Chapter 80: Sitting on Suyang’s lap

Chapter 80: Sitting on Suyang’s lap

I was so afraid other people would hear me that I held in my breath.

The stall wasn’t very big, so the two of us kind of had to squish in. Touch was unavoidable.

I lifted my head and realized Suyang’s head was sticking out of the stall. I anxiously pointed at his head to indicate he had to lower it.

Suyang understood and began to sit down on the toilet seat as he gave me an “OK” signal.

Then, he pointed at my feet. The people outside could immediately see that it was a female pair of heels.

“What should I do?” I mouthed the words at him. If I made any movement, the heels were going to make a sound.

But Suyang was much stronger than me at dealing with emergencies. He pulled me onto his lap and I sat on his thigh. My heels made two *da da* sound on the ground.

I hurriedly lifted my feet up. Now, I was practically leaning on Suyang’s body. Based on his painful expression, I could tell he was groaning silently.

“What was that sound?” A person asked suspiciously. He began to head towards our direction.

“Is there someone else? There’s no one here, right?” Someone knocked against our stall as he asked.

“Ah..nothing. I just dropped something.” Suyang calmly responded.

The guy didn’t ask any more questions as he began to do his own business.

We managed to avoid getting caught, but right now, Suyang and I were sitting in a very sexual position. It was so awkward. From time to time, I would lift my head to look at him. My eyes would flicker and my heart rate would increase. It was about to break through the limit!!

As for Suyang, his leg was beginning to shake because I have been sitting on his thigh for too long.

I felt kind of bad for him, so I tried to lessen his pain by shifting my weight somewhere else. But Suyang put his hands on my shoulder as he pursed his lips and shook his head. He didn’t want me to move around.

After there were no more sounds, Suyang pushed me off him and gently opened the stall.

When he confirmed that there were no one else around, he quickly led me out of the washroom and exited the hotel. We were now in the garden outside.

Alright, I’ll admit it. While we were walking, the only thing that was on my mind was that Suyang was holding my hand. Suyang was holding my hand!!

I was smiling bashfully behind him. I knew this blissful feeling was a sign that I was in love. The hand that he was holding felt all numb and tingly.

“From now on, stay here and wait for me. Don’t go anywhere else. Just stay here. I’ll be back. Then, we’ll go home together. Understand?”

*Nod*. I obediently nodded. How come this feels like a scene where the father is telling his child not to run off?

“Repeat what I said one more time. I’m afraid you will forget, Goldfish.”

“Boss, you want me to remain here. You will be back soon. And then we will head home together.” I quietly repeated Suyang’s words one more time. He nodded with satisfaction.

“Ok! So be obedient! See you soon!”

For every step Suyang took, he turned around ten times. I couldn’t help but laugh and cry on the inside. Do I really make him worry that much?

After Suyang had given his order, I told myself I must remain strong. But soon, I realized the disadvantages of waiting outside.

Since it was nighttime, there were a lot of bugs flying around me. In no time, I was being attacked left and right.

Within a few minutes, five mosquitoes were already dead on my arm.

I felt goosebumps from staring at their corpses.

Should I go hide at a place where there was no mosquitoes? Or remain here while I wait for Suyang? conflicted.

Forget it. Since Suyang told me to wait for him here, I’ll stay here.

Just as I made up my mind to fight with the mosquitoes until the very end, a familiar male voice appeared from the dark.

“Hello, we have met again.”

Who was it?

My ears twitched. Was it because it was too dark? That voice sounded so creepy. I couldn’t help but feel a cold sensation on my back.

“You’ve forgotten about me? Because of you, that night, I rejected so many beautiful women. But you didn’t call me......I’m so hurt. Yet, we’ve met again. I guess we are fated?”

That night? Phone call?

By the time I realized who it was, Director Rui’s face had appeared within my sight of vision.

Except now, I have no opportunity to escape…

“Aren’t you the pretty server from my hotel? Why are you here?” Director Rui questioned with a frozen expression. He began to walk towards me.

“Isn’t this also your hotel? I-I’ve been transferred, manager.” Currently, the only thing I could do was hope that Director Rui was a fool and that he would be tricked.

“Do you honestly take me for a fool?”

Damn it. He saw through me….

“So you’re one of the flies around Mi Fan? I don’t have time to deal with you. But again and again, you keep delivering yourself. So you can’t blame me.” Director Rui’s face harden and looked a bit cruel.

I was terrified. Although I wasn’t exactly sure what Director Rui was going to do to me, deep down, I knew he was no Buddha.

“W-what do you mean?” I remained still as I watched the distance between us shrink.

“I am disgusted by the buzzing sounds flies make around humans. What do I have to do to get rid of them?”

Director Rui suddenly reached his hand out. I thought he wanted to slap me, so I raised my hand to covered my head as I backed away like a reflex.

“What are you afraid of?” Director Rui softly whispered as he held onto my raised wrist. He laughed coolly, “I am not going to use violence against you in public.”

Then, his large hand went from my wrist to my hair as he twirled it around his fingers.

“How should I deal with you? Should I kill you?” It sounded like he was asking himself.

I couldn’t believe Director Rui could smile as he said something so evilly. My intuition told me he wasn’t joking. He might actually kill me and no one would find out.

“Why aren’t you saying a word?” Director Rui pressed his two arms over my shoulders as he lowered his head to make eye contact with me. I could totally sense the aura of death, “Tell me, how should I deal with you? I find the flies around me so annoying…..” He drawled.

By now, my head was in an utter mess. I couldn’t think of anything. I wasn’t sure what my next step should be. Currently, I was like meat on a platter. My only wish was that Suyang will not appear. I didn’t want Director Rui to discover him too.

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