Chapter 98: I’m pregnant with his child

Chapter 98: I’m pregnant with his child

I stopped walking. There happened to be a bench for us to sit on. I went over and gestured Gao Jialan to sit down as well. After she was seated, I continued, “I wanted to hear you lie. I wanted you to tell me that there is no relationship between you and the Wen clan. But I know I’m just lying to myself. If you and the Wen clan have no relationship, why would Wen Yufan randomly appear in my living room? But what I don’t understand is why, you, as the granddaughter-in-law of the Wen clan, are not on the news? I have never seen any reports about you. Also, what are you running from?”

Gao Jialan sighed as she lifted her head. She had a mocking expression on her face. “Do you honestly think the Wen clan would allow an older woman with no background to be their granddaughter-in-law? An orphan? Yufan and I signed the marriage certificate secretly. Only the family is aware of this.”

Currently, I pictured Gao Jialan as Cinderella and Wen Yufan as the Prince.

“I’m not going to ask you the specifics. But the accident from a month ago…”

“Yufan and I signed the marriage certificate this Spring. But two months ago, his grandfather suddenly brought Wen Yihan home and announced to everyone that he was his son. Although the company seemed to be functioning fine on the surface, all the family members were going nuts. Originally, Yufan and I had already moved out. But because of this issue, Yufan had to temporarily return home to help deal with the situation.”

“Wen Yihan is Wen Yufan’s uncle, right? The illegitimate child!” Thinking back to my brief encounter with that man, I began to shiver. It was obvious that he was a person who had been through a lot.

“Yes, it is fate. Who would’ve thought that the chairman would suddenly pop out an illegitimate child…” Gao Jialan’s voice was turning lighter and lighter. I could barely hear what she was saying.

Before I could ask, she continued.

“Afterwards, although the family members calmed down, my father-in-law suddenly became ill. He had a hard time accepting he had another brother. So, Yufan and my mother-in-law were going to take him to suburbs to recuperate. Who would’ve thought that they would die in a car accident along the way…”

Gao Jialan covered and face as she began to choke with emotions. She couldn’t continue anymore.

The death of Wen Yufan must have been a huge shock to Gao Jialan. By demanding for the truth, I had neglected the negative impact it may have on her. I was wrong. Now, I felt quite guilty…

“Sorry. If you don’t want to say it, don’t force yourself. I kind of understand now…. Let’s not talk about it! Let’s not talk about it!” I patted her on the back and wanted to change the atmosphere.

“Actually, the more I tell you, the more you’ll know. But the more you know, the more danger you’ll be in. Throughout history, the wealthy have always used the most ruthless tactics. My only wish is to quietly hide in your apartment for three months; until the waves are quiet.”

“Hide? Are you hiding from the family?”

“Do you really think the car accident was an accident? Right after Yufan and his parents died, Wen Yihan took this opportunity to become the CEO of the company. For someone who is part of the family, I have no choice but to hide!” Gao Jialan blurted.

I…. think I found out something I wasn’t supposed to.

“Just out of curiosity, what happens if you are discovered by the Wen family?”

Gao Jialan shook her head, “I’m not sure…. right after Yufan’s accident, I ran to escape. For the past month, I’ve been hiding everywhere. Just as I was almost out of money, God led me to you!”

I was kind of confused. Something wasn’t linking up…

“So the person who wants to capture you is the CEO, Wen Yihan?”

“He’s the most ruthless person I know. I honestly don’t know what will happen if he finds me…”

“Seriously? Wait. Let’s retract a few steps. Even if you’re Wen Yufan’s wife, the Wen family doesn’t acknowledge your position. So what’s the difference between you and an outsider? What’s the point of Wen Yihan seizing you anyway?”

Gao Jialan didn’t immediately answer my question. She was deep in thought. After a long pause, she sighed and pulled my hand and placed it upon her stomach. She gravely stated, “I am pregnant with Yufan’s child.”

My fingers began to twitch, “Huh? How many months….?”

“It has almost been three months. For my child’s sake, I must not be caught by Wen Yihan!” Gao Jialan strongly gripped my hand, “If he discovers me, he will definitely make me get an abortion!”


“Three more months! After three months, my stomach will be stable. It will be a lot harder for him to deal with me then!”

“What nonsense are you spewing? If Wen Yihan wants to kill your child, why would it matter how long you’ve been pregnant for? If the car accident wasn’t an accident, do you think it would matter if your stomach gets a bit bigger?”

After analyzing, I began to feel very anxious. Suddenly, everyone around us felt like enemies.

“Let’s hurry and buy some clothes. Then, don’t leave the apartment again!” I hurriedly stood up and dragged Gao Jialan with me. I took her to a maternity store and bought a few outfits for pregnant women.

Gao Jialan seemed stunned by my extreme change of attitude.

My left arm was linked with Gao Jialan, while I carried the shopping bags with my right. On my way home, I was very anxious. I felt like an extra minute outside could lead to another accident.

Why?! Why am I always the one who encounters these type of situations?

When my hot bodyguard saw how fidgety I was, he floated towards me with astonishment in his eyes.

“From now on, if strangers are nearby, you must let me know!” I informed my ghost bodyguard.

Gao Jialan gazed at the air in front of her and whispered, “Is there...something here?”

“Yeah… it’s a bit troublesome to explain. Please don’t mind me.” I hastily opened the door and pulled Gao Jialan in. Then, I locked us in.

Suyang was already awake and wandering around the apartment. He had a popsicle in his mouth. “I thought you kicked her out!”

“Why is it so cold in here?” I was wearing short sleeves and I felt goosebumps on my arms.

Suyang pointed at the air conditioner. “I turned on the A/C.”

“What?” A/C was bad for pregnant women. So, I took the remote control from Suyang’s hand and firmly turned it off.

“From today on, no more A/C at home!”

“What?!” Suyang protested, “It’s summer! If there’s no A/C, I’m going to melt!”

“Melt? Do you think you’re ice-cream? You can live without it for a month or two… plus you’re eating cold stuff and getting blown by the A/C. Do you want to get sick?”

As I lectured Suyang, I handed the bags to Gao Jialan and spoke in a gentle tone, “We’ve walked for a long time. You must be tired. Go rest first.”

After seeing Gao Jialan off, I solemnly stared at Suyang. He was licking the popsicle like a kitten. “You! From now on, you’re not allowed to bully Gao Jianlan! She’s not doing any of the household chores, understand? And give her the password to enter the apartment.”

Suyang was concentrating on licking his popsicle. He stared at me, stunned. “What did you say?”

“Ughhhh….” I rolled my eyes at him. “How old are you? How could you eat a popsicle so disgustingly? Gross….”

“What?” Suyang purposely acted like a child as he jumped in front of me to demonstrate how to lick a popsicle.

I shoved him away and headed towards his room, “Childish….”

“Goldfish….” Suyang’s mouth was dripping with green popsicle juice.


Suyang shook his head at me and exclaimed, “Were you shocked by lightning while shopping? How could your attitude change 180 degrees? Should I remind you who was the one who kept bullying Gao Jialan in the first place….?”

“I don’t need you to lecture me. Just remember, from now on, I will treat her well. You must do the same!” I made a face at Suyang.

“Women...what a difficult species to understand. Your hearts are like the needles underneath the ocean floor. So hard to grasp!” Suyang teased.

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