TGL Volume 2, Chapter 4 (5)

This restaurant! It’s, it’s…! Kind of bland to be honest. The outside was really fancy with gold plating, but the inside is just filled with red wood. Mm? There’s some weird energy coming off the wood. It feels like qi. Can I absorb it?

“Greetings, dear customers!”

Oops. The redness of the wall disappeared. Let’s pretend I wasn’t nearby. I’ll hide behind Mr. Shoe. Hmm, this greeter person almost looks as beautiful as Snow. Actually, a lot of the women here look almost as beautiful as Snow. Are there no ugly women…?

“How can we help you today?”

Mr. Shoe gave her a mean look before gesturing towards the sash on his waist that was keeping his robe from opening. Was there something there? I didn’t see anything. The greeter didn’t see anything either apparently because she just stared at him with a blank expression. A dark energy rose up out of Mr. Shoe, and the greeter trembled as she took a step back. Mr. Shoe snorted. “Do you recognize me now?”

“N-no,” the greeter said, shaking her head as she raised the menus in front of her face. The other customers were starting to look at us. Were they saint-realm experts too? There should be a way to check someone’s realm, right? Other than smacking them over the head and seeing if they survive, that is.

Mr. Shoe snorted and lowered his head to look at his sash. The aura surrounding his body disappeared as his expression stiffened. “Oh. Right, Junior Lucia stole my badge.”

His what? Oh! The jade amulet that was on his sash. It looked expensive, so I took it for myself. Finders, keepers! “This one?”

“An elder of the Shadow Devil Sect!” the greeter said with wide eyes. They bulged so much I thought they were going to fall out of her head. “Please, follow me; I’ll take you to the VIP suite right away.”

“Just take these three,” Mr. Shoe said, gesturing towards Ilya, Durandal, and me. Puppers was still out of commission after I sacrificed a spear to make him fluffier. “I have to send a message to my sect. Junior Lucia, do you mind passing me my elder token?”

I have a feeling I won’t get it back if I do. But I will, since Mr. Shoe’s actually been pretty nice to me this whole time. Of course, that doesn’t mean I trust him. The people that you definitely can’t trust in a world as harsh as this one are the nice people! No one can afford to be friendly when everyone’s enemies. It doesn’t make any sense. He’s definitely using me somehow; Ilya says it’s to get prestige with the sect if he manages to convince me to join and I end up being super strong.

“Right this way,” the greeter said as Mr. Shoe left the building. He passed by the gray handprint I left on the wall but didn’t say anything about it. Durandal followed behind Ilya and me, and the greeter led us to a private room in the back of the restaurant. “Here you are.”

Ilya took one of the menus; I didn’t bother because I couldn’t read, but I wasn’t sure why Durandal wasn’t taking one. I stared at him, but he shrugged and closed his eyes. “I’m digesting.”

…That’s my excuse.

“I can’t read this.” Ilya sighed as she placed the menu down.

Ilya can’t read it…? Then … aren’t I superior to her now? I’ve lived my whole life not being able to read! Whenever I had to order food, well, I just begged for scraps and never ate in a restaurant. But when I had to read things…, I didn’t have to read anything, huh? “Well, that’s okay. We don’t have to order things on the menu. We’re here to eat the cock, remember?”

“The peacock!” Ilya shouted. She covered her mouth as she glanced at the door, but the room was soundproof, so it didn’t really matter. There were a lot of people outside, but not a single peep could be heard in here. I should figure out what these walls are made of and make a portable bedroom out of it for Durandal. Mhm, purely for Durandal’s sake! I’m chaste! I mean, Durandal’s not really a real person, right? He’s a spirit. Yes, it doesn’t count. It’s simply masticating. …With my lower mouth.

“Yeah, yeah, same thing.” I waved at the person standing in the corner. “A hundred orders of peacocks!”

The waiter’s mouth fell open. “I, I don’t think we have that many in stock. Peacocks—”

“Then give me all you have.” I guess it makes sense. If peacocks are high-ranked spirit-realm beasts, right? That means they’re rare. It’s like trying to find a hundred predators back at home, but I could only find a total of five. Would I feel bad for causing the deaths of peacocks in the vicinity? Nope! I’ve always had a bad relationship with birds. I still remember how those scavenger crows used to play pranks on me! And then there were those stupid vultures that couldn’t hurt me, so they flew overhead and constantly tried to poop on me. That was disgusting, but luckily, my Path of Slaughter dodged them all.

“Right, all the peacocks we have,” the waiter said. Was it just me or was he looking at me like I was crazy? “And for your refreshments?”

“One of everything on the menu! Oh, that includes food too.” I’ve always wanted to say that. I should have enough money, right? If I don’t…. Hmm. Well, I probably do! I robbed an earth-realm expert after all. And he had a literal mountain of spirit stones.

“One of every dish, beverage, and all the peacocks we have?”

“Yup, that’s right.”

“Very well then, I’ll let the chefs know.”

The waiter left the room, and Ilya sighed as she buried her head into her hands. Hmm? “What’s wrong?”

“Withdrawal symptoms.”

Oh right, she had those. Oh! Peacocks should have bones, right!? I can finally engrave focus bones that actually work! This is great.

“What!? What do you mean someone ordered all the peacocks!? I came to this restaurant specifically for the peacocks! Do you know who I am? I’m an elder of the Azure Dragon Sect!”

What’s going on outside? I thought this room was soundproofed? How loud was this person shouting? I opened the door and poked my head out. A man wearing a blue version of the clothes that people in the Immortal Continent liked to wear was standing by the restaurant’s entrance with five people behind him: three women and two men.

“Apologies,” the waiter from my room said, “the guest in the VIP suite has ordered our entire stock of peacock for the day.”

“Is that so? Whoever’s in the VIP suite, get the hell out here!”

…Eh. I closed the door and sat back down. The first lesson of robbing without hurting your conscience is to make sure you’re the victim! No one can complain if the victim robs the bully. So while I’m sitting here cutely and peacefully, if someone decides to harass me, it’s my right to beat them up!

Bang! The door to the VIP suite flew open.

And now I can freely rob more elders without feeling any guilt!

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