TGL Volume 2, Chapter 21 (4)

“Your face is really red right now, you know that?”

I know! It’s not my fault the contents of these manuals are so embarrassing! Ilya doesn’t have to rub it in…. Why is she even in my room? “Did you need something, Sister Ilya?”

“No. I wanted to see your reaction to those manuals since I already know their contents,” Ilya said and shrugged. “And, as I thought, it was very refreshing. I can only spend so long turning corpses into jelly every day. Ugh, it’s practically soul-sucking work.”

“Why are you turning the sky-realm experts into jellies again…?” I don’t understand why she makes people into food products even though she’s not going to eat them. Maybe if she were a cannibal, I’d think of it as a little more acceptable, but … wait, no, it should never be acceptable to turn dead people into gelatin.

“I can’t figure out how else to refine their bodies.” Ilya sighed. “If the temperature is too low, nothing happens. I can’t even break their bones with a twelfth-circle spell. I have to superheat them first before I can attempt to manipulate them, but then they always end up breaking down into this goopy, fatty substance. And when it cools, I’m left with jelly.”

I can’t give her any advice since I’m not too familiar with alchemy. But it didn’t seem like she came here for advice; she wanted to see my reaction to the Seducing Succubus Sect’s core techniques. I thought they’d be perfect for me, and they are…, but they’re so embarrassing! This passage especially! The more servile cultivators of this technique take on the role of an impurity cleanser. Through the exchange of saliva with someone of higher cultivation, the servile cultivator can increase in strength by absorbing the impurities within that person’s body, ultimately converting it into one’s own qi. It is quite common for newer disciples to become servile to elders within the sect. For more effective cultivation practices, it is recommended to receive the saliva of many different people.

The Seducing Succubus Sect is filled with degenerates! Their techniques are so vulgar! This is how they use other people’s underwear: If one wishes to increase their cultivation speed, it is recommended to fill one’s immortal cave with used underwear, preferably of the opposite gender’s. The pheromones released by the fabric will heighten one’s senses and increase the qi flow within one’s body. For more effective cultivation practices, it is recommended to wear soiled underwear directly on one’s face.

“Your face turned even redder. I bet I could melt sky-realm experts’ bones with the heat your cheeks are giving off.” Ilya nodded and yawned before leaning back in her chair. She smirked at me. “Which part are you on? The swapping spit? The wearing underwear? Or are you on the kinky bondag—”

“Don’t say it!” R-right. The Seducing Succubus Sect’s core technique ramps up in vulgarity at an exponential pace. The depraved acts that saint-realm experts and earth-realm experts have to do are too…, too…, I can’t say it. For now, I’ll focus on cultivating the first part of the Seducing Succubus Sect’s core technique! L-Lucia has a lot of impurities. If I become servile to her, there’s no doubt my cultivation will increase by leaps and bounds. B-but we’d have to k-kiss each other!

“Hum, whatever. But should you really be switching techniques like that? What kind of immortal is wishy-washy about their cultivation?” Ilya shook her head. “I’m really curious about that immortal now. Just who was he? Do you know?”

“I don’t.” I’ve only heard about immortals in stories. I’ve never actually met one in person until two days ago. The pressure coming off of him was enough to make me pee myself; it was really embarrassing. I appreciate the fact he helped us out when all hope was lost, but I wish he could’ve done it in a friendlier way.

Ilya shrugged. “Well, thanks for amusing me. I’m going back to finish refining those sky-realm experts. Oh, Lucia’s in a deep sleep since she didn’t rest for three days while harvesting those heads.” She smiled, but why did her smile seem more evil than nice? “It’s the perfect chance for you to practice your newfound technique.”

Perfect chance to … kiss Lucia!? I shouldn’t let this go to waste! “I’m going right now!” T-this is practice for the cultivation technique! I’m practicing with someone I’m comfortable with before moving on to the real thing. After all, Lucia and I are both women. Kissing each other doesn’t count for anything! It’s not a taboo like kissing a man out of wedlock. A girl can’t get married if that happens, so it only makes sense for me to test this technique on Lucia first. “Thanks, Ilya!”

Ilya scratched her head as I ran past her. “Huh. You’re a lot less flustered than I thought you’d be.”

Lucia’s room is right next to mine. She’s the one who wanted it that way so she could sneak into my room to interrupt my cultivation whenever she’s bored. I knocked as softly as I could on the door to prevent Lucia from waking up as etiquette dictates, and I slipped inside without a sound after a few seconds passed. The door didn’t make any noise as it closed, but there was one problem!

“Oh, good afternoon, Soft Moonlight. Lucia’s sleeping right now. You probably shouldn’t disturb her.”

This stupid wolfkin is watching over her! “Um, Gae Bulg, can you step outside of the room for a moment?”

Gae Bulg shook his head and crossed his arms over his chest. His cloth spear lay across his lap. “I can’t do that. Though Lucia’s a terrible master to me, it is my duty to keep her safe while she sleeps.”

“I, I wanted to help Lucia by performing a technique that would transfer some of her impurities to me. And the method is a bit … embarrassing.”

“Wet eyes and crying will not sway me. A weapon spirit has no emotions.” Gae Bulg narrowed his eyes. “And have you forgotten what happened when Lucia touched the impurity-cleansing pool? You want to try to take some of her impurities?”

“Wait. You saw that?” We were in the impurity-cleansing pool alone with each other…. Did this spirit watch me bathe!? I, I still had my clothes on because Lucia threw me in, but still! My purity….

Gae Bulg nodded, crushing my heart. “Naturally. I am always watching over Lucia.”


“Yes. Even when Lucia drags you into bed and cuddles you to fall asleep while her fingers roam about inappropriately, I am watching.”

T-this perverted spirit! “You shouldn’t sound so proud of that!”

“Ah? Softie? Mm. Are we at the camp already? I wanted to sleep some more.” Lucia yawned and rubbed her eyes. My shouting woke her up…. This stupid, stupid wolfkin! I’ll…, I’ll…, I’ll tie him up and practice the third level of the Seducing Succubus Sect’s technique on him in front of Lucia!

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