Chapter 78: Amazing acting

Chapter 78: Amazing acting

“Oh….” Immediately, I felt a strong negative emotion and had nothing more to say. I conveniently kicked an abandoned soda can into the garbage bin. I was shocked.

What? Could I be gifted with soccer ability?

“Is there anything else you would like to say?” Before I could snap out of my haze, Suyang asked on the phone.

I paused and headed towards the garbage bin to check. “I don’t have anything else to say..”

“Ok. I’m hanging up.” The phone went *duut*

I stared at my cell phone and coldly humph as I had one hand on the garbage bin and spoke to it, “It doesn’t matter! It doesn’t matter! He’s only getting close to Mi Fan to solve this case! I’m fine. I’m fine…. My pride is definitely not hurt….”

I must keep my heart calm and collected in order to comfort myself. If Suyang wasn’t bringing me, then….

Since technology had advanced so much, I could finally take advantage of it. With just a few clicks, I was able to find the location of the extravagant venue and the time it was taking place.

The venue was at Chairman Jicheng’s hotel.

You won’t let me go? Well, I’m going to go regardless! I silently made up my mind.

The Sun hadn’t set yet, but I was already on my way.

Chairman Jicheng’s hotel business was one of the leaders in the industry. He owns hundreds of large scale hotels. Yet, tonight’s event happened to take place at the furthest villa.

I had my hands on my waist as I loudly panted and stared at the continuous curved mountain road ahead of me. If I had known it would be such an obstacle, I wouldn’t have came...

While I was on the way, there were a few cars that had passed by me. But not a single one stopped to see if I needed a ride. This was truly a cold world indeed.

In addition, there wasn’t even a bus option nearby. After climbing nearly two hours of mountainous road, I could finally see the hotel from where I was.

Fortunately, just as I was about to give up all hope, it appeared. My head was spinning. I was so exhausted that I felt like I was about to report to the next world.

I used the last bit of my strength to enter the hotel. The moment I arrived at the lobby, I fell onto the sofa without any regards of my appearance.

The lobby was decorated very gloriously. It was so bright that it strained my brain.

While I was resting, I saw a group of people following a woman dressed in black attire. They were neatly lined up and walking by me. I was quite sure they were the servers of tonight’s event.

If I couldn’t enter without an invitation, I should follow them…

I forced myself to stand up as I lowered my head. I pretended nothing was wrong and followed behind them. I wanted to see where they were going and then find an opportunity to sneak in.

The last woman in the line was walking very strangely. She was right in front of me, but from time to time, she would pause and stop.

Soon, she couldn’t keep up with the line as she stood next to me. But no one in the front noticed because they were too focused on walking forward.

Just as the woman was about to lose consciousness, I reached out to catch her and I whispered, “Are you alright?”

“I….” The woman was so weak. She couldn’t even speak.

Okay! You’re the chosen one!

I dragged the weak woman into the washroom and while she was unconscious, I switched clothes with her.

I touched my new outfit and sighed. Who would’ve thought that there would come a day where I would take another outfit from a woman in the washroom. You truly never know what you will experience in your lifetime.

I quietly comforted the unconscious woman, “Sorry for taking your clothes. But don’t worry, someone will come save you soon. Don’t be scared.”

I ran out of the washroom and pretended I was in a lot of distress as I ran towards the counter with those unfamiliar heels. I yelled at one of the staffs, “Oh no! Oh no! One of our customers has fainted in the washroom on the first floor!”

As expected, all the staffs who were present ran to the washroom. Everywhere was bustling with activity. I chose to leave in the midst of the chaos.

I purposely hid at a corner until the event was just about to start. Then, I did fifty squats to make my face appear flushed. I had to create the image that I was very out of breath.

After that, I hastily stood up from the corner and ran straight towards the entrance for the VIPs.

“Hey! You’re not allowed to enter!”

Suddenly, a security guard appeared out of nowhere and blocked my path.

I stomp on my feet like I was in a rush, “Big brother, please please please! Let me go in! I’m one of the servers of tonight’s event!” I flashed the girl’s name tag.

“There is a specific entrance for servers. This entrance is exclusively for VIPs.”

“Big brother, I had an emergency earlier! So I lost my group...if the manager knows I wasn’t with them, I will get fired! I’ll only get away with it if I sneak in unnoticed!”

I began to unleash my watery big puppy eyes at the two security guards. I could tell one of them were wavering. He looked at his partner.

But the other guy remained unmoved.

“Big brother! You know how difficult life is. It was so hard for me to get this job.  If I get fired, I don’t know how I will survive. I’m begging you! Just help me once. After the event is over, I will definitely repay you two!” I clasped my hands together and begged.

At that moment, the alarm I set ahead of time began to ring. I pretended to pick up a call as I turned around and continued my act.

“Hello? Sister? What’s wrong?”

“What? You need money? Mom has already completed her surgery. Why do you need money again?”

“I already told you not to get a job! You’re only in Grade 9! You need to focus on your studies! Older sister will earn the money!”

“I already told you I’m doing overtime tonight. I will be able to make a lot today. Afterwards, I’ll rush to the hospital and pay the bills. Just tell the doctor to wait a bit!”

I lowered my cell phone and looked tearfully at the two security guards.

“Xiaowu, my eyes kind of hurt. Can you come to see if sand had entered? Help me blow on it.” Suddenly, the emotionless security guard opened his mouth.

“Huh?” His partner was still slow and confused.

“I’m telling you to come over to tell me blow sand out! My eyes hurt and I can’t see! I can’t even see who’s entering this entrance…..” The guy dragged his partner on one side and allowed me to enter.

“Thank you!” I gave the two men a deep, sincere bow. Then, I was inside the venue.

Haha! Suyang! When you see me, you’re going to shake! I proudly flung my hair. I will definitely convince Mo Xiaotian and Ye Lili!

This was just the beginning.

I have successfully accomplished my first step.

I glanced around the room. At my 3 o’clock direction, I saw a chubby man holding onto a sexy, gorgeous woman. He seemed to be very satisfied.

At my 6 o’clock direction, there were two women who were dressed quite alike as they smiled and gave each other icy looks. It seemed like a battle of the auras.

At my 9 o’clock direction, I noticed my first target, Mo Xiaotian. She was with her husband enjoying a very expensive wine.

I walked directly to Mo Xiaotian and placed my tray near her.

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