TGL Volume 1, Chapter 24 (3)

Like the last time I used cores to break through, this time I also had a bad dream where I was being chased by dozens of dragons instead of divine beasts. Surprisingly, dragons are easy to kill. You just have to rip off their wings to prevent them from flying away, then their legs to prevent them from running, and finally their face to prevent them from biting you. I haven’t figured out how to stop their fire-breathing yet, but they usually die a few minutes after ripping off their faces. Though, I’m not quite at the level of the Godking where he could kill one in a single strike. But I’ll get there soon! Maybe after I break through to the legendary realm, which should happen after I wake up. Like now! …Any second now. All the dragons are dead. Hello? Don’t tell me I really exploded.

“Ah, Lucia, you’re awake.”

It’s Durandal! And I’m lying on his lap while staring up at his face. Mm, everything is right in the world: the sky is smoky, the trees are on fire, screams are filling the air. …The f*** happened while I was asleep? And why’s the ground wet? “Uh…”

“Did you turn stupid?” Durandal tilted his head. He scratched my ears, causing shivers to run down my spine. “Better? Are you alright?”

I didn’t want to leave the comfort of his lap, but I sat up anyway. What the heck was going on? Why’s Mrs. Wuffletush injured? And where’s Puppers? And Durandal’s missing half a leg!? His face is super pale too! “Durandal! What happened!? Why are we in a forest and not the city? How long was I out for?”

Durandal exhaled. “It seems like you broke through to the legendary realm safely. That’s a lot of qi in your body. It feels endless—like I could get lost in it.” He smiled at me, staying seated because his leg was half-missing! Why is his leg half gone!? “While you were breaking through, Snow somehow managed to teleport a dragon into the city. Mrs. Wuffletush, Gae Bulg, and I barely got you out of there. Gae Bulg poisoned himself and jumped into the dragon’s mouth, saying that’s what Lucia would’ve done. What the heck was that about?” Durandal exhaled and closed his eyes. “Anyway, I’m going back into my weapon body to recover. I’m not going to tell you something unreasonable like fight the dragon. I’m already proud of you for reaching the legendary realm. But quite a few of your friends are still in the city with the dragon. If you don’t want to lose them…”

Durandal smiled as his body disappeared and entered mini-DalDal. Mrs. Wuffletush looked at me and pawed at the ground. “Right, the left over cores.” Where did I put them? Here they are. “Will you evolve right away if you eat them?”

Mrs. Wuffletush shook her head.

“Then I’ll give them to you later. Right now, I have to save Ilya. Since you’re injured, you can wait here.” Did Mrs. Wuffletush fight the dragon directly? Her fur’s mostly burnt off and bloody, and she has gashes everywhere. She must be seriously injured if she hasn’t recovered yet. “Just hide for a bit; I’ll be right back.”

Snow teleported a dragon into the city after bringing in five predators? I don’t know what his final plans are, but I’ll do everything in my power to disrupt him! Oh, and I have to save Ilya and Ilya Number Two. Yeah, that’s definitely the number one reason why I’m going to slay the dragon. But Durandal didn’t tell me how long I was passed out for. Maybe everything’s already over? I hope not. I finally found friends of my own; I don’t want to lose them so soon. No one’s allowed to take them away from me!

“Let’s”—the ground shattered underneath my feet as I took a step forward—“go…?” I took another step, and the ground cracked even further. Why’s the ground so soft? No way! Don’t tell me I became fat after consuming all those cores! …Phew, I still look like me. Mm, this vaguely reminds me of a conversation I had with Durandal once. I think I asked him if someone could be as strong as a dragon if they consumed enough cores. Then Durandal said something along the lines of it’s impossible to get enough cores. How many did he say was required? Thirty? And I had … sixty. That means I wasted thirty cores! Oh, it also means I have the constitution of a dragon now.

Wash your neck and wait for me, Snow’s dragon! I’ll recreate the Godking’s achievement today with a Breaking Blade! But, I just realized there was something I was forgetting. “Mrs. Wuffletush.”

Mrs. Wuffletush’s head appeared from behind some bushes. She tilted it and blinked.

“Which way’s the city?”

Mrs. Wuffletush pointed behind her, the opposite way of where I was originally going to go. It’s a good thing she’s not directionally challenged like me. Why is that though? We’re both squirrels! Life really isn’t fair; why can’t it ever be unfair in my favor? Well, that’s just how life works; I should stop complaining and save Ilya! Ugh, but there should be a way to lessen my volume when I run. Maybe I’ll jump? Dragons can fly, right? And since I have the constitution of a dragon, I should be able to as well!

I put all my strength into my legs and leapt into the air. It’s working! Ah, not really. I can’t change directions. Or increase or decrease my speed. Or stop myself from crashing into the tree! Who put this tree here!? Well, at least my skin’s thick enough that it didn’t hurt. And some acorns fell off the tree, sweet. Stop! Lucia. Ilya, remember? Right, forget the acorns! I have important things to be doing. Maybe I can fly to the city? If I jump a little harder than last time, I might be able to.

After crashing into another tree, I figured out that my focus bones’ effects ran out. And the ones in my interspacial ring aren’t working anymore. Don’t tell me I’ve grown immune to the effects after becoming a legendary warrior. I demand a refund! Mm, but becoming a legendary warrior’s not all bad. Maybe I can breathe fire like that dragon in the sky too. …Nope. Well, it was worth a shot. Wait. Dragon in the sky? I’m here! Wait for me, Ilya; I’ll save you!

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