Chapter 81: For him, I live. For him, I die.

Chapter 81: For him, I live. For him, I die.

Director Rui pinched my chin as he tilted my head up to face him.

I knew that the more afraid I acted, the more disadvantaged my position was. However, my legs couldn’t help but shake, and my lips were turning dry. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t conceal it.

Director Rui began to lower his head slowly. He was minimizing our distance, and his breathing was getting closer towards me as well.


Time seemed to froze.

Somehow, I found enough courage to actually slap Director Rui across the face.

The slap caught him by surprise.

While he was in shock, I lowered my head and began to run.

But before I could leave the garden, suddenly, two men in black leaped out of an underbrush and blocked my path.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Director Rui was holding onto his face as he menacingly walked towards me.

Alright! This time, he’s really mad…

“Take her away!” He commanded the two men in black. That was the last line I heard before I lost consciousness.


Whatever that was beneath me felt so soft. Was I dead? Am I in Heaven?

*Hua la la* The sound of water interrupted my thoughts. I bounced up from the bed and inspected my body. I was still alive, and my clothes were intact…

My intuition told me I had to get the hell out. But the entrance was by the bathroom, and I had no idea who was showering. Hence, I was hesitant to move. I dug for my cell phone and wanted to give Suyang a call. It was then I realized I already had over ten missed calls from him.

Based on the time, most likely the event had ended ages ago. Suyang couldn’t find me, so he was anxious.

I hid behind the window curtain and quietly dialed Suyang’s number. I kept my eyes on the bathroom door the entire time.

Suyang picked up the moment the call went through. Immediately, he began to lecture me, “I already told you not to run off! Where did you go? Do I seriously have to buy a chain and tie it around your neck in order to watch over you?”

Suyang’s voice volume was too loud. I hurriedly lowered the volume of my phone to the lowest degree possible. Then, I whispered and sought for assistance, “I was discovered by Director Rui, come save me!”

“Where are you now? I’m coming!”

“I don’t know… I think I’m inside a hotel room. There is someone showering inside the bathroom. I think it’s Director Rui.”

“Ok, whatever you do, get out of the room as soon as possible. I’ll figure out a way to locate you. And remain on the phone with me, got it?”


I began to reflect on my thoughts. Wouldn’t Suyang's position be revealed if he comes to rescue me? If that’s the case, then all his efforts of getting close to Mi Fan would have been wasted.

Thinking of this, I decisively hung up and stuffed the phone back into my pocket.

Lin Yixin! You must rely on yourself under these circumstances!

I came out from the curtains and tiptoed towards the entrance. As I walked by, the water in the bathroom suddenly halted. I literally stopped breathing from where I was. My eyes couldn’t help but stare at the bathroom door. Three seconds later, the water turned on again. I felt relieved as I increased my speed towards the exit.

“Don’t make any noise! Don’t make any noise!” I prayed from within. I pressed down onto the horizontal bar as gently as possible -

*BEEP BEEP BEEP* The ear piercing sound of the alarm began to sound and the water in the bathroom came to a grunting stop. There was no time to waste. I quickly ran out before Director Rui could come out.

Who would’ve thought he would put an alarm on at the door?

I ran towards the emergency exit with all my might. I could see victory ahead of me. Unexpectedly, a hand reached over and covered my mouth; then I was dragged backwards.

“Mmmmm….” I fought as hard as I could. Even my high heels came off. But the strength of a man was too much. How could I resist him? I could see the room again.

I wanted to cry for help, but I wasn’t able to make a sound.

I aggressively scratched his arms and I could see the bloody scars that I made. Director Rui only breathed a sigh of cold air, but there was no indication that he was going to release my mouth.

Ultimately, Director Rui brought me back to his room and flung me onto the bed. He used so much strength that I rolled over a few times and ended on the ground.

“Ah!” I rubbed my shoulder. I felt like it had been dislocated as I tried to climb up with difficulty. In front of me was Director Rui with only a towel around his lower part of his body.

Without his glasses, he seriously looked like a pervert.

He placed his hand on my arm and coldly laughed, “Sweetheart, this is the price you have to pay for what you’ve done!”

Then, he began to lean towards me. I was so frightened that I ran to the other side of the bed.

“Y-….y-y- you, don’t come near me!” For some reason, I began to stutter as I flung the pillow at Director Rui. I turned around once again and attempted to escape the second time.

But my short legs only managed to take a few steps before I was caught again…

Director Rui grabbed onto my two hands and made me face him. Then, he narrowed the distance between us and locked me down onto the soft, big bed.

Due to his restraint, I wasn’t able to move at all. My heart was a mess. Suddenly, I wanted to cry. I shouldn’t have came. I regretted not listening to Suyang. Also, I was disgusted by the person in front of me….

“I have never failed to get any woman that I wanted!” It was as if he was making a final announcement. Director Rui began to remove my outerwear.

“Stop! You beast!” I was struggling and cursing at the same time, “Why don’t you just kill me? Kill me!!” I pleaded desperately.

“Kill you?” Director Rui sneered as he paused his actions, “I will. But prior to that, I’m going to enjoy myself.”

He seemed so experienced. I wondered how many times he had done something like this. In a matter of seconds, my clothes were torn. I could see faintly see my bra and underwear.

Tears became to roll down uncontrollably. Internally, I was thoroughly defeated. I was so upset at how weak and useless I was…

Just as I were planning to bite my tongue and commit suicide to maintain my innocence, I felt the heavy weight being lifted off me. By the time I snapped out of it, Director Rui was on the ground.

I watched Suyang punch and kick Director Rui and I stopped crying. In my eyes, his movements appeared to be in slow motion. I felt like he was a hero.

I wrapped the blanket around my body as I staggered off the bed. But I had no intentions of stopping Suyang.

Punch him a few more times! Who told him to bully me??!

Yeah! Like that! Left foot! Right foot! Right foot! Left foot! Hehe!

Beat him! Beat him! Beat him…..

Okay, things were starting to get out of hand. Suyang didn’t seem like he had any intentions of stopping. Directo Rui was defenseless against Suyang’s fierce attacks.

“Hey, I think it’s enough!?” I rushed to stop Suyang, but he shoved me aside.

Was I the one bullied or him? I was confused.

“It’s enough! Let’s go!” I tried to ignore the pain on my shoulder as I used all my strength to grab onto Suyang’s arm. I realized his eyes were scarlet.

Before Director Rui could directly see Suyang’s face, I rushed to drag him towards the exit.

“You two!” I heard Director Rui screeched. Then, he lowered his head and took out a gun from a cabinet next to him. He pointed it at Suyang and me, “Go die!”

At that moment, aside from me, it was as if time stopped.

Ever since meeting Suyang, I began to care more and more about my life. Because of him, I began to have an excuse to live on. But if I had to give up my precious life today, the only reason would be for Suyang.

For him, I live. For him, I die.

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