TGL Volume 2, Chapter 9 (2)

Swing, swing, swing. Chop, chop, chop. Mince, mince…, eh? I shouldn’t mince. Right. No mincing. Slice, slice, slice. Whew, this is really easy. What am I doing? Planting heart devils, of course! Every time I harvest a limb, a heart devil blossoms. Sometimes multiple heart devils appear with a single swing of mini-DalDal. It’s great! Why am I working so hard to plant heart devils? Because the more heart devils I plant, the more pleasurable it is when I cycle the Heart Devil Cultivation Technique! Oh, and I guess it can help me become a sky-realm expert to go home. Yeah, that too.

But there’s just one issue…. Some of the heart devils are disappearing. A lot of them, actually. And that doesn’t make any sense. A heart devil is only resolved by death or by overcoming whatever was plaguing their hearts. And if I’m terrorizing people by chopping off their limbs, then they shouldn’t be able to shrug off these heart devils that easily. Obviously, they can’t be dying either. So there’s only one conclusion. Mm. I have to traumatize my next heart devil seedbeds thoroughly, so thoroughly that they’ll see me every time they close their eyes.

There’s so many people to plant heart devils in; this is the perfect environment for the Unrelenting Path of Slaughter. I can shut off my hearing to drown out all the screaming and the begging for mercy. And qi that is rushing towards me is super easy to notice. Mm, and since red lines mark the best place to cut someone to kill them, all I have to do is not follow the lines to not kill them. I’m so generous. With the help of my Path of Slaughter, this is an extremely easy and carefree task, which is why I love it. Only a combat junkie would want to fight something stronger than herself. No matter how many paths there are, I will always take the one of least resistance! And if the path of least resistance has too much resistance, then I’ll give up. These are my principles. I’m a principled person, not a lazy one. Mhm.

Of course, Puppers is following behind me and looting everyone. Durandal went off somewhere after robbing the silver-robed people that looked at me funny. And Softie plus a small army of Shadow Devil Sect members are tailing me. At least, I think that’s Softie…. I’m colorblind with the Unrelenting Path of Slaughter active. Huh? What if I accidently plant heart devils in Shadow Devil Sect members? That doesn’t matter! I already planted so many in Softie’s suitors that a few more won’t hurt. According to Softie, planting heart devils in fellow sect members is totally allowed. And the other sects that are supposed to be our allies can use a few heart devils too.

But wait, why aren’t I killing people even though there’s no doubt a lot of sects that want me dead? That’s simple! Dead people can’t have heart devils. Err, I mean, I’m not a murderer! I don’t kill people even if they want to kill me! I’m like a saint, super-duper forgiving and nice and stuff. Besides, my Unrelenting Path of Slaughter still grows despite no one dying. I’m not sure why, but it does. Maybe it’s the amount of blood I spill? I’m sure it gets a little bit stronger for every five liters of blood I extract from a person. I’m not sure how many liters of blood people have but losing five isn’t enough to kill them! I think. Anyways, it depends on the size of the person since some beasts have a lot of blood.

Whew, it’s been a while since I’ve had such long and continuous unbroken thoughts. This is all thanks to my engraving skills and the flaccid phoenix bones I took from the flaccid phoenix restaurant. Since I became the owner of a large territory of land, I’ve learned something called resource management from Ilya! Mainly, don’t overindulge on non-renewable resources. Like bones of focus that actually work on me. That’s why I’m only using them when I have those annoying headaches or when I really need their effects. And a slaughter like this requires a lot of my undivided attention. Besides, there aren’t any trees in this place, so there can’t be acorns or cocoa beans. I could probably do this without any focus bones!

The lack of danger greatly pleases me too. My Armor of Slaughter is enough to stop every attack aimed at me, but even if it wasn’t, Softie and the army behind me are canceling out attacks heading towards me with their own. No doubt, I’m a very important person. Joining this sect was a great idea. It was my idea, right? It definitely wasn’t Durandal’s. Right, Durandal’s ideas are my ideas anyways. I have such great ideas! Nothing can stop me. This is the life! Doing whatever—ow! F***! What was that!? Did something just…, gah! There’s an arrow in my heart! What the f*** is this!?

There! It was that bastard with the bow! I’ll rip him to shreds! “Unrelenting Path of Slaughter: Tides of Blood!” This technique is my new strongest attack, even stronger than Breaking Blade. I developed it all by myself. Unlike Breaking Blade where I gather all my qi into mini-DalDal and swing, I focus on my target and gather all my qi directly on top of it! There’s something inside my qi that doesn’t like other people, so if they’re surrounded by it, they get attacked by that something. I’m not sure what it is. But it’s a lot more effective than Breaking Blade! I ran repeated trial runs on Puppers with Ilya’s help as a researcher. Of course, once I focus all my qi on the target, I’m left wide open, but all I have to do is consume a bone of strength, like this one, and I’m back to full health. Of course, there aren’t any consequences to using bones of strength like tainting my body with impurities; they’re a completely overpowered item which let me use repeated Tides of Blood if the target survives. Like this f***ing bow user. How dare he shoot an arrow into my heart? If two or three Tides of Blood don’t work, then I’ll drown him in an ocean of blood! I have lots of strength bones!

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