TGL Volume 2, Chapter 6 (3)

My grandfather successfully brought Lucia Fluffytail back to the sect. As planned, we gave her a proper greeting. What wasn’t planned was the sudden shout that ruined the atmosphere. A core disciple stood up and pointed his sword at the flying boat. “How can we allow a stranger to become a chosen of the sect?”

My grandfather landed the boat and appeared by my side, using an instant teleportation that only earth-realm experts and above could achieve. It takes a lot of qi to shift one’s body like that. My grandfather leaned over and whispered to me, “Who’s that?”

“Grandfather! You’re the sect leader! How do you not know?”

“There’s a million people in the sect! I have trouble remembering the ten thousand essential herbs for alchemy; how am I supposed to recognize everyone?”

I sighed. “That’s Flying Forest; he’s the number one core disciple on the rankings. He broke through to the mid-low-ranked saint-realm level a week ago.” I’ll be honest; I don’t know all the sect members either. I just happen to know Flying Forest because I rejected him two days ago. He’s one of the people who doesn’t take well to rejection, and I instantly planted a heart devil inside of him. If it wasn’t for my status as a chosen, I’m sure he would’ve attacked me. As a cultivator of the Heart Devil Cultivation Technique, it’s easy to read the emotions of someone I’ve traumatized.

“He’s a mid-low-ranked saint-realm expert?” My grandfather raised his eyebrows. They were like fluffy white caterpillars with a little tail trailing off his face. “He didn’t want to become an elder?”

“Right. When I rejected him, he told me he’d become a chosen to teach me my place.” There are a lot of benefits to being a chosen instead of an elder; namely, one can practice the higher levels of the Heart Devil Cultivation Technique. For someone to become a chosen, they have to reach the sixth layer. In other words, they have to plant heart devils in 300,000 people. …Like I said, I have a lot of suitors. It also helps that I’m extremely beautiful—I’m not being narcissistic. I’ve given several thousands of women heart devils simply through jealousy.

That’s not to say that someone who’s an elder can’t learn the higher levels of the Heart Devil Cultivation Technique, but an elder in the sect has to be partial and fair. The opportunities to plant heart devils drastically decreases. Losing to a fellow disciple that’s younger can cause a heart devil to form, but what if a disciple loses to an elder? People are very frail and will find excuses to place the blame on their surroundings rather than themselves. I lost because he was an elder; it’s only natural—that’s how people think. I’m really curious as to how Lucia Fluffytail reached the ninth layer. Just what kind of person is she?

“Lucia Fluffytail, do you dare to duel me, Flying Forest!?”

Could she be using the same methods as me to cultivate heart devils? Pretending to be a frail and helpless young lady to charm the hearts of others? But judging from her previous outburst, I highly doubt that’s the case. If Flying Forest challenged me to a duel, I’d turn him down while implying he’s not qualified to even challenge me to stoke the heart devil inside of him. I think it’s safe to say everyone in the sect is looking forward to seeing how our new chosen will react.

Lucia Fluffytail stood on top of the bow of the boat. Was she copying my grandfather’s pose? Her arms were crossed over her chest, her dress fluttering in the wind. The sword hanging on the belt on her waist was at the perfect angle to catch the sunlight. It was hard to tell the finer details due to the distance, but from my objective standpoint, Lucia wouldn’t be judged as a beauty using the Immortal Continent’s standards. Her hair was brown instead of black. Her skin wasn’t as pale as most cultivators, but she wasn’t tan either. Evidently, she went outside a lot. And there was just something about her face—perhaps because it looked extremely angry—that made her seem unapproachable. Lucia opened her mouth, and her voice thundered over the crowd, “Unrelenting Path of Slaughter: Puppers Ballista!”

She raised one arm, and an armored person…? An armored wolfkin appeared out of nowhere on top of her palm. It was holding a spear that seemed to be made of cloth. What was she—she threw him!? Like a bolt of lightning, the armored wolfkin flew down from the boat and harpooned Flying Forest before he could react. …Are they dead? Have I just witnessed a murder in the sect? “…Grandfather?”

“Uh…. When I went to bring her back, she also attacked me for no reason whatsoever. Though she’s only a low-low-ranked saint-realm expert, her physical strength was on par with a half-step to earth-realm expert. Much like a fire dragon.”

Like a dragon? She had the physical strength of a dragon? So not only was she a genius in cultivating, but she was also a body-refiner. Cultivating the body is very arduous, and there aren’t many saint-realm body-refiners in Kong County. Heck, there aren’t that many in the whole of King Province. I wonder if our sect is a little too small for someone like her. I don’t have any delusions of strength just because our sect is one of the powerhouses of Kong County. We’re just the biggest fish in a very small pond. It doesn’t mean much.

“Do you think Flying Forest is still alive?” The sect forbids killing between sect members. Will Lucia Fluffytail hold the record for breaking rules in the shortest time after joining the sect?

“Even if he isn’t…, we’ll say he is.” My grandfather rose to his feet and teleported to Flying Forest’s side. Then the two disappeared. What happened to that armored wolfkin?

“Who else wants to rain on my parade!?” Lucia shouted down from the boat. It was on the ground, but it was still three-stories tall.

“I do! How dare you sneak attack our sect’s greatest core disciple? Do you dare accept my challenge!?”

Right, Flying Forest was the disciple of Elder Forest. Their similar names are not a coincidence; they happen to be grandfather and grandson. And Elder Forest is also one of the strongest elders in the sect; he’s actually my grandfather’s greatest rival for position as sect leader. If I’m not wrong, he wanted to make Flying Forest the next sect leader. How will Lucia react? Her tail was sticking straight up like a lightning rod. It seemed like that was her ‘getting serious’ pose.

“Oh, whew, look at the position of the sun. It’s second-breakfast time! I guess we’ll have to continue this challenge some other day. Bye!”

…I think I have a firm grasp on this new chosen’s personality.

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