TGL Volume 2, Chapter 9 (1)

Those people in silver robes are definitely sword cultivators. There’s something about them that resonates with my blood. There’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll gain good fortune by robbing them of their things, whether it’s by a new qi circulation technique or exquisite swords to consume. I just hope Lucia’s able to fulfill my request; there’s no doubt in my mind she’s thinking of a way to help me. Except for when it comes to nighttime activities, Lucia always listens to me.

“Chosen Lucia?” The sect leader waved his hand in front of Lucia’s face. “Are you feeling unwell? Your face looks pale.”

“Hmm? No! I’m just thinking! Don’t bother me.”

When Lucia concentrates on something, her expression seems like she’s being mortally wounded. It’s cute, really. It’s a shame she has no sense of timing for when she should think or not. Everyone’s waiting on her to decide the fate of the county. It’s not really appropriate for anyone else to speak right now. As for what I’m hoping for…, I wish a war would break out. A weapon spirit lives for battle after all. I’m not a nanny spirit.

Should I amp up the tension and accelerate the outbreak of war? First, I’d have to evaluate the danger that Lucia would be in. Since this is the Shadow Devil Sect’s home ground, our side will definitely have the advantage if a battle starts. There may be a lot of sects, maybe a thousand, but they only brought a small group of maybe a hundred each. And I assume each finger of Kong County has the same number of lesser sects underneath them, so not every sect will be fighting against us—some will help us. As long as we can cleanly wipe out all our enemies, no one will bring back news to the main sects. From there, we could sweep everyone up with surprise attacks if the whole sect mobilizes. But that’s for the future. I’m only interested in the moment, and I see absolutely no disadvantage to Lucia if my arm suddenly slips and happens to perform a Breaking Blade. Or if my mouth opens and words uncontrollably spill out of my mouth like, “I am Chosen Lucia’s weapon spirit! My will is her will! My actions are her actions! Support Chosen Lucia with your strongest attacks! Breaking Blade!”

Oops. My arm slipped. A Breaking Blade is accidently flying towards that elder from the White Crane Sect. But where’s my support, hmm? Let’s glare at Softie. …Lucia’s naming sense is rubbing off on me.

“S-Support Sister Lucia!” Softie’s whip cracked like thunder and a black snake roared out of thin air. I really like her choice of weapon. It’s odd that her personality doesn’t match it though. As far as I can tell, Softie’s a masochist. Why else would she willingly let herself be bullied by Lucia?

“Support Chosen Lucia!”

The scene from before repeated itself. Thousands upon thousands of attacks rained down on the White Crane Sect members. During this, Lucia was still lost in thought. I rubbed her ears to distract her. “Mm? Ah? Durandal?” Her eyes widened as she looked around. “What’s going on!?”

“It seems like the Shadow Devil Sect could no longer tolerate the White Crane Sect’s actions.” I leaned closer. “Quickly take this chance to rob those people dressed in silver with me.”

“Mm? Right! Let’s do it.”

Under the chaotic atmosphere where everyone started attacking one another, Lucia and I slipped through the crowd and made our way to my original target. They were actually engaging in combat with those Great Poison Sect members who were already severely injured earlier. It seemed like they wanted to get rid of a rival under the guise of chaos. Well, I’m not a cruel person. Once I thoroughly take what I want from them, I’ll do the same to the Great Poison Sect. Then it’ll be fair.

With Lucia’s expertise in stealth, she ran up to the silver-robed people while shouting a drawn out Breaking Blade. Of course, Lucia has zero expertise in stealth despite being part squirrel, and everyone on the battlefield noticed her. But noticing her didn’t equate stopping her. She bulldozed through the silver-robed people and Great Poison Sect members alike, blood and limbs flying into the air. She sincerely believes her attacks don’t kill people. If she can survive with all her limbs cut off at once, then other people can survive with all their limbs cut off at once too—that’s how she thinks. She’s like a child that way. Well, I can’t blame her for lacking a proper education while growing up.

Surprisingly or not, there weren’t many earth-realm experts. Well, I was under the impression that they were hard to find in Kong County. I remember hearing from somewhere that even the five fingers of Kong had less than ten earth-realm experts each. And this meant Lucia was free to go on a rampage as one of the strongest people attending. I didn’t even need to help her, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to. There’s no reason not to gather combat experience while I can.

Truthfully, after killing a few so-called elders of the lesser sects, my impressions of the Immortal Continent aren’t very good. They’re weak, so pitifully weak that it makes my stomach churn. Every single one of them hesitated at critical moments. It was as if they had zero experience fighting for their lives. Were their techniques just for show? There was no substance behind them, no killing intent. How disappointing. Compared to Lucia, these people have never struggled a day in their lives. No wonder why they belong to second-rate sects. Perhaps it’s a cultural thing. If people can live forever, then why would they expose themselves to danger before they’re immortal? It’s ironic that that way of thinking is the greatest obstacle on the way to immortality. Well, as long as I get easy access to flying swords to eat, I’ll stomach this uncomfortable feeling that’s similar to doing chores.

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