TGL Volume 2, Chapter 10 (5)

Alright. So I made a mistake. Who told the creator of that jade slip to add footnotes to his teachings? It’s pretty important to mention that the Immortal Poison Body only works on venoms if used in conjunction with the Immortal Venom Body. That’s seriously something that shouldn’t have been added as an afterthought. Yes, the information was directly seared into my mind, but it’s still easy to gloss over certain parts that are only mentioned once as if the creator were trying to hide them. At least Softie was here to save Lucia with that antidote. This mishap could’ve ended a lot worse. I even might’ve been forced to extract the venom out of Lucia again and disappear for an extremely long while.

“So … about the ancestor seeking to make Junior Lucia his disciple…, looks like Junior Lucia could really use another teacher, eh?” There’s something about the smug look on the sect leader’s face that makes me really dislike him. It’s probably the fact that his eyebrows look like white caterpillars. “Since Junior Lucia’s not really in any position to respond, how about you decide for her? After all, your will is her will, as you said before you started a massacre.”

Would Lucia be better off with another teacher? If she did have another teacher, he’d have to learn her quirks. He’d soon find out the best way to encourage her was through ear rubs. Then when she looks at him with her lewd face, the ear rubs would turn into tail rubs, and eventually into massages. From there, slowly, ever so slowly, they’d become more and more intimate with one another until Lucia receives a happy ending from him. Before she knows it, she’ll be tricked into nighttime activities with him! There’s no way I’ll allow Lucia to have another teacher! I may be a weapon spirit, and weapon spirits don’t have feelings, but I refuse to allow anyone else to have Lucia! This isn’t jealousy; nor is this pride. It’s…, it’s…, it’s just not going to happen!

“Right. Lucia’s will is my will. And you heard her earlier. The answer is no.” Well, it was a lot cruder earlier, but I’m a refined weapon spirit. Such crass language is below me.

“Hmm. Well, I can’t force her.” The sect leader shrugged. “It’s just unusual for a chosen not to have a master. Even the core disciples all have a master. A lot of higher ups in the sect won’t like that, so you’ll have to prove to us that Junior Lucia is worthy of receiving our support as a chosen.”

“Grandfather! Are you going to make her do that…?” Softie still hadn’t escaped from Lucia’s embrace. I don’t think anything that can’t teleport can get away actually. I’ve been on the receiving end of that death-grip-like sleeping hug. It’s scary: Her arms lock her target’s arms and torso into place. Her legs lockdown her target’s thighs. Her tail coils around her target’s feet. If the target tries to move, everything tightens. And if Lucia happens to curl up and the target is positioned in a poor manner, there’s a serious chance of a few bones breaking. Thankfully, since I can get away by slipping into my weapon body, Lucia’s only been going after Ilya. I wonder how that little girl is doing anyway. I saw her having fun during the massacre, but I didn’t see her after it was over. …And I sidetracked myself. What was Softie talking about when she said that?

“That? No, of course not.” The sect leader shook his head. What was that? Why were they talking so cryptically? Something bad’s going to happen to Lucia, I can tell. Mm, well, lots of good things have happened to her since joining as well, so it’s only fair. “The simplest way for Junior Lucia to show how valuable she is to the sect is to help solve some of its problems. Namely the issue of placating the sects that lost people during the cultural exchange.”

Hmm. What does placate mean? It rhymes with exterminate. The definition should be similar. “And you want Lucia to take care of that?”

“Right. After all, she was the fuse that started it all.” The sect leader smiled and nodded. I didn’t like his smile either. It was a friendly smile, but every time Roland gave me a friendly smile, I’d always end up in a horrible situation. Nothing good comes from a friendly smile. That’s why I always smile at Lucia when I’m about to begin strenuous training with her. “Of course, I don’t expect Junior Lucia to accomplish this by herself. Chosen Moonlight here will be going with you as well as a few elders from the sect. There will also be a mission in the task hall for any disciple to volunteer too.”

Softie whispered, “I-I’m going too, Grandfather?” But I don’t think the sect leader heard her, or if he did, he pretended not to.

Anyway, this task seems simple enough. “Let me get this straight. Since Lucia refuses to have a master within the sect, you feel she’s not completely trustworthy. To gain your trust, she has to placate the sects that were caught up in the massacre that she started during the cultural exchange.” Hmm. Something’s off. “But earlier, it seemed like you were willing to do anything to incorporate Lucia into the sect. Why does she suddenly have to prove herself now?”

“Like you said”—the sect leader nodded—“she’s refused to take on a master. That’s refusing to give our Shadow Devil Sect face, and many elders won’t like her disrespectful actions. Personally, I don’t mind, but for a tranquil future in our sect, Junior Lucia has to show the sect her worth. Of course, if she takes on a master, her master will be able to vouch for her and all of this won’t be necessary.”

Well, it seems like Lucia’s going to placate some sects. I’m not refusing a master for her out of jealousy or insecurity; placating sects seems like a good method of training. As Lucia’s teacher, I have to provide abundant opportunities for her to grow. And exploring the Immortal Continent should provide plenty of experience. Besides, Lucia has to go to the four sects she learned cultivation techniques from to rob…, appropriate them of resources necessary to advance those skills. Cultivating the Immortal Poison Body will be a lot easier if she has access to the Great Poison Sect’s poisons. After all, I can’t get lucky all the time and find pouches with live poisonous beasts inside of them. Apparently, the satchel that I have on my waist belonged to some beast-taming sect’s elder. Inside was a snake, the same one that bit Lucia, and an eagle. I’m not sure why those two beasts haven’t killed each other yet, but I’m not going to separate them. I only have one satchel.

“Have you thought it over?”

“Yes. Lucia will placate the sects.”

“Very well.” The sect leader nodded and a rolled-up scroll appeared in his hand. “This is a list of all the sects we’ve implicated. “Chosen Moonlight’s received an extensive education and she should know where they’re all located. Take good care of her. You will depart in a week.”

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