TGL Volume 3, Chapter 6 (5)

So this is the Slaughter God’s Tomb. He … must’ve been extremely insecure, afraid he would’ve been forgotten after he died, because this tomb is huge. It’s a giant white pyramid that we saw from miles away in the sky. Up close, each layer of the pyramid is larger than a cliff face. Did he make this himself? Or was it created by the people who worshipped him as a god of slaughter? Probably a combination of the two since it wouldn’t make sense for someone else to design the trials for his inheritance. And are those black stains running down the walls dried blood? Or is it paint that’s been stuck on to resemble blood?

Well, I’m not interested in the tomb itself. My path is the Path of the Sword. I’m more interested in the people who’ve come to raid this tomb. Those people are wearing the Slaughter Seeking Sect’s robes. They have a few sky-realm experts, but why are there so many weak disciples? Perhaps the inheritance measures for potential and not strength? Maybe if I listen in on them, I’ll learn something new.

“—absolutely cannot touch! Before the tomb opens, anyone who tries to force their way in will be killed by a slaughtering formation! Luckily for you, we got here early. There’s always one idiot who attempts to break in before the rest, thinking they’re above the rules, and you’ll be able to observe the slaughter formation in action. Just by seeing the formation operate, your hearts of slaughter may progress by leaps and bounds.” The elder that was speaking pointed to the side. “Look there. An idiot is about to touch the wall.”

Like the disciples, I followed the elder’s finger. Which idiot would try to…. It’s Lucia. She was squinting up at the wall while rubbing her chin. “Are these … bones?” she muttered and raised her arm.

“Don’t touch it!” the barkeep shouted. “Before the tomb opens—”


“Huh!?” Lucia’s tail perked up as she stiffened. Her throat bobbed as she swallowed, and she tilted her head upwards towards the top of the first layer of the pyramid. A shadow fell over her as a tide of red liquid came crashing down. Inside of the liquid, there were hundreds of faces twisted in agony, silently screaming as the tide dragged them along. Lucia leaned over, picked Mrs. Feathers up, then threw the squawking phoenix at the tide. “Save me!”

“Boss! This is animal cruelty!” Mrs. Feathers shouted on her way up. Her voice deepened midway as she expanded; for some reason, her feet and talons were the first part of her to expand.

“I’m half-animal too, so it’s not animal cruelty! It’s just cruelty.”

Mrs. Feathers almost deflated, but she pushed through and regained her full size, which was still shorter than the first layer of the pyramid. She exhaled out a pillar of flames that collided against the tide of red liquid. Surprisingly, neither the flames were doused nor the liquid evaporated. The pillar of fire spread out into a conical shape, pushing against the liquid and sending it back over the top of the first layer. Then, Mrs. Feathers swooped down and picked Lucia up with her talons and flew off into the distance, disappearing from view in an instant. The group of Slaughter Seeking Sect members were staring at the top of the first layer as if in a daze.

One of the disciples’ eyes cleared up, and he pointed at the edge of the first layer. “Look! The slaughter formation’s coming back down!”

The red liquid surged over the edge and … stopped. At the very front of the liquid, a bulge protruded, and a person’s head appeared. It peered from side to side, looking for something, presumably Lucia. A hand extended out of the liquid and scratched the leading face’s forehead. It looked around a few more times before the liquid behind it retreated. But before the head fully disappeared from view, its gaze locked onto me. Its lips moved, but no words came out. However, I could read lips, and it clearly said, “Found you.”

In the next second, the red tide rushed over the edge of the first layer, roaring as it crashed towards me. I suspect it detected there was some kind of link between me and Lucia. The aura coming off of the tide was similar to Lucia’s, and I’ll definitely die if I try to face it head on. It’s a good thing I can retreat into my weapon body, escaping from this place with ease.

“Why is it coming towards us!?”

“Scatter, scatter! You fools, why are you standing around in a daze!?”

“Elder, save me!”

…Maybe I’ll watch a bit more before escaping. Didn’t the elder say one could improve leaps and bounds by observing this slaughter formation? That’s right, I took one of Ilya’s recording necklaces before. I should record this event for Lucia to see. How does this necklace work again? I press it, and once the light flashes red…. I think it’s recording.

“No, please! Spare me! I didn’t do—”

Upon making contact with the red liquid, one of the disciples instantly dissolved. How? The liquid reminds me of Lucia’s Tides of Blood technique, but it’s more effective: quicker and stronger. Perhaps it has to do with the quality of the resentful spirits inside the liquid.

“It’s him! The slaughter formation’s chasing after him!”

Someone pointed at me. And everyone else ran as far away from me as they could. At this rate, there’ll be no reference for Lucia to learn from. Considering the fact Mrs. Feathers fled from the liquid, doesn’t that mean she felt danger from it despite being a quasi-immortal? How strong was this Slaughter God before he died? This formation of his, Lucia definitely needs to see it. She might not be good at studying or learning, but I’m sure she’ll have some insights after seeing the liquid in action. Since all the disciples are fleeing, and no one’s going to be caught in the tide, there’s only one thing to do.

“Stop! Why are you chasing me!?”

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