TGL Volume 3, Chapter 6 (2)

Ah…. Where am I?


“Durandal?” I’m on a bed. And Durandal’s not in it. It’s a pretty big bed too. Mm, it’s decided then. “Let’s have s**.”

Durandal furrowed his brow and looked down at me from the bedside. “We literally did it for all of last night. Don’t you remember?”

“Uh….” Did we? Why can’t I remember anything? Yesterday, there was a tavern. Mhm. And there was the miserable but spoiled barkeep. And…, and…, um, that’s it. “Whew. Yesterday was a really short day, huh? It ended in the morning!”

Durandal sighed.

“Anyways, where are we?” I sat up, and for some reason, I was fully dressed. Did Durandal lie to me…? Why would I have s** while wearing clothes? Is that a vomit stain? It shouldn’t be because if these are the clothes I wore yesterday, then Durandal wouldn’t have made me wear them again after doing the deed. In other words, Durandal’s a liar! “Wait! We didn’t have s** last night!”

Durandal flinched, but his face returned to normal so fast that I thought I might’ve been seeing things…. “Nonsense. Why would I lie to you? Besides, there are more important things to do this morning. Right now, we’re in that barkeep’s home. Luckily, the rainbow phoenix was enough to make the family show lots of hospitality to you; otherwise, there’s no way they would’ve accepted the drunken mess that you were last night.” Durandal narrowed his eyes at me. “Why did you drink so much in the first place?”

“To forget about Ilya!” And it worked. I didn’t think of her all day yesterday, …but I thought about her just now. There’s only one thing to do: drink more! Urgh. “My head hurts.” I tried to stand, but now I feel sick. Why do my arms and legs ache? I’m a sky-realm expert! There shouldn’t be anything wrong with my body even if there was supposed to be something wrong! “What did I drink?”

“About that,” Durandal said and shook his head, “I asked the barkeep, and he said you ordered the three strongest drinks. And of course, the strongest drink was immortal rice wine, the same wine you drank before leaving the Shadow Devil Sect a decade ago.”

“The wine that Softie said could even make a sky-realm expert drunk?”

Durandal’s eyes widened. Was I wrong? Why’s he acting like that? “You…, you actually remembered something for once.”

I’m going to smack him. “C’mere for a second.”

“Hmm?” Durandal leaned close and—


—he went flying. Mm. That felt satisfying. Though, it feels like I’m forgetting something—like I shouldn’t resort to violence all the time…. But I forget a lot of things! So it’s okay. Anyways, Durandal deserved to be hit. First, he made fun of me. Second, he lied to me about having s**. Third, he lied to me about having s**! How dare he? …Does it even matter since I don’t remember last night? Of course, it does! I think.

Someone screamed. It came from outside. It makes sense though because Durandal flew through the wall. Mm, let’s change clothes first since I don’t want to smell like vomit. And … done! I’m getting good at putting on these fancy robes from the Immortal Continent. Why am I putting on these fancy robes even though they’re inconvenient compared to pants? Because for some reason, I can’t find any pants. Durandal must’ve had the interspacial ring with my comfy clothes in them. …Or maybe I dropped it yesterday. Eh, even if I did, I can always steal some more, so it’s okay. Anyways, do I have any hangover pills? I have lots of medicinal pills that I accumulated over time from robbing people, but I don’t know what they do…. Ah, if only Ilya were here, then I’d know which one to take. There’s only one thing to do. I’ll eat all of them one at a time until my hangover goes away!

And … it’s gone! Don’t ask how many pills it took because I didn’t count. Now, let’s see where exactly I am…. Durandal said this was the barkeep’s home, and the barkeep told me he lived in a shed. And if this is a shed, then I was right! This barkeep’s a spoiled bastard! This shed has a red carpet, a comfy bed, a chandelier, three stained-glass windows, two fancy desks, and a … what’s this? A bell?

Ring, ring.

The door to the shed opened, and two people stepped inside. “Did the miss call for us?”

…Servants too!? That barkeep completely lied to me! How is he a miserable bastard at all!? I should’ve known when he said he had a fiancée. Mm, did I meet his fiancée yesterday? I don’t remember too well…. Probably not. Ah, these servants are still waiting for me to say something. “Err, food! I want lots of good food. Impurity-free! The food has to have no impurities.” Mhm. “But it can’t be one grain of immortal rice!” A meal should be filling.

The two servants nodded. “Please wait a moment. We’ll bring you a meal as soon as it’s ready.” And then they left.

Why do I feel like I’m forgetting something? Like someone’s in danger…. “Ah! Softie!” I completely forgot about her! Mm, I forgot about everything, but I especially forgot about her! I have to go and—

“Lucia.” Durandal came in through the hole he left in the wall. “You haven’t trained in a while, but your body’s gotten stronger. You should exercise for a bit to get accustomed to your strength, or you’ll accidentally kill the next person you smack.”

“That’s okay. I don’t smack people often. More importantly, we have to save—”

“Are you hungry?” Durandal cut me off again! “I noticed you called in two servants to bring you a meal. Why not head into the main building and greet the hosts? It’s the least you can do after receiving so much from them.”

“Durandal, we have to—”

“Let’s have s**.”

“Save…. Okay!”

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