Chapter 82: Suyang’s confession

Chapter 82: Suyang’s confession

I didn’t realize I had already gotten to this stage. But as the bullet was coming out, my brain didn’t even think. My body reacted first. I naturally blocked it for him.

When did I become so nimble?

But I don’t regret it.

Finally, I’ve done something I wouldn’t regret….

By the time I felt the intense pain on my chest, I had already fallen into Suyang’s arms. Everything appeared more and more hazy. I couldn’t tell if it were my tears or I was losing consciousness.

“Lin Yixin! Lin Yixin! Remain alert! Don’t sleep!”

It had been a long time since I heard Suyang use my real name. He normally called me “Goldfish”. Now that he was acting like this, it made me feel the severity of the situation.

I have been shot.

“Don’t use my name… it sounds too serious….” I managed to squeeze out those words as I raised my hand to touch Suyang’s face. I felt something wet.

He was crying?

Why's he crying?

Don’t cry….you….

This was the first time I’ve seen Suyang’s tears. It was more painful watching him cry than crying myself. Or perhaps, it was because of the pain I felt from the gunshot.

I finally came to the realization that I didn’t simply like him. I love him. Gradually, I began to lose consciousness.

“You’ll be fine! I won’t let anything happen to you!” Suyang screamed into my ears. But it sounded so distant and far away.

Silly, I’m the one who wouldn’t let anything happen to you….

Before I completely lost consciousness, I secretly made a vow to Suyang - I must stay alive for his sake!


The gunshot wound was two centimeters from my heart. Because of those two centimeters, I lived.

I was sitting on a chair in my ward as I watched my unconscious self on the hospital bed and snickered.

I am experiencing the out-of-body experience….!

Yes! I’ve become a spirit! Although my body still showed vital signs, my consciousness had floated out. I was in the same state as Sheyu once was.

Regardless of how loudly I yelled, no one could hear me. Ai… this what ghosts normally experience? How boring

Suyang had already been by 'my' side for the entire day and night. He had never left. Since his back was facing me, I couldn’t see his facial expressions.

Suyang’s proud waist was now curved like dazed wanderer. Was he feeling guilty?

The more Suyang was like this, the more my heart ached for him.

This incident occurred because of my failure to think thoroughly. Obviously, I wouldn’t have let Suyang taken the bullet…

I wanted to comfort him and hug him. I wanted to lightly pat his back and tell him it was fine. I’ve been by your side all this time.

Yet, I couldn’t do something so simple.

I approached Suyang as I crouched by his side. I admired him and rested my chin on my hands. Since he wasn’t aware of my existence, I could admire him from any direction.

Suyang was no longer in a violent rage. Currently, he had reverted back to his calm self. But his pupils appeared to have lost a layer of some sort. It seemed so dim.

“Lin Yixin….” Suyang began.

“Huh?” I was spooked and fell onto the ground. I thought Suyang could see me. I didn’t blink at all as I waited for him to continue.

“While you’re asleep, I will say this once. Regardless of whether you could hear it or not, I’m only going to say this once.”

“Uh…” So he can’t see me after all….

Go and say whatever you want! I am listening! I replied next to him. Except Suyang couldn’t hear anything.

“I like you.” Suyang’s voice turned abnormally gentle. It was as if his voice had turned into a feather that was floating softly down into my lake.Then, *di*, there was a ripple.

I remained frozen at my spot. I was at a loss for words. Why's he suddenly confessing? Wait wait! Why's he doing it while I am unconscious? That’s messed up. Is he only saying this because I am unconscious? He should be telling me this when I’m conscious and awake!

Right now, I desperately wanted to grab onto Suyang’s collar and shake him. “Why don’t you tell me this when I’m awake, huh? This is such a serious issue!!!!”

“Including your part, I’m going to get it all back from the Chairman’s family.”

*Falls apart* Who the hell cares about the Chairman’s family at this time?! I rolled my eyes.

The most important point is that Suyang had confessed to me!?!

He said he likes me, right?! I haven’t misheard?!

Could I be hallucinating ever since I’ve become a spirit?! Or maybe I was in an alternate universe?! Does a different Lin Yixin and Suyang exist in another world?

I wanted to hear him say it again…

While I was praying to the Heavens, Suyang got up and gradually minimized the distance between us. Our lips were getting closer and closer…

He wants to kiss me? Not now! Hello!?!? I’m over here! I’m over here!!!

I anxiously tried to seize Suyang’s thigh, but I only managed to grab onto air.

“Noooo! Noooo! Noooo!!” I screeched.

At least do it when I could feel it!?!.... I wanted to cry but had no tears. I was so frustrated that I began to roll across the floor.

Under these circumstances, there's no difference between kissing or not kissing!

But fighting was useless. I blatantly glared as Suyang gave me a light kiss on the lips.

My first kiss…. I covered my face.

I had my first kiss without actually experiencing it. What a waste.

On a brighter note, Suyang actually likes me? Damn… I had no idea! He hid it so well! Yet, I still caught him! Muahahaha.

Thinking of this, I cunningly smiled at Suyang.

He was gazing at 'me' very lovingly.

“Am I interrupting you guys?” Following the sounds of the high heels, Mi Fan appeared. I was quite surprised to see her. I stood up and floated to her side.

“I was wondering when you would come.” Suyang slowly got up. He was different from his usual polite self. His voice was very cold and the atmosphere changed drastically.

“Do you really need to be so guarded towards me? I didn’t have anything to do with what happened to her.” Mi Fan calmly replied. Then, she stepped forward. “This is the information you want.”

Suyang didn’t take the stash of paper from Mi Fan. He coldly replied, “You have prepared it all along? Then why are you giving it to me now?”

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