Chapter 90: You’re my subordinate!

Chapter 90: You’re my subordinate!

“Goldfish, hand me a bag of chips! I’m gaming!”

“Goldfish, pour a cup of water for me. I’m thirsty!”

“Goldfish, turn the A/C on. It’s too hot in here!”

“Goldfish, turn the A/C off. It’s too cold….”

I honestly couldn’t take it anymore. Before Suyang could finish his sentence, I aimed the cushion at his head and threw it at him. Surprisingly, he caught it and turned around with a pitiful expression. “Why must you treat me this way….”

I grimly glared at him. “What do you think? Hello?! I’m a sick patient. How could you ask someone in a wheelchair to do things for you? Have you no shame?”

Currently, I was still considered a disabled person. Initially, I was anticipating how Suyang would take care of me. I thought I was finally going to experience what it would be like to feel taken care of. But it turned out….

Since we’ve arrived home, Suyang was adamant that using the wheelchair was much more efficient than manual labour. As a result, I was assigned more chores and tasks prior to my injury.

Now, it was to the point where aside from eating his meals and using the restroom, I had to help him with everything else.

“Gold…..fishhhh…” Suyang deliberately stretched out my nickname. He sounded a bit whiny.

“Stop!” I covered my ears and weakly leaned my head against the back of my wheelchair. “Suyang. Stop calling me. Nowadays, each time I hear you say the word ‘goldfish’, I feel unwell. My brain is filled with goldfish, goldfish, goldfish, goldfish!”

“I’m doing this for your own good! You’re always home, so you need to do more physical exercises! It’s good for you.”

I shook my head, “Preposterous! That is a preposterous argument!”

“Then, do you want me to take you out?” Suyang walked over and threw a bag of chips and blanket on me. This time, it’s my turn to serve you, ok?”

“Don’t forget what you said!” All of a sudden, I felt re-energized. I unfolded the blanket neatly over my knees. Then, I ripped open the bag of chips and began to chew, “I’m ready. We can go now.”

Suyang lowered his head and chuckled a little. Then, he lifted his head and sighed hopelessly, “I really don’t know what to do with you… alright, Miss, let’s set off!”

“Huh?” We had barely moved a step when Suyang made that questionable sound.

“What’s wrong?” I turned around. Suyang’s five facial features were scrunched together. He looked like he was suffering or something.

“Ahhhhh!” Suyang roared. I was frightened. Was he being possessed by a ghost or something?

Just as I was about to freak out, he stopped the sound he was making and looked solemnly at me, “Tell me the honest truth.”

Suyang was acting so strange. I was seriously beginning to feel concerned. “Alright. Ask me. What’s the question?”

“Goldfish, did you…”


“Did you secretly devour the 10kg of pork from the freezer? How could you be so much heavier? I can’t even push the wheelchair… hahahaha!”

After Suyang spoke, he couldn’t help but burst out laughing. Soon, he had to hold onto his stomach as he crouched down.

“You!” I realized Suyang was teasing me. So, I smoothly turned the wheelchair around and pinched his face, “You’re calling me fat? Which part of me is fat, huh? Tell me! Tell me! I’m really thin, right?”

“Yeeee, yesss..” Since I was pinching Suyang’s face, he had difficulties pronouncing the words. But he was still laughing hysterically.

“Stop laughing! You’re not allowed to laugh! Hurry up and let’s go! No laughing!” I pretended to be mad as I placed my hand near my chest area. “Oh, so painful. My injury is hurting….”

That stopped Suyang’s laughter immediately. He hastily got up to examine my injury. “What? It’s hurting again?”

“Nope! I tricked you!” I began to tickle Suyang. This was my comeback to him for calling me fat. “Is it funny? You think it’s fun to tease me? Take this! Ha!”

“Alright. Alright. No more messing around.” Suyang embraced me in a warm hug. My head leaned against his stomach. “Alright, I’m going to take you out now. Ok?”

“Really?” I looked up at Suyang with doubt, but couldn’t hide my smile.

“Yes, let’s go!” Suyang lifted my face and gave me a light kiss. Then, he turned my wheelchair around and slowly began to push me forward.

Finally, we arrived at the park near our home. I greedily breathed in the fresh outside air. It had been such a long time since I’ve left the apartment. In addition, I had a personal driver too! This lady is feeling great!

“I haven’t been outside for so long. I am so happy!” I munched on the potato chips and smiled at Suyang.

“Look at you! Your mouth is all oily now.” Suyang wiped my mouth with his hand. Then, he wiped his oily hand on my clothes. I watched this terrible act unfold in front of my eyes. Yet, Suyang pretended as if nothing had happened. He leaned his head in and said, “Give me a chip!”

“No!” I shoved his head away. “You’re my subordinate right now. Which master would feed their subordinates?”

This time, it was finally my turn to switch from being a peasant to a master. I was so emotional that I felt warm tears in my eyes.

“Fine. Don’t give it then. You cheap ass! Don’t forget, I’m your boss!”

“Currently, it isn’t my working hours. You’re not my boss. You’re my boyfriend. You need to do what it takes to be a qualified boyfriend.”

“Like what?”

Suddenly, Suyang stopped pushing and bent down to kiss me. “Like this?”

“No! Who told you to do this?”

“In books. Usually, couples whisper a lot of sweet nothings to each other. Weren’t you secretly hinting at me to kiss you?” Suyang gave me his most naive expression. He was truly gifted at making up bullshit.

“How could you connect everything I say to kissing? Do you really want to kiss me that badly?” I joked around.

The corners of Suyang’s mouth curved into a cunning smile. But before he could make another move, I secretly pressed down on my wheelchair and backed away.

“I’m going to go off on my own. You remain where you are and kiss yourself! You kissing demon!”

“You can’t go off on your own. There’s a bridge up ahead. It’s quite dangerous.” Suyang said as he followed behind me.

“I’ve already been shot. Why would I be afraid of a bridge? This lady here has escaped death and is now invincible!” I loudly yelled and increased the speed of my wheelchair. I was heading straight towards the bridge over by the lake.

“Goldfish, wait for me! It’s too dangerous for you to go there by yourself!” Suyang was shouting from behind me.

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