t have to resort to killing him. Mm, and for that, there’s only a few people Durandal would be embarrassed to have knowing his secrets. “Puppers, you die too.”

Puppers materialized next to me. “…Can’t I just leave the room?”

“No! I know you’re part dog!” And dogs have good ears. Even if he leaves the room, he’ll find out Durandal’s secrets anyway! And then I can’t threaten Durandal by saying I’ll tell Puppers all his dirty secrets.

Puppers sighed, raised his sock spear, and stabbed himself in the heart. Then he disappeared.

Mm. “Okay. Tell me everything!”

Vera was staring at the spot where Puppers had died with a frown on her face. She let out a sigh and shook her head before looking at me. Then she smiled. That…! Is she where Durandal learned to smile like that!? Her smile! That evil smile! It’s exactly like Durandal’s! Vera leaned forward, or tried to, but the ropes wouldn’t let her balance properly. “Why don’t we make a deal?”

“Didn’t we already have a deal?” That’s right. I’m sure we did. “You were going to tell me everything between you and Durandal. And in return, I was going to let you live. Maybe.” It depends on the contents, really. If she and Durandal had a thing…, she definitely has to die! Mm? That makes me a bad person? Nonsense! Even good people get jealous sometimes.

“…I have a better deal,” Vera said. “You’ll benefit greatly from it too.”

…? I just want to know more about Durandal. “What other benefits are there?”

“I’ll tell you everything within Durandal’s memories, even ones that don’t include me, but in return”—Vera smiled again—“you have to do what you did to the Slaughter God’s Tomb, but to the Despair God’s and Death God’s tombs. It’s not fair that only one of the big three had their gravesites desecrated, don’t you think? They were worshipped the same way in life; they should be worshipped the same way in death.”

“Uh….” Big three? Death God? Despair God? “What the heck are you talking about?”

“…Which part of that didn’t you understand?” Vera frowned, and her brow wrinkled. “I want you to go to the Despair God’s Tomb, make it disappear, and take the Despair God’s inheritance. After that, go to the Death God’s Tomb and do the same. If you do that, I’ll tell you everything you want to know about Durandal.”

“I refuse.” Nuh-uh. Nope. No way. Not happening. “I don’t want to inherit the stuff of someone named Death God! Despair God sounds pretty ominous too. Something bad definitely happened to the two of them that made them die early! Bad things happen to bad people. If I inherit their stuff, won’t bad things happen to me too?”

“What? What kind of reason to reject is that? Why did you even go to the Slaughter God’s tomb if that were the case? The Slaughter God wasn’t any nicer than the other two. In fact, he was crueler than them because he was the strongest and capable of killing more people! You can’t even compare those two to him when it comes to infamy.”

…Did I inherit the stuff of a bad person? Mm…. I’m sure there was a saying. There’s no such thing as good and evil when it comes to cultivation techniques! That’s right! Softie definitely said something like that. “It’s not evil to harm other people as long as you’re doing it to follow your path to immortality! The Slaughter God must’ve been a good person.” Mhm. “Inheriting his stuff will make good things happen to me.”

Vera’s face darkened. “Can’t you say the same for the other two? They were good people for following their paths to immortality. Granted, none of the three reached it, but they unwaveringly traversed their paths.”

That’s…. Mm. That sounds reasonable. “They were good people too?” Right. If all they were doing was following their paths to immortality, then they weren’t evil. It’s totally okay to inherit their stuff! And while I’m at it, Vera will tell me everything I want to know about Durandal once I’m done. That’s killing two birds with one stone!

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