Chapter 73 - (18+)

Chapter 73 - ████████ (18+)


My twisting guts have calmed down as I re-asserted my life. Recounting my experiences and morals is a good grounding experience. I’ve never used self-reflection to even out my brain chemistry to this extend, but it seems to work.

I am tired though. So very, very tired. My body is filled with energy now that I have enough qi again, but my mind just wants to sleep. That extensive monologue was just as mentally draining as the emotional turbulence. I really hope that Tree can’t hear, I said some pretty embarrassing things. Self-reflection does nothing unless I am totally honest with myself, so there's no helping the fact that I was airing all my dirty laundry along the way.

I look down at the shapely back my hand is still rubbing. My greedy hand is systematically travelling across her pale skin as the automated process scans and repairs. I also really hope that Rhea is as unconscious as she seems.

“Just a dream, nothing but a dream,” I mumble softly, more to myself than anyone else. I think I hear a slight laugh as my hand travels across her spine, but I’m sure it’s nothing important.

The repair process is still going, slowly piecing her back together. Cell after cell gets scanned and compared. I've analysed some cellular processes sufficiently by now and those functions are being repaired. Progress is slow, though. I guess that I made just a scant few percentages of progress in the time I have been talking.

I slump down on top of the form I am kneeling over, my hand now rubbing over her long, white hair. The process keeps going, but I don't pay attention. Instead, I am distracted by a small shining light just out of reach. It feels warm, so I gravitate closer. The warmth of the body below me is comfortable. I idly note that the repair process speeds up by half due to our increased skin contact.

I give in to the desire to close my eyes. I subconsciously move towards the warm feeling, embracing it as I fall asleep.

No more pain! Skipping around a bit, Rhea is feeling pretty great. She's not quite sure how she got here, or where here is, but moving around, free of that overload of pain has her in a pretty good mood. Then two strong arms appear out of nowhere and snare her up into a warm hug. She immediately freezes like a deer in the headlights, not moving a finger.

“Hmmmh, warhhm...” Slowly mumbled words rumble from overhead. The arms shift a bit and tighten around her waist as she is casually lifted from her feet. She is then swayed back and forth like a teddy bear. She feels something touch the top of her head.

“Hmmmh... shmellss, hm, nice.” The voice makes her freeze further, totally overwhelmed by the situation. Dragons never touch each other except when they fight or mate. Weird thoughts start flitting through her head as she tries to struggle free, but is helpless in the iron hug. She starts to feel warmer again. But this time the heat isn’t from an external source.

Somehow she understands all of the hidden meaning behind those lazy, sleepy comments. The need for escape and comfort fighting with the need for isolation and independence is clearly heard from the soft voice.

Although the dragoness called Re-Haan is a little scatterbrained now and then, she is fully aware of the current situation. All the pain was a clear sign that something bad must have happened, and she is smart enough to put two and two together. So she fully realises who the person hugging her like a lifeline is.

Tentatively, the hug is returned. Slender arms wrap around the hunched figure who is clutching her tightly. She closes her eyes as she gives in to the affection.


The soft noise she makes comes along with a feeling like; ‘This is quite warm indeed.’ He nuzzles the top of her head as she buries into his chest.

“Hmm.” This one means: ’And smells nice too.’

Gravity seems to disappear as the two vague forms keep hugging. Now he makes a noise, loaded with meaning. A soft hum in return conveys an answer. An entire conversation plays out as the half conscious couple plays around with this form of communication. She stifles her laughter as he conveys a beautiful picture of a caricature red dragon with a few sounds. She gives off a few angry noises, simultaneously conveying the picture of a smile.

Slowly the sounds change in tone. They become suggestive and more heavily loaded. Soft breathing gets replaced with panting as they converse with only sounds.

Alright, that was fun BUT ENOUGH!

I grab Rhea’s head in my hands, my hazy mind now filled with a different type of energy. Tilting her head up to me, I peer into her eyes. “I am going to have amazing sex with you now. I will stop if you say ‘Dragon’s rule’. Nod if you understand.”

I keep looking into her pale eyes until she deliberately tilts her head up and down. It takes a while, and I can see the internal struggle in her eyes, but I just keep staring. We have been sending each other randy thoughts for at least ten minutes now. I don’t really know where I'm at the moment, though I can make a few guesses. Communication seems a lot easier here. It feels like we both have some kind of super-empathy.

I throw away those thoughts - not even bothering to make note of something to research later - and kiss Rhea. I’ve kissed quite a few people before, but nothing like this ever happened. My lips sort of explode with Rhea. I kiss her some more and I feel that the same is happening to her. I grin a bit at the state of total overload I am sensing from the woman while fighting to control my own senses.


First, he sends all kind of lewd thoughts, showing Re-Haan certain things in excruciating detail. Then he asks that question and kisses her! And worst of all, he dares to smirk at the state the kiss left her in. Infuriating! Re-Haan busily kisses him back, trying to merge their heads. His tongue invades her mouth and she tastes even more of him. This is insane.

Insanely awesome, admit it! I suddenly stop kissing her and move to her ears. I feel some confusion from the dragoness, but then I drag my tongue across the soft cartilage. She shudders while I nibble a bit. My hands are now roaming her waist, gliding over the firmly muscled skin.

She takes some initiative back by dragging her nail across my back in return. I start kissing her again and brush across a nipple. I feel her gasp while sealing her mouth with my own. I feel the urge to pause for breath, but this place does not require us to breathe, so I keep going.

I feel her building up, and start roving my hands all over her body. I touch everywhere except for the three most important places, one pair and one singular. I start biting her neck and feel something rising within her. Finally, I glide my hand downwards, placing thumb and forefinger on both sides of her outer lips. Then I squeeze.


I wait until her spasming stops. Then I start rolling the hard nub between my fingers.


I kiss her until she is lucid again. Her moist eyes had only been angry and slightly afraid until now. I grin at her face. “Quickshot.” I accuse her.

She frowns and I repeat the word, this time I include a clear explanation of the joke.

What in the blazing pits of all the combi-


He repeats the word, this time it comes with diagrams. Re-Haan just had such a life-altering experience, and he explains a stupid joke WITH DIAGRAMS JUST AFTER. That’s it. Re-Haan decides to take control.

She throws him down on the ground. Hm, where they not just floating? The heat rising from her core wipes those thoughts away as she pounces after him. Knees on both sides of his chest, she forces him down. She bends down and kisses him, if only to wipe away that stupid grin.

Then Re-Haan does something she has done very few times. She asks a question she truly wants to know the answer to. “Hmmmhmmh?”

His return comes in a softly sung tune. Re-Haan forces herself to concentrate on the thoughts he sends, to understand them. He nearly manages to break her concentration as he pushes a finger inside of her, but Re-Haan keeps her eyes closed.

She sits upright the moment he is done and she has understood it all.

I picture the last image of the kamasutra while sending it over with the last tones of ‘me and mrs Jones’. Then she gets a gleam in her eyes as I start stroking upwards. She bucks a bit at the feeling, but largely ignores my ministrations as my finger gets drenched. Instead, she is looking at my own crotch, with a hungry gleam in her eyes. She licks her lips. That was not a conscious action, damn. That is incredibly sexy.

She visibly swallows and moves her head closer. Her mouth opens and she hesitantly takes me into her mouth.

“Hmmno teeth, please”

She throws me an annoyed glare and starts moving way too quickly and it is over in a few seconds. My entire being narrows down to a point and I explode. The first thing I hear the moment I return to reality is: “Quickshot.”

I snap my eyes upwards, and watch a smug dragoness licking her fingers while swallowing. I jump her and drag my tongue across her body. I suck on a firm nipple and cup her breasts. My breast judgement process™ did not do her justice. I massage the soft mounds of flesh while kissing my way to her crotch. My firm, lazy licks across her bring forth moans filled with just pleasure.

This is actually really cool. I directly feel from her what works and what doesn’t. No need for lengthy sex discussion if the effects can be felt directly by the other party. I modify my routine until the maximum results are achieved, holding on tight to her hips as she rides out another climax. I focus my entire attention on pleasing the woman writhing in front of me, barely managing not going off myself.

I plunge into her the moment she calms down again. Her eyes fly open wide at the intrusion. We just stare into each other's eyes for a bit. Then I start moving slowly and she collapses backwards in a gasping and moaning heap as I pick up the pace.

Two forms lie crumpled on each other in the light of a golden tree. Although it seems like they have randomly fallen on top of each other, both hug each other as they twitch in their sleep.

This would be a nice albeit slightly perverse scene where it not for the massive storm of qi around both. The absolute silence in the air stands in stark contrast to the wild thunderous booms of energy crashing from the duo, a glowing tree silently standing watch near them.

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