Chapter 76: Shen Shaoqian has multiple personalities

Chapter 76: Shen Shaoqian has multiple personalities

“My love, if you do not get on, I refuse to leave! I will follow you like this forever!” All of a sudden, Shen Shaoqian went insane as he began to say a lot of gibberish. “Why are you breaking up with me? Is it because you’ve met a more outstanding man than me? Get on the car and tell me the truth. Or else I will not give up! Tell me, how much is that man offering you?! I can also give you….”

What. The. Heck. Was. He. Talking. About?

I felt the burning gazes of everyone around me as I dramatically shook my head and waved my hands in the air. “No… I...he’s nuts…”

It seemed like a lost cause regardless of how I explained. Before the situation worsen, I must depart. So I deeply sighed. I covered my face and lowered my head as I entered Shen Shaoqian’s car.

“Drive!” Currently, the most important thing was to get away from here. After Shen Shaoqian had gone a fair distance, I gave him the killer glare.

“What's wrong?” Shen Shaoqian gave me his charming smile. It was as if he totally disregarded his shameful behaviour from a moment ago.

I took a deep breath and then uttered three words, “Stop the car.”

Shen Shaoqian pulled the car off to the side and gave me a stiff smile.

I smiled back in response and made eye contact with him for three seconds. Then, I quickly took off my seat belt as I wrapped my hands around his neck and shook him, “Why did you have to say that? Don’t you know that you’ve successfully shaped me into a strange woman? What am I going to do if I encounter these people again? How am I going to live?! Ahhhh!”

I roared as I tightened my grip.

“I was wrong! I was wrong!” Shen Shaoqian showed me the whiteness of his eyes as he raised his hands to demonstrate that he was surrendering.

Seeing how he was nearly unconscious, I loosen my grip and returned back to my passenger seat to straighten my disarrayed clothes.

“Why must you say such misleading words?”

“Why does it matter? They were just strangers. You don’t know them.”

“Bro, I live around the area. You don’t live around here, but I’m in the same neighbourhood as them. Who knows whether I will encounter these people again? If they’re spewing bad rumours about me, will you take responsibility?”

“What? Are you mad that people may mistaken you as a woman who loves money? Or are you mad that people may mistaken us for being a couple? If worse comes to worse, I’ll just take you in as my girlfriend. If you’re my girlfriend, I’ll take responsibility, alright?”

I gave Shen Shaoqian an expressionless face. “Are you kidding me? Are you here to make jokes today?”

“Don’t be mad! Don’t be mad! I’m just kidding! I would never dare to touch you! If I have any sexual thoughts towards you, Suyang would cripple me!” Shen Shaoqian gave me a sheepish smile. I felt like he was implying something.

“What are you trying to say?”

“Umm… I’m just being upfront. You like Suyang, right? Why are you playing dumb? You two will eventually get together. Don’t worry.” Shen Shaoqian reassured me like an older brother.

I was shocked. I thought Shen Shaoqian was a fool. Who would’ve thought he could tell these things so clearly?

“When did you find out I liked Suyang?” Since he saw through me, I might as well be honest.



“Suyang is attractive, rich and outwardly cold but passionate on the inside. Isn’t he the type that women find irresistible? So I assumed, as a woman, you would definitely fall for him too! But I didn’t expect you to personally admit to it.”

Damn it! I got tricked by Shen Shaoqian!?! I didn’t want to accept this cruel reality, so I leaned back against my front passenger seat as I began to envision my future. This guy isn’t going to tell Suyang, right?

It was as if Shen Shaoqian could see through my thoughts. He smiled and reassured me once more. “Don’t worry. I won’t tell Suyang. But if you two get together, it would be great. At least, you’re a good woman.”

Why's he talking about this? It makes me feel so embarrassed.

“Also….” Shen Shaoqian wasn’t finished, “My standards aren’t so low!”


“To be honest, your looks is the only thing that is passable in my books. Your body failed. Your personality failed. Your family background failed. But don’t worry, to the 27 years old otaku Suyang, what you have is already enough. After all, he doesn’t have a perfect ideology like me. So, do you feel much better now?” Shen Shaoqian patted my shoulder and gave me a motherly smile.

As expected, Shen Shaoqian couldn’t be likeable for more than three seconds. I really wanted to beat him up. He ignited smoke between us. If looks could kill, he would’ve already been hacked into thousands of pieces.

“I’m grateful for you and Suyang’s help.” While I was giving him a dirty look, Shen Shaoqian changed the topic and spoke to me in a proper tone again. The way he kept changing back and forth made it difficult for me to adapt.

Does he have multiple personalities or something?

One of him was serious, another one was an offender, another one was a mind reader, and lastly, he also played stupid.

“Aren’t you doing this for Shaonu? You don’t want your sister to go in battle alone, so you asked Suyang for help!? Deep down, you’re a great brother.”

Although I found it annoying how Shen Shaoqian kept switching personalities, I still treated him well.

“Am I a great brother?” Shen Shaoqian massaged his chin and thought about it.

“Yes. Shaonu is determined to help Lu Zhengyang no matter what. You know how dangerous the opposition is, so you want to secretly help and protect her, right? You’re a good brother.” I gave Shen Shaoqian a thumbs up.

“What are you talking about?” Shen Shaoqian took off his sunglasses and revealed his swollen eyes and dark circles.

“What happened to your face?” I was shocked.

“What are you thinking in your mind? How come I don’t understand?”

“I was saying you’re a good brother…unless those aren’t your intentions?”

“Of course they’re not! Don’t blindly create conclusions in your head, ok?!”

“Huh? Then you….”

“I asked Suyang for help because Shen Shaonu lied and took 50k from me to give to Lu Zhengyang. I will not give up until I get my 50k back! You see this?” Shen Shaoqian pointed at his eyes, “These days, the moment I recalled how my hard earned money was tricked and stolen away from a child, I couldn’t sleep! I have been washing my face with my tears!”

“What? You’re saying you’re only doing this for your 50k? Your eyes are like that because…”

“Of course! Can you think of a better explanation aside from the 50k? That punk actually tricked her biological brother and gave a stranger money to spend. As her brother, I am devastated!”

Well, seeing you like this, I am devastated Shen Shaonu has you as her brother.

“Psssh!” I shook my head, “I heard your family is quite well off. Why can’t you let go of 50k? It shouldn’t be that big of a deal for you, right?”

“It’s not the money issue, it’s my pride! A man’s pride!! Once we get to the bottom of this, watch me sort out that punk!” Then, Shen Shaoqian stepped on his gas pedal.

Man, I swear he suffers from male chauvinism.

“Hey! Calm down! Don’t be so emotional and slow down!” The car was accelerating at a very high speed. I quickly put my seat belt on and tightly grasped onto the handrail.

In a blink of an eye, we arrived at Xuduo’s neighbourhood.

Since Shen Shaoqian drove at such an incredible speed, my stomach was surging. The moment he stopped the car, I rushed off and held onto a tree as I vomited air.

“Do you need me to go up with you?” Shen Shaoqian yelled from his car.

“No need. Also, you can leave. I do not need to bother you, Master Shen.”

“Ehh...ok! Bye bye!” Without any hesitation, Shen Shaoqian drove off like a wisp of a smoke.

Wow, he sure was fast. When he arrived, he stuck to me like glue in order to monitor me and stop me from going to find Director Rui. Yet the moment he knew I had no intentions of doing so, he vanished.

After I recuperated, I took out the profile from my bag and found Xuduo’s home. From the outside, it looked like any ordinary home. It was average and didn’t seem super extravagant.

*Ding dong* *Ding dong* I pressed the doorbell twice. There was a male voice echoing from within. “Who is it?”

“Is Mr. Xuduo at home?”

The door slowly opened a crack and a man gazed at me suspiciously. “I am Xuduo….who are you?”

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