Chapter 95: Another epic drama of the wealthy?

Chapter 95: Another epic drama of the wealthy?

All of a sudden, I felt the eyes of everyone around the television studio.

Was it my sixth sense? I could feel the video camera turning towards my direction as well.

I forced a smile. But anyone who paid attention could tell that it was a miserable smile.

“So it turns out Author Su already has a girlfriend. I guess all the female fans must be a bit disappointed. Alright, let’s move onto the next segment….”

During this interval, Suyang made eye contact with me and then burst his brilliant smile.

While we continued looking at each other, my fists were tightly clenched because I was so anxious. It was as if time had stopped.

The young girl next to me stared at me with an unfathomable expression. She appeared to want to say something but hesitated. It was as if she was going to use profanity the very next second…

Great. Now, I was the public enemy of all the women in the room.

The television station atmosphere became very silent. I lacked the ability to deal with such tension. The girl beside me was still watching me from the corner of her eyes. I felt like I could no longer stay here.

It took me three seconds to react. I remembered I was sitting closest to the exit. So I stood up and immediately bolted through the door. I ran out so dramatically that I crashed into a handrail.

I was way too stressed to keep an eye out on Suyang’s performance. I held onto my injured thigh as I limped towards the television lounge.

I turned around to ensure that no one had followed me. After confirming my safety, I halted my steps and leaned against a television to catch my breath.

“Ughh.. he still said it in the end.” I sighed. Great. Now, I was the public enemy of millions of fans...  

“Bad hand! Bad mouth!” I began to slap my mouth. I shouldn’t have picked up that call.

“Miss, please do not lean against the TV….” A uniformed lady walked over as she kindly reminded me, “There is a coffee shop where you can rest over there.”

I bounced like a spring and sincerely apologized, “I’m sorry. I didn’t do it on purpose.”


At this moment, the news was playing in the background. Since there was still quite some time before Suyang’s interview was over, I decided to remain standing and watch the news.

The television hosts spoke in a standard Mandarin accent that couldn’t be more perfect. In addition, they also looked extremely attractive. Clearly, the standards for TV hosts were getting higher and higher.

Today marked the one month death anniversary of the Wen clan corporation’s chairman’s son’s family of three. A month ago, the son’s family had passed away from a huge car crash on the expressway. The Wen clan’s corporation’s chairman’s son Wen Wenhan, his daughter-in-law Jiang Jing, and his grandson Wen Yufan were the casualties. In order to commemorate his son’s family, the chairman specifically created a Wen Yufan charitable foundation under his grandson’s name.

At the end of the day, wealthy people were not exempted from the fate of humankind (to be born, to grow old, to get sick, and to die). What’s the point of having so much money when your family’s all gone? I shook my head. Everything is temporary.

I continued to watch the TV broadcast Wen Yufan’s past live coverages. He was approximately 25 years of age, slender, had neatly trimmed short hair, gentle smile, and a mole on the corner of his left eye. Subconsciously, my pupils began to enlarge.

Why does this man look so familiar?

“W-.....Wen clan corporation… Wen Yufan?” If it was really the Wen clan corporation, the television station I was currently in also held their stocks. I’ve seen them on the news occasionally.

Sources say that after the car accident, there was a period of time when the corporation had some internal disorder. Just like a drama, suddenly, an illegitimate child of the chairman came into the scene. He was Wen Wenhan’s younger brother, and Wen Yufan’s uncle, Wen Yihan.

This Wen Yihan person was only older than his nephew by five years. Through some skillful methods, the Wen clan corporation recovered once again.

As you'd expect of a prestigious family, it has plenty of friends and foes.

But now was not the time to focus on that.

Currently, the most important issue was Gao Jialan’s previous line. That’s my husband. It had never left my mind. If I guessed correctly, it would pertain to another epic drama of the wealthy.

Even if there was no drama, something worse might occur…

Speaking of which, the news didn’t mention anything about Wen Yufan’s wife?

I felt like I had been struck by lightning. My entire body felt numb and I couldn’t move. It was as if I had symptoms of a paralysis.

“Such coincidence could not exist, right?! Yeah. It’s not possible. It’s not possible.” I began to pat the area around my heart to calm my emotions. “The woman in the apartment is not related to the Wen clan corporation! The ghost is not connected to the Wen clan! If he was connected to the Wen clan, he wouldn’t be wandering around the streets, right?! Stop scaring yourself. You were seeing things! Yes! You have mistaken! They just look similar. It’s fine… fine.”

Was it related to stock shares?! The TV wouldn’t stop broadcasting the Wen clan’s news. The more I watched, the more afraid I became. I couldn’t help but began to back away. Deep down, I prayed that my assumption and guesses were false. Everything just appeared to be connected…

Why couldn’t the people or ghosts that I encounter be more pure?

There was a commotion behind me. I turned around and noticed everyone’s eyes were on the man who had just entered.

A man with nice facial features dressed in a suit walked by me. His eyes remained fixedly ahead. At the moment, the news was still in the midst of reporting the Wen clan corporation.

His aloof attitude emitted a cold aura as he passed by me.

“Recently, the newly appointed CEO of the Wen clan corporation, Wen Yihan, represented the chairman at the talks with Russia…”

I stared at the person on the television. Then, I turned around and looked at the man who had just passed by me. I stared at the person on the television again. Then, I turned to look at the man who was already far away from me.

“Wen Yihan?!” I silently wondered.

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