Chapter 93: The television station

Chapter 93: The television station

From the moonlight, I could see the sorrow on Gao Jialan’s face.

“At first, I thought you enjoyed telling lies in order to gain other people’s attention. But afterwards, I gradually realized that wasn’t true… eventually, I was certain that you were able to see ghosts. I’m so envious… you could see those who others want to see but can never see again.”

Don’t say it! Don’t say it! You don’t know anything, Lin Yixin! Don’t say it!

“Around 25 years of age. Approximately 180cm. Relatively skinny. Deep eye sockets. Clean and tidy short hair. There’s a mole on the corner of his left eye. Do you know him?”

I honestly couldn’t handle this woman’s dejected expression. It was as if she was standing at the corner against the whole world. It made it difficult for me to ignore her.

After hearing my description, Gao Jialan covered her mouth in awe. She crouched down and emotional tears began to stream down from her face, “I was correct! You could see him. That man is my husband!”


During breakfast, the atmosphere was very weird. Most likely, it was due to the conversation Gao Jialan had a few hours ago. None of us said anything since then.

I was staring at Gao Jialan while Gao Jialan was watching Suyang’s expression. Suyang was secretly observing me.

“Are you still mad?” Suyang unpeeled a hard-boiled egg and stuffed it in my mouth. He broke my train of thought.

“No. I’m just deep in thought.” Then, I began to chew on the egg and made direct eye contact with Gao Jialan. “How long do you plan to stay until?”

Gao Jialan quickly lowered her head to eat her rice porridge. She was taking tiny bites as she stuttered, “For n-now….”

“How long is for now?” I continued to push. Initially, I was already against Gao Jialan staying with us. Now that I can see a ghost that was related to her, I was even more reluctant to let her stay here. I didn’t want to attract more problems.

Ever since I survived the gunshot, I wanted to get away from all trouble. So, truthfully, I was hoping she would leave as soon as possible.

Why couldn’t such a simple wish come true?

“Drink your juice!” Suyang handed a glass of juice to me. Suyang probably made this gesture because he felt like I was putting Gao Jialan in an uncomfortable position. So, he felt the need to interrupt.

I glared at him and seized the juice from his hand. I drank down all the content in one gulp. Then, I roughly rubbed my mouth with the back of my hand, “Do you want me to eat or drink anything else? Give it to me all at once.”

Suyang could tell I saw through him, so he shook his head with guilt and obediently lowered his eyes as he silently drank his milk. Then, he kindly gazed at me and batted his eyes.

I really didn’t know how to deal with him. He was always trying to act cute, yet that was what I liked.

“Oh yeah! You have to go to the television station as an honoured guest today. I can’t go with you. What to do?” I suddenly recalled.

“Why can’t you go with me?”

“I have to stay home to watch the apartment. I’m not comfortable leaving her alone here.”

Gao Jialan lifted her head and smiled, “Don’t worry about me. I can be home alone.”

She…..seemed to have misunderstood?! Why do I feel like she had misinterpreted my words? Please, I’m not staying here because I’m afraid you’d be lonely…

“Of course you have to go with me. You’re the one who accidentally accepted this interview. You must take responsibility until the very end.” Based on Suyang’s stance, I had no choice. I couldn’t tell whether he was trying to help Gao Jialan or he actually wanted me to go.

I had accidentally accepted the interview that day by mistake. It was when I had just been discharged from the hospital. Suyang had decided to be a responsible man and cook for me. So, he left me at home while he went to the supermarket to buy groceries.

I was exhausted and fell asleep on the couch.

While I was semi conscious, the phone rang and I picked it up. It was the publishing house that Suyang had been working alongside with for years. They wanted to invite him as a guest on a show. They wanted to take this opportunity for Suyang to become known to the public. They didn’t want Suyang to be a hidden writer anymore.

Although Suyang had published many best seller books, he had never publicly revealed his face to his readers before.

Since my mind was muddled, I felt like the person on the phone was speaking gibberish. I made a few acknowledgement sounds.

Who would’ve thought that after a few hours later while Suyang and I were enjoying our romantic dinner together, the editor in chief of the publishing house would call again to confirm Suyang’s schedule for the day?

“Interview?!” Suyang crinkled his brows, “When did I say I was going to go on a show?”

By then, I had already forgotten about the phone incident. So, I gazed at Suyang in confusion. Using body language, I asked him, “What’s wrong?”


“Mm. I understand.”

Suyang didn’t say anything else except the simple response. But his face was gradually turning darker and darker.

After he hung up, I rushed to ask, “What’s wrong? Your complexion doesn’t look too good….”

Suyang put down his eating utensils. “The publishing house said a woman picked up the phone this afternoon and had already accepted the invitation from the television station on my behalf. Can you guess who that woman is?”

I instantly turned stiff as a rock. Suddenly, I recalled the phone incident from this afternoon. “Who…? I don’t know…. !?! Even if someone promised for you, you could always decline it…”

“The television station has already made preparations. Also, their calls are all monitored and recorded. If I do not show up, they will figure out who was responsible and that person will be in deep trouble.”

“What type of television station is this? Is their viewership that high?” I slammed my hand against the table. “They actually record their phone conversations!?”

Suyang looked solemnly at me, “What do you think I should do? I didn’t want to go in the first place….”

“Are we going through some relationship roadblock!? You’re not planning to break up with me right now, are you?!”

“Would the television station sue me? Would I have to go to jail?”

“Oh… my chest is hurting… ahhh…. I have endured a gunshot wound. I almost died….Please go…..”

At the end, Suyang promised to go to the television station.

So now, back to reality.

Deep down, I know that once Suyang has made up his mind, no one could change it. His condition for going was that I would have to attend as well.

In addition, for Gao Jialan’s safety’s sake, he wouldn't let us be together in a room alone.

So after breakfast, I casually put some makeup on and reluctantly entered Suyang’s car as we headed to the television station together.

“Aren’t you excited? If you’re lucky, you might see a celebrity.” Suyang asked me.

“I’m not interested in seeing celebrities. Plus, I already have a huge celebrity at home to take care of. Where would I find time to care about other celebrities?”

Suyang pinched my face as he gave me a huge smile. “Ohhhh! When did goldfish learn how to compliment so well!? What a good girl….”

Why were my words being misinterpreted again?! I rolled my eyes. Could it be that I naturally have a very kind face, so people keep mistaking my sarcasm for compliments? Or could it be that I wasn’t skillful enough?

When we arrived at the television station, we first met with the director and he elaborated on the main details of the show. He smiled and handed a script to Suyang. Then, we went to the backstage and the makeup artist began to help Suyang do his makeup.

“Your skin is very good. Do you do any maintenance?” The young makeup artist sweetly asked Suyang.

Maintenance?! He’s as lazy as you can get! I silently answered.

But, I must admit. His skin quality is quite high.

“Mm. I guess so? Sometimes, I would secretly try out my girlfriend’s facial products.” Suyang replied.

What?! Suyang has been secretly using my facial products?! No wonder these days I’ve been running out so quickly! I thought my face had grown wider!

I could see the young makeup artist paused. Although her shocked expression only lasted a second, I still caught it. “Y-you ...already have a girlfriend? I thought you were single…”

“I didn’t have one before. But now I do.”

I sat on the couch and pretended to read Suyang’s script. But in actuality, I was eavesdropping on their conversation. Deep down, I was very pleased with Suyang’s response.

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