Chapter 85: Be my girlfriend!

Chapter 85: Be my girlfriend!

“A nosebleed?” Suyang thought it was something serious. He ran over with a concern look as he shoved Shen Shaoqian aside and placed his hand on my forehead and face.

He began to mumble to himself, “She seems alright….why is she having a nosebleed?”

“Perhaps the sounds of your shower triggered her?!” Shen Shaoqian began to pinch my face, “You’re actually awake, aren’t you, Lin Yixin?” he teased.

I was still unconscious. But how did this jerk figure out the cause of my nosebleed?!

“Stop playing around!” Suyang pushed Shen Shaoqian’s hand off my face. “Are you here to provoke the patient?”

“Fine fine fine, I won’t touch her, ok?” Shen Shaoqian pouted, “By the way, I have completed the task that you wanted me to do. Yet, because of a woman, you’re speaking to me in such a cold manner. I am so hurt…”

Shen Shaoqian acted like an ancient maiden as he pretended to wipe his non-existent tears.

“You’ve convinced all of them?”

Shen Shaoqian shook his head, “I didn’t convince them. Xuduo was the only one who I convinced. I had to threaten the rest! I told Mo Xiaotian if she didn’t help us, I will send the photo of her cheating to her husband. I told Ye Lili that if she didn’t help us, I will send her list of debts to her clients… so they thoroughly accepted defeat. Now, the moment you give me the command, the news will be exposed. This subject will definitely lead to a lot of public opinion!”

“Ha!” Shen Shaoqian proudly made a cool pose. “In the end, you still need to rely on me to settle things…!”

I was speechless by Shen Shaoqian’s shamelessness. Suddenly, Shen Shaoqian turned towards the unconscious me and solemnly stated, “Xuduo said he was willing to help us because of Lin Yixin. Initially, he didn’t want anything to do with Lu Wenxue. But since a stranger was so trusting to the point where she almost lost her life for Lu Wenxue, as an ex-student, he decided to trust his ex-teacher.”

Oh? So it turned out my attempt was successful after all? After hearing Shen Shaoqian’s words, my heart felt very warm and fuzzy.

“Alright. Let’s give the chairman’s family a blow he will remember for life.” Suddenly, Suyang’s eyes darkened. This was drastically different from the poisonous tongue Suyang or the gentle and considerate Suyang I was so familiar with.

Is this the Suyang that's ready for battle? He’s so charming!

I couldn’t control myself as I began to admire Suyang with my groggy eyes again. I will remember Suyang’s hot expression for years to come.

Suyang’s procedural plan to destroy the chairman’s family was as follows:

The first step is to use Mo Xiaotian, Ye Lili, and Xuduo to create an online campaign to demonstrate Lu Wenxue’s innocence. They were people who had quite a large following in society.

The second step is to expose Lu Wenxue’s life motto to the world.

The third step is to expose the relationship between Lu Wenxue and Chairman Jicheng. The goal is to make others believe that Chairman Jicheng was responsible for this crime. It is crucial to strike when the wind and waves are the fiercest.

The fourth step is to get Ye Lili to appeal Lu Wenxue’s case since she’s a lawyer. Then, get Chairman Jicheng’s driver and subordinates to go against him with evidence.

The fifth step is to order Chairman Jicheng to go to court. At this time, their stocks from their corporation will drop dramatically. They will suffer from a cash flow problem.

The sixth and the most important step is to make Mi Fan appear in court as a witness to expose Chairman Jicheng as the true culprit of this case. She will expose the recordings she had of Chairman Jicheng and share all the evil things she had done for the family.

The outcome has already been set in stone. Regardless of how powerful Chairman Jicheng may be, the evidence Mi Fan had against him were too real and undeniable. He will have no chance of making a comeback.


Since Mi Fan fabricated a crime, she was taken into custody. Her sentencing will be determined at a later date…

However, because Director Rui still hadn’t been caught, I was still unable to return back to my body. So, I attended the trial as a spirit.

I will never forget Lu Zhengyang’s tears when the court pronounced Chairman Jicheng as the true culprit and cleared Lu Wenxue’s name. In addition, I will never forget the smile on Mi Fan’s face. She was finally set free from her guilt.

I was quite surprised by how smoothly Suyang’s plan turned out. Originally, I kept thinking I had an advantage over him since I was able to communicate with Lu Wenxue face to face.

Suyang was truly a murder mystery writer! Just my type!

Hilarious enough, Director Rui was arrested on the 27th, the day of my birthday.

When Mi Fan exposed Chairman Jicheng’s misconduct, she also exposed Director Rui’s crimes as well. Director Rui fired employees illegally, raped female subordinates, and took drugs. She also shared the incident between me and him.

The reason why Director Rui was caught was because he couldn’t handle his lack of sexual activity and contacted an ex-girlfriend of his. It turned out that the ex-girlfriend called the cops, so he was arrested.

On this very day 26 years ago, I was born. 26 years later on this day, I was reborn.

I had no idea when my spirit had returned to my body. But the moment I woke up, the first person I saw was Suyang.

When I was a spirit, I was so worried that my memories would all disappear when I woke up. Luckily, I didn’t lose all my memories like Sheyu. Suyang’s kiss, words, and actions were all forever embedded in my mind.

I had no idea how he remembered my birthday. Suyang actually prepared a cake for me. It was on the table and he currently had his eyes closed as he made a silent wish.

I smiled and waited for him to notice me.

When I opened my eyes again, Suyang made eye contact with me. His lips were trembling like he wanted to say something. But after a long time, he only managed to utter one line, “You’re really awake?”

“Mmm..” Since I haven’t spoken “human” language for so long, my throat was burning the moment I tried to make a sound. It wouldn’t allow me to say anything else.

Have I lost my ability to speak? I was freaking out!

“Don’t try to talk yet. I’m going to call the doctor. Don’t move!” Suyang was like a bunny as he bounced and leaped out of the ward.

After the doctor had finish conducting some simple inspections, he nodded with satisfaction. “You’re fine now. You’ve healed very well these past few days. You are definitely blessed with good fortune!”

Whew. So I was fine…

“Is the cake prepared for me?” After gulping down a cup of water, I was finally able to squeeze some words out.

“You walked around the gates of hell and now you’re imagining things? I only bought it because I wanted to eat it.”

Are you freaking serious? How could Suyang’s attitude change so much the moment I woke up? At least, lie better? The cake has my name on it! Does he think I’m blind?

“I want to eat….” I gave him my puppy eyes as I weakly pointed to the cake.

“No! You’ve just healed. You’re not allowed to eat greasy and sweet stuff. Look at you! You barely have enough strength to open your eyes!” Suyang refused my request.

What?! I was trying to show him my puppy eyes!

Since I looked so grumpy, Suyang tried to reassure me, “When you’re better, I’ll buy you another cake…”

“Suyang, while I was unconscious, I heard a line. I’m not sure if it was in my dreams or if it was real…”

“What line?”

“A guy with a blurry face gently told me he liked me. He also kissed me…”

When Suyang heard my words, he froze.

Ahhhhh…. It doesn’t seem like a good time to bring this up. I regret it so much. Now, I had turned the warm atmosphere into an awkward atmosphere.

So, I quickly shook my head and pretended to play stupid.

*cough cough* “I guess I was dreaming!?! Haha. Wow. I had an erotic dream while I was unconscious.. Haha! I guess I should….”

“Could I kiss you?” Suyang’s expression suddenly turned very serious as he cut me off.

“Eh?” I was at a loss for words as I stared at Suyang.

Before I could react, Suyang got up from his seat and placed his right hand gently behind my neck. His red, luscious lips landed on my lips.

I was welcomed by Suyang’s scent. Although it was a very gentle approach, I was still blinking like a fool. I watched Suyang’s trembling eyelashes.

We were both newbies in the dating scene. We didn’t know what steps to take next. So, only our lips touched. After a long time, I couldn’t take it anymore and lightly shoved Suyang away, “Was this your first kiss?”

“No!” Suyang cared too much about his face as he crossed his arms.

“Huh? Then how come you’re so unskilled?”

“My first kiss was the time when I secretly kissed you….” Suyang confessed.

“That doesn’t count!”

“Oh. Well, then it is. It’s also your first, right?”


Now, we finally understood why we were so awkward. After a while, Suyang shook his head in embarrassment and I turned my head to avoid looking at him.

“Was the kiss in your dream like this?” Suyang gently asked. He sounded like a cotton tickling my heart.

I smiled, “Yes. You’re as stiff as the guy in my dreams. No improvement at all….”

“Lin Yixin, be my girlfriend!” Suyang’s eyes lit up like the universe. He gazed at me so deeply that I couldn’t help but feel sucked in.

It was as if I was under a spell. I smiled and truly wanted to be everything to Suyang, “Ok!”

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