Chapter 91: Gao Jialin

Chapter 91: Gao Jialin

“Aiya! What’s so dangerous about it?” I sped up even more and reached the highest part of the bridge. Then, I turned around and made a face at Suyang. “I told you, it’s fine!”

Seeing how I was alright, Suyang looked relieved.

Eh? Wait a second. I wasn’t moving, but why was I going backwards? And it was going faster and faster?!?!


I kept trying to press on the brakes, but it wasn’t working.

So now, I was on the wheelchair sliding backwards. It was to the point where I couldn’t stop it anymore.

“Ahhhh! So scary! Mother! Ahhhh!” In order to save myself, I leaned forward and covered my face. I prayed that when I fall, it wouldn’t be face first.

“Goldfish!” Suyang realized I was no longer able to control my wheelchair and quickly ran towards me. But there was still quite a distance between us. By the time he will arrive, I would already have fallen off.

“Stop!” Suddenly, there was a female voice called out from behind me and the person gripped onto my wheelchair.

Since she managed to stop it, I didn’t end up falling off.

So I guess I was still invincible? Errrr...haha. 

“Thank you so much!” I turned the wheelchair around and wanted to sincerely thank the kind soul for saving me. “Although I don’t know who you are, I’m…..”

Before I could complete my sentence, the woman sat down in front of me in slow motion. Then, she lay down and made an “ohhhhhh…” sound.

Why's she moaning? I didn't hit her? Her acting skills are too exaggerated!

She's the one who stopped the wheelchair. That's why I wasn’t injured. So, I couldn’t have hit her?!

“Goldfish, are you alright?” Suyang ran over and instantly examined to see if I was hurt anywhere.

I faced Suyang with a stupefied expression and pointed at the motionless woman. She appeared to be in her early 30s. In addition, her clothes seemed quite high class. So why's she trying to scam me?

“You crashed into her?” Suyang asked.

I shook my head and whispered, “She lay there herself. Do you think she is from the legendary scam association?”

“Scam?” Suyang was about to go over to assist the woman. But I couldn’t remain still in my wheelchair.

“Excuse me, auntie?! Can you get up? I didn’t even hit you. Quit pretending?!” I confronted the woman.

Hearing my words, the woman opened her eyes and stared at me from the corner of her eyes. “Lin Yixin?”

“You know me?”

What? She came prepared? She even knows my identity? This world is too dangerous!

But the auntie smiled at me, “You’re still the same as you were back then. I’m Gao Jialan. You don’t remember me?”

“Gao Jialan?” I tried scanning through my memories, but I had no impression. “Nope.”

“We were from the same orphanage! I’m older than you by seven years. I’m your Lanlan sister. You don’t remember?” The woman was trying very hard to stimulate my past. But sadly, I still couldn’t recognize her.

After scanning her up and down, I asked, “Do you really know me? Then why are you lying there, refusing to get up?”

“I’m not refusing to get up. I just need a favour from you. Considering we had a past together, please help me.”

“Wait! I haven’t been able to confirm we know each other. Also, I have left the orphanage many years ago. I don’t remember much about my past.”


“Let me make it clear now. If you want me to lend you money or be your guarantor, it’s an automatic no!”

“It’s not that.” Gao Jialan didn’t seem to have any intentions of getting up. She was still lying on the ground as she crooked her head. “I just want you to let me stay with you for a few days.”

“Let you stay with me? What do you mean?”

“Umm.. could I borrow and stay at your home for a few days?” Gao Jialan pressed her palms together as she pleaded.

“Why would I do that? You don’t have a home to live in? I don’t have space for you.”

I was speechless. Originally, I wanted to get some fresh air, but I ended up encountering such a strange woman. She seemed to know me but I didn’t remember her.

“Why not? Don’t worry. I promise that I won’t interrupt your romantic world. I only need a few days. I’m begging you!”

“No!” I firmly refused.

Gao Jialan sighed, “Fine! If you won’t help me, I’ll continue lying here and create a scene. Then, I’ll tell people you crashed into me!”

“Are you kidding me? You’re the one who helped stop my wheelchair! I never even touched you… oh my goodness….I’m speechless… fine! Continue lying here if you want! I don’t care! Go tell others a wheelchair crashed into you. Let’s see who gives a shit!”

I linked arms with Suyang and was about to drag him away. Surprisingly, Suyang flung off my hand and helped Gao Jialan get up. He gently stated, “I am ok with you temporarily staying with us.”

“What?!” I hurriedly pulled Suyang away, “Is your brain fried? You’re letting a stranger live with us? Do you think you’re a hero or something? Do you come out at the cry of any injustice? You need to choose your battles!”

“Stranger? She is one of your companions from the orphanage. Also, she’s an older sister. Plus, look at how pitiful she is. How could you reject her like this?”

I was flabbergasted. Suyang helped Gao Jialan up and they chitchatted as they walked away.

What’s going on? My boyfriend abandoned me for a woman who supposedly knows me?! 


“Can you explain to me what you’re doing?” I had my arms blocking the door frame as I glowered at the two villains who wanted to enter -

Suyang and Gao Jialan.

“Let her in. Be good.” Although Suyang was using a nice tone, in reality, he was forcefully trying to pull my arm away from the door.

Since I was physically weaker than Suyang, I switched to another defensive position. I pressed my butt against the left side of the door, while I had my legs and arms on the right side of the door. I was blocking the entire door. No matter what, I refused to let them inside.

“Since you’re being like this, don’t blame me!” After Suyang said those words, my heart pounded. Before I could interpret his meaning, Suyang directly bent down midway and seized my waist as he lifted me up horizontally.

All of a sudden, my legs were waving in the air and my hair was covering my entire face.

“Ahhh! Suyang! Put me down!” My legs were fluttering but it was no use. Just like that, I was forcefully taken away by Suyang. I watched as Gao Jialan entered my bedroom.

“Ah! If you dare to enter my room, I’ll never forgive you!” I pointed at Gao Jialan as I gritted my teeth and gave out my last warning. But it was ineffective.

She shut the door in front of my face.

“What the hell are you doing?” After Suyang threw me onto the couch, I resentfully questioned, “Why are you letting her enter my room? Do you know her?”


“Then why are you letting her live here?”

“If not, where will she live?” Suyang gave me a 'you should have expected this' kind of face. I was feeling more enraged by the second.

“Do you let random strangers stay at your house? Suyang, I’m starting to feel more confused by your actions…. Are you really Suyang? Or do you have another identity?”

I was about to rudely 'unmask' his face, but he pushed my hand away.

“She’s someone from your past. She doesn’t have a place to stay right now. We can’t leave her on the streets. We must help others and become virtuous human beings. That way, we can go to Heaven after we die.”

Go to Heaven?

Oh yeah… I need to do good deeds! Or else I might end up like the mistress who hung outside the window; getting blown by the wind, burnt by the sun, and drenched by the rain. Such hardship….

But my gut intuition told me Suyang was acting abnormal. I narrowed my eyes and interrogated him. “I don’t believe you! You must have some sort of motive! Based on my own understanding, you’re not the type to sympathize with others. State your motive now!”

Suyang gave me a smile but not a smile. Now, I was even more certain he had some type of conspiracy theory up his sleeves. Except, I still had no idea what he wanted to do…

“I’m willing to back up ten thousand steps, but the most I can tolerate is letting her stay here. She can’t sleep in my room though.” I patted the couch, “Let her sleep on the couch.”

“She’s a guest. How can you allow a guest to sleep on the couch?” he retorted.

“So are you telling me to sleep on the couch?” I raised my voice in disbelief.

“Of course not…” Suyang patted me like he was trying to comfort a dog. But I coldly shifted away from him. “You will stay in my room, ok? Plus, there are some things I need to be honest with you about…”

“Are you talking about your fictional world of anime, comics and games?”

Suyang froze. “You’ve been inside my room before?”

“That time when Shaonu stormed in looking for you…. Don’t worry about it! All men have some secrets they don’t want others to find out. It’s not that embarrassing…”

Although I was saying this, the moment I envisioned Suyang’s room, I wanted to laugh to the point where tears fell out.

When Suyang heard that the main culprit was Shen Shaonu, he weakly leaned against the couch. It seemed like he was having a hard time accepting the truth.

“Anyhow, why would you rather sleep on the couch just to allow this woman stay with us? Why? Tell me!”

Suyang innocently gazed at me, “Who says I'm sleeping on the couch?”

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