Chapter 87: Jealous Suyang

Chapter 87: Jealous Suyang

Lu Zhengyang’s apple peeling skills were amazingly good. He was at least several levels higher than Suyang. I watched him peel the thin skin off. He was almost finished, but all the apple skin was still intact!

I couldn’t help but clap and praised, “That’s amazing! Where did you learn how to peel apples so well?”

“Here!” Lu Zhengyang appeared a bit flustered from my compliment to him. His face was red as he handed the apple to me.

“I accept your apology. But if you truly want to thank someone, you shouldn’t be thanking me. To be honest, I wasn’t much help to your father’s case. You should thank Shaonu instead. She’s the reason why Suyang and Shen Shaoqian paid any attention to this case.”

After pausing for a moment, I decided to continue, “There’s another person you should thank. Do you know who it is?”

Lu Zhengyang was silent.

“It’s because of her that we managed to turn the tables. She gave us solid evidence. She’s the reason why we managed to make the final blow.”


“I know you’re still unwilling and unable to let go of the bitterness inside. It isn’t easy. But she has already taken action to show her remorse.”

“Actually, I have already seen Mi Fan.”

“Huh?” So fast?!

“Yesterday, I went to see her. Although I cannot thoroughly forgive her, I know I must face her eventually.”

“You’ve grown up! If your dad is aware of this, he will be very content.” I actually said this to Lu Zhengyang, but my eyes were on Lu Wenxue. He was standing behind his son.

“Suyang brother!!” I could hear Shen Shaonu’s whiny voice from a distance. They were heading back.

“Oh?! A visitor? You’re the one my sister stole my money for?! Come out, let’s have a talk!” The moment Shen Shaoqian walked in, he looked like he wanted to fight Lu Zhengyang.

“I didn’t….” Lu Zhengyang was clearly frightened by Shen Shaoqian. Before he could react, Shen Shaoqian dragged him out of the ward.

“Aren’t you going to stop them?” I stared at the main culprit and reminded Shennu.

“Nah, it’s fine. My brother can’t fight against Zhengyang. I’m not worried. Oh, Suyang brother, I haven’t seen you in so long… I miss you!” Shen Shaonu tiptoed towards Suyang and wanted to lean her head against his shoulder.

But Suyang avoided her.

*Cough cough* Shen Shaonu held onto the wall and coughed twice to loosen the awkwardness. “Older sister, after what happened, I have a whole new level of respect for you!”

“Thank you for having a whole new level of respect for me.”

“Yes, from now on, whoever that bullies you, tell me! Aside from Suyang brother, I will help you deal with them!” Shen Shaonu made an oath.

But, Shaonu, there’s no one else that bullies me aside from your Suyang brother…?

However, I didn’t have enough guts to say it.

Instead, I said, “Thank you!”

Suddenly, Shen Shaonu remembered something and clapped her hands together, “Has Lu Zhengyang told you that he likes you yet?”

“What!??!!” This news was too shocking. I had difficulties accepting it.

“Ah… I guess he didn’t tell you. It’s okay. I’ll help him tell you! That punk says he is a bit interested in you.”

I secretly watched for Suyang’s reaction. Surprisingly, his face remained expressionless and calm; as if it was no big deal to him.

Hey!? Currently, someone likes your girlfriend and you’re not worried at all? Dude! Can you show me some concern here?

Shen Shaoqian and Lu Zhengyang happened to walk in at this time. Lu Zhengyang anxiously went to cover Shen Shaonu’s mouth, but it was too late.

“It’s not what she said.. I…. at the time, I was just casually saying it! Please don’t misunderstand!” Lu Zhengyang rushed to explain himself as he examined my reaction.

“Little bro, you’re a step too late. They’re already together. There isn’t any room for a third member.” Shen Shaoqian patted Lu Zhengyang’s back to comfort him.

“Who and who’s together??!?!” Shen Shaonu squeaked.

“The red faced patient on the bed and the black faced man standing next to her. Those two! What? Are you worried now that someone else is interested in your girlfriend? Don’t worry about it. You still have enough potential to beat this punk. Although, in comparison to me, you’re no match….” Shen Shaoqian smiled cunningly at Suyang.

“You two are….” Shen Shaonu covered her mouth and collapsed against the wall. It was as if Suyang and I had betrayed her. She screamed at me, “I hate you! Don’t ever let me see you again!”

Then, she ran out of the ward.

Does she think she’s in a Chinese drama?! A second ago, she swore she wouldn’t allow anyone else to bully me. The next second…. Aaaii, seriously, how could her love turn into hate so fast!

Shen Shaoqian and Lu Zhengyang went to chase after Shen Shaonu. So now, it was only me and Suyang in the room.

“Aren’t you jealous?” I directly asked. Earlier, Shen Shaoqian said Suyang’s face was black. How come I can’t tell?

“Jealous of what?”

“Jealous of the fact that Shaonu said Zhengyang likes me…. Do you not feel anything?”

“He’s going through puberty right now. He will develop feelings to any one of the opposite sex as long as they treat him well. Plus, he lost his mother at an early age. So, he probably has a thing for older women and may mistaken it as love rather than reliance. I can understand.” Suyang calmly analyzed.

“As expected of a speculative writer. Not bad!” I applauded. But, could Lu Zhengyang really have a thing for older women? I couldn’t help but recall the picture of Mi Fan and Lu Zhengyang together…err I don’t think so?

While I was being distracted, Suyang took the apple Lu Zhengyang had unpeeled for me and harshly bit on it. He didn’t say a word.

But based on his unusual behaviour, I could tell he was jealous. Psssh. I have unmasked your true nature!

“By the way, what’s the surprise you have prepared for me?” I didn’t want to talk about the other stuff anymore.

The corners of Suyang’s mouth curved into a smile, “Close your eyes.”

“No!” I was afraid Suyang was going to be a kissing maniac. So, I refused to close my eyes. “Just take it out now! Hurry!”

Was it roses? A ring? A cake?

While N amount of items popped in my mind, Suyang happily pushed the surprise in front of my face.

It instantly shattered all the romantic images I had.

A wheelchair? He really knew how to tease me.

“What? Why is your expression so stiff? You don’t like this present?”

“Why are you giving me a wheelchair? What is that supposed to mean?” I was furious, but I still tried to maintain my plastered smile.

Suyang happily smiled, “The doctor says you can be discharged, but you can’t walk too far. So when Shaoqian and I were choosing a gift for you, we both decided to get you this! What do you think? Doesn’t it brighten your day?”

Haha. Suyang was taken by me. But, I finally understood why Shen Shaoqian was destined to be single.

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