TGL Volume 3, Chapter 8 (4)

I took Ilya’s advice and stripped everyone and threw them out of the tomb! Well, everyone that wasn’t related to the barkeep. They housed me after all. And Treasure Finder. Mm? How’d I throw people out of the trial? Through the door, obviously. “Alright, Slaughter God! Last chance! Either you give me your inheritance, or no one gets it!”

“I’d rather be forgotten amongst the annals of time than help you in any way, shape, or form.”

Oh? The tomb actually responded! Is the Slaughter God still alive? But even if he is alive, what’s with that response? “Are you sure?”

“I, the Slaughter God, have never once regretted my actions!”

Hmm…. Well, alright then. “Let’s go, everyone. We’re leaving.” If the Slaughter God had a physical body, then I could punch him! But he doesn’t, so I can’t do anything to him. That’s right, I’m not a violent person. I’m going to peacefully leave this place. Then I’m going to raze his tomb to the ground. Mhm. Nice and peaceful. “You too, Ilya. You’re leaving with me.” Even if I don’t raze his tomb to the ground, I already got something amazing out of the tomb. An Ilya who listens to me! And a Vera, but she’s only good for interrogating for now. I wonder why no statue popped out for Puppers. Mrs. Feathers didn’t get one either, I think. Maybe there’s no one close to her? That’s so sad. But at least she has me now!

“Boss, are you really ejecting us from the tomb?”

“That’s right! I’m an honest person! If I said no one can have the inheritance, then no one can have the inheritance.” Mhm. I might be violent according to some people, but I’m not a liar! No one’s accused me of lying, except the Slaughter God, but he was wrong, so that doesn’t count. “Out, out.” Mm. Mrs. Feathers should’ve gagged these people too; that way, they wouldn’t shout so loudly when I throw them out. They should be thankful I’m not stripping them too!

Ilya should be fine if I take her out of the tomb, right? I don’t know how formations work, but there’s probably one inside of her. Well, if she breaks, I’ll find the real Ilya and make her fix this one. Once I made sure everyone left the tomb, I scooped Ilya up and walked out the door. But once I was halfway out, the mechanical voice said, “Good riddance.”

Hmph! I’ll show you a good riddance! I already confirmed it before coming inside, but this tomb is definitely made of bones! And if I could make Quick Shot’s wall of bone disappear from his city, then I can definitely make this tomb of bones disappear as well. But I wonder what I should carve on it? Focus? Strength? Intelligence? Mm, intelligence usually hurts my head, but with these anes…, anesthe…? Mm, with these pain killers, it shouldn’t be a problem!

There’s just one problem though: there’s the really scary slaughter formation that appears when someone touches the wall…. If I carve fast enough, there shouldn’t be an issue if Mrs. Feathers pushes it away with her flames again.

“Lucia, why can’t you do things normally?” Ilya asked from under my arm. Oh! It seems like she still works. Perfect. Does she have to eat? Or poop? Mm. I’ll ask.

“Ilya, do you poop?”

“…Everyone poops.”

“So, you do?”

“Yes, Lucia, I do, in fact, poop on occasion.”

“Even as a statue?”

“Oh, that’s a good point.” Ilya wriggled, but I didn’t let her down. Someone might kidnap her if I do, and I can’t lose her again. Hmm. There’s actually a lot of people outside. They’re the ones who were expelled for not catching any fish. And they’re busy untying the people who I stripped and threw out.

“There she is!”

“If all of us attack her at once, we might stand a chance!”

Mrs. Feathers spat a ball of flames at the person who just shouted, and he instantly disappeared. “Don’t be dumb,” she said. “No matter how many of you there are, you stand no chance at all. Scram before I turn you all into ashes!”

Mrs. Feathers is so … domineering. Maybe she’s a bad influence too. Where did she learn that from?

Mrs. Feathers turned towards me after everyone fled. “I tried to copy you, Boss. How’d I do?”

“…Good job.” There’s still a few people that’re tied up. That’s good. “Alright, Mrs. Feathers. I’m going to activate the slaughter formation, and it’s your job to keep the liquid back, okay?”

“Huh? Sure thing, Boss,” Mrs. Feathers said. “But why?”

“Like I said, if I can’t have the inheritance, no one can! I’m going to destroy the whole tomb!” But first, some pain killers. Mm. I’m ready now. Here we go. I grabbed one of the nearby tied-up people. And then I threw him at the wall! “Go, Mrs. Feathers! Keep the liquid at bay!” Obviously, I don’t want to be in danger! That’s why I used someone else as bait first. This tomb is huge and made of one giant chunk of solidified bone; there’s so much intelligence inside of it that I’m smarter without even absorbing it yet!

Mm, okay, I got far enough away from Mrs. Feathers and the liquid. Now, what was the carving for intelligence? I never used it because it made my head hurt. Let’s see, it was something like this, right? Right, definitely like this. Whew, even with a sky-realm-ranked sword, this tomb is hard to cut! No wonder why it was able to stick around for so long. Unfortunately, it met me! I’ll place my hand on it and … absorb!

“The Slaughter God’s Tomb!”

“It, it, it vanished!”

“Look, what’s that? Is that a crown?”

“It must be the inheritance hidden inside!”

Ah? There’s a red crown falling from the sky. Was it on top of the tomb? It must’ve been. Now that the tomb’s gone, there’s nothing to support it. But it’s huge…. Was the Slaughter God a giant? If this falls on the ground, won’t it cause an earthquake? At the very least, it’ll squish a lot of people. But how come the crown seems like it’s falling … towards me!? What is this shit!? Why does everything always target me!?

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