Chapter 92: The unexpected ghost

Chapter 92: The unexpected ghost


Now, it was my turn for my imagination to go wild…. So Suyang doesn’t plan to sleep on the couch?

“I think you have misunderstood. I said you may move to my room. I never said I would leave my room…”

I stared at Suyang with a frozen face. I finally found out his motive. It couldn’t get anymore obvious than this. When did Suyang turn into a pervert?

I glared at his fake innocent, handsome face. I wanted to kiss it.

“Are you teasing me?” I icily asked.

“Nope! But we are a couple and we’re living together! And don’t worry, I won’t do anything to you.” Suyang fixed his collar. “I’m a man of honour.”

“Liar!” I instantly refuted.

“It’s true! I promise you, I won’t do anything. I swear!” Suyang gently smiled at me. Each time he gave me this look, it was never that simple.

“Liar! You are a schemeful person! I already knew you had a motive. I just didn’t think you would be so wicked!” I began to back away from him.

But Suyang grabbed me by the ankle. He sincerely gazed at me, “I really won’t do anything. Think about it. When had I ever lied to you?”

“If you let me stay in your room and sleep on the couch, I’ll believe you.”

Suyang suddenly crinkled his brows and had one hand against his head. He began to moan dramatically, “Actually, ever since I was little, my body has been very weak. I have an illness called, ‘the moment I sleep on the couch, I would turn dizzy and cough’. It has been many years, but I’m still not cured…. I think this illness is incurable…”

“Sure! Sure! Not only is it incurable, I think you’re incurable!! The devil had devoured your soul and now you’re deranged!” I kicked Suyang. “You liar! You’re lying to me right now! And you dare to say you’ve never lied to me?!”

“I’m telling the truth!” Suyang leaned forward to embrace me. His weight caused me to fall onto the couch. Based on the looks of it, if I didn’t agree with his decision, he would not release me today.

“Really?” Despite knowing he was not an honest soul, I couldn’t help but soften and reach a compromise.

Suyang nodded like those nodding puppets.

“Fine. I’ll trust you this one time. Plus, there’s someone else in the apartment. I doubt you would dare to do anything!” I forcefully smashed my forehead against Suyang’s forehead. “If you dare to be touchy touchy, I will not forgive you!”


Suyang’s room was the same as I had last seen it. It was filled with anime, comics, games, and action figures.

Since I didn’t appear surprised at all, Suyang had to accept the fact that I had already seen his room. He lamented and then stormed to the phone in the living room.

Immediately, I heard Suyang reprimanding Shen Shaoqian.

“Shen Shaoqian! You better watch after your sister!” After yelling, Suyang harshly slammed down the phone. He had his hands on his waist as he huffed and puffed.

Poor Shen Shaoqian probably didn’t have the chance to say anything before Suyang hung up.

Anyhow, as a matter of fact, it turned out that Suyang was truly a gentleman.

Although my boyfriend had very good principles, I was actually quite upset he didn’t make any moves on me the whole night.

Am I lacking charm or what? 

Suyang was sleeping so well. His breathing was calm and steady. Whereas, I was the one who was tossing and turning.

I borrowed the light from the moon and lay on my side to observe Suyang’s face from a close distance. Thinking, how could a man’s face be so beautiful?

How long were his eyelashes? 

His skin is so good…. 

No! At this rate, I will probably be the one making moves on him instead. 

This will not do! I was probably destined not to get any sleep tonight. I stood up to head to the living room for a cup of cold water.

But as I exited, I noticed a man’s rear view standing by the window.

Since it looked somewhat transparent, I thought it was my hot bodyguard. But why's he inside? He never comes in though…. 

“Why are you in here? Aren’t you normally outside guarding the door?” I asked casually. I went to the fridge to get a bottle of water and gulped it down.

Ah…. so refreshing! 

“Is it because you’re a ghost?..... Why does your rear view appear so lonely and sad? Did something happen?” I asked. But my bodyguard didn’t respond to me.

“Are you ignoring me? Then forget it. I’m returning to bed.” I didn’t want to interrupt his emotional atmosphere, so I decided to finish my water and leave.

*cough cough*. Who would’ve thought that while I was drinking halfway, the ghost would suddenly turn around. But his face wasn’t the face of my hot bodyguard.

I was so shocked that I began to choke and cough nonstop.

“Who are you?!” I frantically asked. It took a while for me before I was able to stop coughing. I stared at this stranger ghost.

I threw my water bottle on the side, “Actually, do ghosts these days lack common courtesy? Do you guys just enter people’s houses whenever you feel like it? I’m warning you. You better leave at the count of three. If not, you have to take responsibility for the consequences!”

It was as if he didn’t hear me. The ghost began to come towards me and I felt a strong depressing aura approaching. I couldn’t help but shiver.

These days, I felt as if my existence was becoming more and more powerless. Not only do humans not listen to me, even ghosts were disobeying me.

“Don’t come near me! I can see you! I can expel ghosts! The type that can make you vanish into smoke or dust so that you cannot reincarnate!” I threatened him.”Do you want to be dust? PM2.5, understand?"


The ghost was mouthing at me. It looked like he was trying to speak, but it was awfully frightening to watch…

“Ghosts cannot make sounds. Since you cannot talk, you might as well go reincarnate.” I waved my hand as I began to back away.


The ghost was still 'talking' to me. It was as if he was a child that couldn’t speak. But children were cute, whereas, he seemed very gloomy and depressed.

What does he want? Why did he come to my apartment in the middle of the night? I swear, the ethics of ghosts were going down.

I walked around the ghost and carefully analyzed him.

“Stop trying. You can’t speak so just give up! It’s poor conduct of you to enter a person’s home without the owner’s consent. Just go and reincarnate. Or else you might reincarnate into a bad body!” I pressed my hands together and closed my eyes, “Benefactor, Lord Buddha will bless you. Please leave. Amitabha Buddha…. Amen…”

“Who are you talking to?” A clear female voice appeared from behind me. I quivered.

It was Gao Jialan.

“You’re awake?”

“I haven’t slept yet. And you have been talking for a while. Who were you talking to?” Gao Jialan walked towards me. In the darkness, I could vaguely see that her bewildered expression.

“No… see? There’s no one here! I was talking to myself.. Hahaha. It’s a chronic illness.” I pretended to do some stretching. “I am the type of person who likes talking to herself. No need to pay attention to me.”

Gao Jialan hesitated for a moment. Then, she said, “Yixin, I remember you….”

“Remember what?” My smile was frozen on my face.

“I remember back when we were at the orphanage, you were very strange. As a result, no one played with you.”

Oh… really? I don’t remember much. Why's she reminding me of unpleasant memories? So what if no one played with me when I was young? I still managed to scoop myself a hot and rich boyfriend!

“Why are you bringing this up? I don’t remember much.” Since the lights were still off, I rolled my eyes at Gao Jialan.

“One time, I asked you why you didn’t play with other children. You told me, you already had a friend. Then, you pointed at the air next to you and introduced your 'friend' to me. I’m quite sure I remembered this correctly.”

“I already told you I don’t remember my past. And children tend to make up a lot of shit. How could you remember all of it so clearly?” I awkwardly smiled. Who is she? Why is her memory so good? 

It was such an odd feeling. I felt as if Gao Jialan had caught the tail I had been trying to conceal all these years. My tail was called 'the tail that could see ghosts'.

“There’s a ghost beside you, isn’t there?” Gao Jialan directly asked me.

“Ah? What nonsense are you spewing? There are no such thing as ghosts in this world. Is your mind muddled?” I didn’t want to deal with her anymore so I began to head back into Suyang’s room.

I shouldn’t have come out tonight…

While I was passing by Gao Jialan, I heard her sigh, “I’m so envious of you.”

I halted my steps and stared at her.

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