Chapter 79: Suyang was anxious

Chapter 79: Suyang was anxious

Obviously, Mo Xiaotian had no idea I had a motive for walking up to her. She innocently smiled and assumed I was a server as she exchanged her wine glass with a champagne glass while she continued her conversation with her husband.

“Lu Wenxue’s student….” I quietly whispered into her ear. Then, I acted as if nothing happened and rushed away.

I was afraid she would reveal a frightened expression as it would make others question my identity. So, I quickly headed to an area where there were no one else around. If she wanted to chase after me, we could have a chat one on one.

I headed towards the female washroom.

As expected, in a few moments, Mo Xiaotian joined me as well.

“Who are you?” Although this wasn’t exactly the ideal place to meet, at least we were alone. I didn’t immediately respond to Mo Xiaotian’s question. I made sure to check to see there were no one else in any of the stalls before I opened my mouth.

“Hi. My name is Lin Yixin.”

“You know Teacher Lu? What is your relationship with Teacher Lu? And what is your motive for talking to me?” Mo Xiaotian coldly questioned me. She appeared very guarded.

“I’ll make it clear. I need your help. In order for you to trust me, I’m willing to answer all your questions one by one. First of all, I know Lu Wenxue, and I know his situation isn’t as simple as it may appear. If you are willing to accept me, I’ll continue with more details. Secondly, I am only a person who wants to help Lu Zhengyang. I do not have much of a relationship with Lu Wenxue. I know ever since the incident, most of his students try to conceal the fact that you guys were his students. But it’s true that you were his student; even if you deny it. One day, you’ll know that being his student is a thing to be proud of. Lastly, the reason why I’m approaching you is because I want to borrow your name and power in society.”

“I’m really sorry about what happened to Teacher Lu…. but that’s already the past. He has already died. There isn’t anything else I can do.”

Mo Xiaotian’s words gave me a glimmer of hope.

“Let me ask you. Do you believe your teacher killed someone?”

“What if I do? What if I don’t?”

“If you don’t believe it, then stand by my side and help clear his name.”

Mo Xiaotian dryly laughed as she lightly touched her wedding ring with her left hand. “You view me too highly. I’m only a woman who relies on her husband to survive. I honestly have no ability to help you. Don’t you know that those who have relationships with Teacher Lu are being treated coldly? I’m not going to take that risk. You may say that I’m selfish and cruel. Let’s pretend we’ve never met today.”

Then, Mo Xiaotian turned around to leave.

“How can you…” I clenched my fist as I yelled at her rear view, “As his ex student, you’re not willing to help him clear his name? Don’t forget. If it wasn’t for him, how would you have left that small town of yours?”

Mo Xiaotian paused and remained still.

Suddenly, I realized my words were a bit too much. I sounded quite resentful. It wasn’t my intentions to sound so bitter.

But based on the exchanges I had with Xuduo, I was aware how big of a shock this incident had on his students. There was a lot of societal pressure that has caused him to behave the way he did.

Sadly, despite saying such harsh words, Mo Xiaotian didn’t look at me again as she rushed out of the washroom.

I guess that was a refusal?

I weakly leaned against the wall. It was as if something was stuck in my heart and made it difficult for my energy to circulate. I forcefully smacked my chest to get rid of the feeling, but it didn’t seem to work.

Initially, I thought it was a rather simple task. But ultimately, I wasn’t able to do it… I have failed Suyang. How am I supposed to face him now?

I left the washroom sulking. Suddenly, Suyang grabbed onto me and pressed me against the wall. He lowered his voice as he anxiously asked, “Why are you here?”

“Obviously I had to sneak in...since you wouldn’t bring me…” I whispered. I didn’t dare to make eye contact with him. I hung down my head and stared at my tippy toes.

“Didn’t I tell you not to come?” Suyang’s tone sounded very annoyed. Without looking at his face, I could tell he was furious. There was a long silence after that.

Suddenly, he growled, “Look at me!”

I quickly lifted my head and stared at the face that couldn’t be any darker.

“B-boss….surprise?” Originally, I had planned on scaring Suyang with my appearance. Yet, it turned out it was the other way around. I tried my best to smile to prevent the atmosphere from getting worse.

“Boss, please do not give me such a scary look. This is a public place. It’s not good if others see….” I looked around my surroundings. Deep down, I hope someone will appear so I could sneak away.

Suyang’s face remained dark. He grabbed my hand and dragged me towards the men’s washroom.

“Hey!? Are you crazy?” My voice was still quiet but higher pitched. I watched as he pulled me closer towards the forbidden place. But I was physically too weak to resist. Out of desperation, I closed my eyes, “Why are you bringing me here?”

“Open your eyes.”

“I am not….”

“Open your eyes. There’s no one here.”

I cracked my eyes open a little. After confirming that there were no one else around, I attempted to escape from Suyang’s grasp. But he caught my hair loop.

“Hey hey hey! Use your words! Not your hands!” I kindly reminded him.

“Weren’t you the one who was afraid of being seen by others? That’s why I brought you in. How did you get here?” Suyang seemed to be quite upset with my arrival. The atmosphere was awkward and serious. I didn’t know how to answer him. But silence wasn’t ok either.

“I was following your instructions, boss! Didn’t you say that Mo Xiaotian and Ye Lili will be here? I wanted to complete my mission and convince them…”

“You listened to this mission. But I said more than that. I told you I was going to be responsible for them. As an assistant, do you pick and choose what you want to hear?”

“Umm…” Alright. I had no comeback, “I just wanted to help you…”

Suyang took a deep breath. “Do you know why I refused to let you come?”

I pouted and shook my head like a drum rattle.

“Did you check to see who the host of this event was? Director Rui will also be here. Haven’t you already encountered him before? What if he recognized you and has his eyes set on you?”

Oh yeah...why didn’t I think of that? I didn’t realize the danger I was in until Suyang brought it up.

“I’ll leave right away!”

“How are you going to leave? It’s already late. Do you have a car?” Suyang crossed his arms as he asked me.

“No. I walked here. I can walk back.” I lightly said. But the moment I imagined walking through the two hour mountainous road, my mind began to expand.

“You walked up here?! There is no public transportation on this road?!!” Suyang exclaimed as his brows crinkled, “You’re really something else.”

“If you want to laugh, then go ahead. I won’t blame you. Actually, after I climbed up here, I feel like I’m missing some muscles. Why do I always cause suffering upon myself....” I mumbled.

Suyang rubbed my head, “Forget it. Go find a silent spot and hide while you wait for me. After I’m done, I’ll take you home with me.”

“If you’re taking me home, how about Mi Fan?”

“I don’t know.” Suyang spread out his arms, “But Mi Fan isn’t as stupid as you. She is not going to walk home.”

Suddenly, a few male voices could be heard.

The two of us gazed at each other frantically for a second. Then, it was as if our minds connected and we ran to hide into the furthest stall.

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