Chapter 94: My ideal type

Chapter 94: My ideal type

After finding out that Suyang had a girlfriend, the young makeup artist didn’t say anything else. She continued doing Suyang’s makeup miserably.

Since they were no longer chatting, I placed all my attention on the script. There were a lot of questions. The director wanted Suyang to take a look ahead of time so he had an idea of what to expect.

“Boss, there are many questions on the script. Would you like to see it now?” Since we were out, I acknowledged Suyang as my boss.

“I can’t open my eyes right now. Read them out to me.”

“The literature media has elected you as the most outstanding speculative author of the year. How do you feel about that?” After reading out this question, I scratched my head and muttered to myself, “When did they elect you? How come I'm not aware of it….”

“Have you ever seriously cared about my writing and creations?” Suyang calmly replied, “After the program is over, I am going to change your internet main page to my fan club site. I’m your boss. Can you show more care towards what I do? I pay you a wage…”

I instantly began to reflect upon myself. I'm probably the most unreliable assistant ever.

“You have a fan club?” I couldn’t help but applaud. “We have so many people in our country. So many that there are people out there who are bored enough to help you create a site.”

“Shen Shaoqian did it.”

“Oh, no wonder.”

“Currently, I have five million authorized fans and approximately 300k VIP members.”

Wow… he has that many fans? How come I’ve never heard him talk about it before?!  But that might not be a good thing, right? Most likely, the majority of his fans are female…. Immediately, I felt a lot of pressure.

“This question… *cough cough*. Numerous female fans are very interested in your love life. From our understanding, you do not have a girlfriend. So now, I would like to help your female fans ask. What is your ideal type?”

“I’ll tell the truth and say I already have a girlfriend.” Suyang responded.

“Don’t do that!” I freaked out. The moment I imagined five million pairs of eyes watching me; or perhaps 300k mouths attacking me, I felt like I was going to die. It would literally be my worst nightmare.

“You have so many fans. How could you tell them that you have a girlfriend? Aren’t you worried that your fans would abandon you?”

“I don’t attract fans using my face. That is the reason why I had never made any public appearances before. I want my readers to admire my writing for what it is. Not for the way I look.” Suyang proudly stated.

Suyang was being a narcissist again. If his fans knew what he was truly like, they would probably all run, right?

“True… but is it really good to destroy your readers’ image of you? They all assume you’re single.” I tested.

“If they are true supporters, they will be happy for me.”

It’s over. It’s over. Suyang is too naive. He seriously doesn’t understand females! Women in their twenties are hopeful and longed for love. If he openly announces that he’s in a relationship, they will be very critical of the girl; especially if they do not think the woman is good enough for their idol. 

Plus, that woman was me…. 

“I still think it’s better if you say you’re not in a relationship.” I suggested.

“Are you trying to tell Author Suyang to lie?” the young makeup artist interrupted.

“Yes! I’m telling him to lie. You’ve helped many celebrities with their makeups before, right? You should know that they often lie. What’s so strange about it?”

Since the young makeup artist was much younger than me, I wanted to demonstrate I had more authority than her.

“Yes. I’ve seen this often. Usually, it’s the manager that forces the celebrities to lie. Just like what you’re doing. But I’m curious, authors have managers too?”

“I’m not his manager. I’m his assistant.”

“Oh….” The young makeup artist nodded and the corner of her mouth curved into a smile.

“She’s also my girlfriend.” Suyang added and then introduced me, “This is the girlfriend that I have been dating for a few days.”

“Currently, I’m your assistant. I’m responsible for maintaining your image. Just listen to me. When you are on the show, don’t say you have a girlfriend. It'll be better for you.” I seriously feel like I have what it takes to be a manager.

Suyang didn’t directly respond. He avoided the topic.

I wasn’t sure if he would do as I say. So, while they were doing the recording, I followed and sat at the furthest audience spot to keep an eye on him.

There were a lot of people. The majority of them were female. Since it was the first time they had seen Suyang’s face, they were all very excited.

Woman A: “Wow! He’s so hot!”

Woman B: “Oh God…. I never expected Du Yu to be so handsome… I can’t handle this!”

Woman C: “Based on his work, I already know what type of person he is….”

I sat amongst them without saying a single word as I silently played on my cell phone. I was kind of proud and scared at the same time.

Soon, the recording began. First, the host made her opening remarks. Then, Suyang entered through the backstage once again.

As expected, the whole crowd began to scream. Although there were often a lot of fake acting in video recordings, I was confident that these fans were actually real.

In addition, they weren’t the only ones fangirling. I was also gazing at Suyang like a love struck fool.

Deep down, I thought to myself: As expected of my man. Regardless of which angle you look at him from, he was perfect. 

The purpose of today’s show was to interview Suyang. So, the questioning segment began almost immediately. A lot of the questions we had practiced backstage weren’t used. But the question about Suyang’s ideal type was chosen nonetheless.

“What is your ideal type of girl, Author Su? I’m sure many of the audience and viewers of this show are extremely curious.”

“Hmm…” Suyang paused to think about it. Then, he laughed very heartily, “Not too tall. Not too fat or skinny (right in the middle), black hair, huge eyes, does not enjoy wearing makeup, unkempt, persistent, queer, poor temper, reclusive yet kindhearted, strong and independent. That’s my type.”

“Wow! Author Su, your type is quite different from the mass! It appears that most of the words you chose have a negative connotation to them. Are you trying to imply that it’s fine to have a bad personality as long as deep down, she’s kindhearted? I have a feeling tonight, many ladies will go to salons to dye their hair back to black!” the host joked. My heart also calmed down.

At least the question was over. Suyang wasn’t too stubborn and listened to what I said.

Good job! Good job!

“It’s no use. There is only one person who meets my criteria.” After Suyang’s declaration, the entire crowd gasped.

I thought Suyang was done with answering the question. Aside from me, the host was also stunned. “What do you mean by that, Author Su?”

“There is only one person in this world who meets my criteria. Everything I say is adjusted towards her. Basically, if she grows taller, I would like tall women. If she gets plumper, I would like plump women. If she dyes her hair brown, I would like brown hair. If she wears makeup, I will like makeup…”

“Could Author Su already have someone he likes?!” the host’s voice turned noticeably lower.

“She isn’t merely someone I like. I already have a girlfriend. She’s sitting at the very last row, nearest to the exit. Currently, she’s trying her best to shrink her short legs. That’s her.” Suyang pointed at me between the rows of audience.

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