Chapter 84: The nosebleed

Chapter 84: The nosebleed

Should I look or not look?!

I was lightly rubbing my finger against my temple. Currently, I was standing at the crossroad of morality. This could be related to my future, so I must think it over very carefully…

I was crouching by the bathroom door with 200% of alertness. I had my complete attention on the sprinkling water from the shower.

The proverb was so true. If God closes a door on you, He will definitely have another window opened for you. The fact that I could go through walls whenever I want was the window God had created for me!

I shouldn’t waste it. Even though I will use it to peek at Suyang showering…

Since I’ve been at the hospital, Suyang had also been sleeping in the same ward as me. He ordered a bed and stayed by my side day and night. He also showered, brushed his teeth, and had his three meals here. It looked like he was going to spend the rest of his days in this ward.

Ai ya!

But as a female, it was quite inappropriate of me to peek at a man showering, right?! Actually, that’s not true. No one knows I’m watching anyway. I'm a spirit!! Plus, Suyang admitted he likes me and secretly kissed me! I’m here for revenge! Yes yes. Our society likes equal treatment and fairness.

Only fairness would lead to a harmonious society…

Thinking of this, I began to let my imagination roam. I couldn’t help but giggle like a fool.

I was used to leaning back against the wall. But since I was now a spirit, I ended up going through the wall and entered the bathroom.

Eh?! I'm still thinking about it, but I already came in?! I-I’m not ready yet!!

I happened to have a direct view of Suyang. Although there was a foggy glass between us, I could see Suyang’s well-built upper body and more…


I loudly screamed, but only I could hear it. I scrambled up from the ground and tried to escape from this place that was making my blood vessels expand.

But, the door was blocked! I couldn’t exit!

What!? I might as well just crash against the wall to leave. I could go through walls, right?

At that moment, Suyang had turned off the water and began to apply shampoo onto his hair.

I stopped my movements and sent another secretive glance towards his direction. I watched as a droplet rolled down from his forehead onto his high nose and down to his red, luscious lips. Then, it rolled down his collarbone and disappeared into the mist.

I was so envious of that droplet. I gulped down my saliva and held onto my pounding chest. Aren’t I a spirit? Why do I have a heartbeat?

Subconsciously, I had a foolish, stupid expression on my face. I leaned against the wall, and just as I was enjoying my view, I ended up going through the walls again…

Are you kidding me? I can only go through walls if I’m calm?

I walked towards the window and had my arms crossed as I looked afar. I took a few deep breaths. It should have been at least 4-5 seconds by now? But this memory is going to remain in my mind forever!

While I was thinking, I turned to 'myself' on the bed. If only I was awake...OH GOD!!!

What's going on? My spirit and body shares the same heart?

On my bed, I was actually having a nosebleed! A nosebleed!!!!

Is it because of the intense scene I saw? My actual body couldn’t handle it!?!

Now, I have two streams of blood coming out of my nose.

My white pillow was dyed red.

F**k this! Oh my goodness! How embarrassing!!!

I quickly ran over as I anxiously stomped my feet. “Lin Yixin! You must hang in there! You can’t let something so little defeat you! You can do it!”

What should I do? Who can save me? I was already lacking blood before this. When Suyang comes out and sees me with a nosebleed, what is he going to think?

If I don’t die from a loss of blood, I will die from a loss of face. Which one will it be?

The two stream of blood were running smoother than I thought… It was already leaving a strange imprint on my face. It looked like there were two pigtails coming out of my nose.

“Suyang! I came to visit you guys! I’ve completed what you wanted me to do!” A loud voice entered the room. I knew it was Shen Shaoqian without having to look.

Why was he here at this time? Suyang wasn’t done showering yet. I wasn’t able to do anything either. Could it be that my embarrassment was destined to be shared with the world?

“Are you showering?” I could hear Shen Shaoqian’s voice approaching closer and closer. Alright. I closed my eyes as I accepted this cruel reality. I knew Shen Shaoqian was going to laugh his head off.

As expected, the moment Shen Shaoqian saw me, he ran over to check what had happened. When he realized it was a nosebleed, he pointed at my bed and began to holler with laughter.

“HAHAHAHAHA! OH MY GOODNESS. SO FUNNY! This is the first time I’ve seen an unconscious person having a nosebleed. BAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Shen Shaoqian laughed relentlessly.

Why's my life so depressing…I will remember this, Shen Shaoqian! I approached him as I gave him a dirty look.

Are you done laughing? If so, then hurry and pick up a tissue to help me stop the blood? You want to watch me die from blood loss? You asshole!

I tried jabbing his eyes, but he couldn’t feel anything. It wasn’t enough for me to get rid of my anger.

Finally, he was done laughing. Shen Shaoqian casually pulled out two tissues from the tissue box as he roughly rubbed the blood stains off my face. Then he twirled the tissue into two rolls and stuffed it into my nostrils.

Suyang happened to come out from the showers and witnessed this moment.

“What are you doing?” He only had a towel wrapped around his body.

“Your personal assistant was having a nosebleed! I was helping her stop the blood!” Shen Shaoqian played around with the tissue in my nose. “This is the first time I’ve seen an unconscious person having a nosebleed!”

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