Chapter 74: Teaming up

Chapter 74: Teaming up

Before Suyang could finish his sentence, I yawned and stretched my lazy waist, “Ah.. I guess I’m not really awake yet. My head still feels sleepy… I’m going to sleep a bit more…”

“Quit pretending. It’s no use.” Suyang pinched my waist, “If you’re honest, I’ll be lenient. If you resist, the consequences will be severe.”

“Umm… since this was a task that you assigned me, I wanted to be precise and put some effort in it. So, I was talking to those aquarium people for quite some time to find out more about the fishes.” I felt guilty as I avoided Suyang’s eyes.

There was no response. After a moment, I carefully took a peek. Ah! We made eye contact! Do I seem extremely guilty right now? 

“I’m curious to know what you have been discussing with the aquarium people?”

“I’ve already written down all the information in the power-point. Boss, you took a look yourself. Good night!” I leaped up from the couch and wanted to escape. But Suyang grabbed hold of my collar.

“You saw Mi Fan today, didn’t you? And then you followed her.”

“You were spying on me?” How did Suyang knew what I was doing? Earlier, when I had called him, he was clearly still sleeping!

Suyang coldly laughed, “Why would I be bored enough to spy on you? I know Mi Fan went to the aquarium for work purposes today, so I made a guess. And it looks like I guessed correctly….”

Damn it! I shouldn’t have admitted so soon! 

“So what if I was following Mi Fan? That’s none of your business. I finished the mission you assigned me. I did not neglect my work!”

“I know you wouldn’t give up so easily. When are you going to listen to me?” Suyang wasn’t as angry as I thought he would be. Could it be…..

“Boss! Guess who I saw after I followed Mi Fan?” I decided to share my findings with Suyang, and then I’ll try to convince him to team up with me.


“Director Rui! He’s the director of the luxurious Jingrui hotel! The son of Chairman Jicheng!”

“How did you see him?”

I rummaged through my memories. Actually, it was purely an accident that I had encountered Director Rui. But the moment I recall him taking advantage of me, I was furious.

“That’s not important. What’s important is that I know some stuff. Do you want me to tell you?” I raised my eyebrows at Suyang to evoke his curiosity.

“What do you know?” Based on Suyang’s hesitant expression, he didn’t seem to trust me.

“If you agree to team up with me, I’ll tell you!”

“Team up?!”

“I’m not going to share my findings with you for nothing. Plus, we’re both investigating Mi Fan for Lu Zhengyang, right? Since we have the same goal, we might as well work together to combat evil! What do you think?” I clasped my hands together and made a praying gesture.

“Who told you I’m getting close to Mi Fan for Lu Zhengyang?”

What?! My voice raised an octave, “Do you actually like Mi Fan?”

“I’m doing this because Shen Shaoqian has been begging me. He said he cannot let his 50k go to waste….”

I sighed a breath of relief. Suyang almost scared me to death.

“Well, our ultimate goal is the same, isn’t it?”

“When did you become so enthusiastic and determined? Usually, you’re always trying to slack off. Yet, you’re so proactive with something like this?”

“I’m naturally a kind person. If I notice injustice, I will stand up to it when necessary!” I placed my hand on my chin and pretended to look righteous as I innocently blinked at Suyang.

“Sigh. Forget it. Even though I don’t want you to take part, you’re still taking part. If you’re going to put yourself in danger, you might as well be with me -at least I might be able to protect you.” Suyang finally gave in and looked helpless.

“So you’re agreeing to team up with me?! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” I yelped happily and spun a circle. I was acting cocky in front of Suyang.

“Quit moving around and tell me what your findings are.”

“Today, I accidentally overheard Director Rui and Mi Fan’s conversation. I found out that Mi Fan has been helping the Chairman’s family all along. Mi Fan is the one who has been hiding all the news that are unfavourable to the Jingrui corporation.”

“That’s it? Can you tell me something I don’t know?”

What? Suyang was looking down at me? 

I cleared my throat. Suddenly, I felt like I wasn’t doing this to reveal the truth, but to gain Suyang’s approval. “The report that Mi Fan made previously on Lu Wenxue was to conceal the true murderer of the case. Chairman Jicheng is the murderer….”

“What did you say?”

“I’m suspecting that the actual murderer is Chairman Jicheng!”

“Where did you get this information from?”

“Umm…..” I can’t tell him that Lu Wenxue was the one who told me, right?

“Don’t worry about it. Also, I heard that initially Chairman Jicheng was going to provide financial aid to Lu Wenxue’s school. But afterwards, Lu Wenxue found out about the chairman’s ulterior motives and kicked him out.”

“I also found out some info about Chairman Jicheng. If your guess is correct, then the chairman must’ve ordered Mi Fan to push the crime onto Lu Wenxue and made him as a scapegoat.”

“But I don’t understand why they had to put the charges on Lu Wenxue? Even if Chairman Jicheng was the real murderer, based on his influence and power, he could’ve easily suppressed all the news. Why must he purposely make this into such a big deal to shift the blame on Lu Wenxue?”

“If the murderer is really the chairman, then this is the first person he must get rid of. Since Lu Wenxue believed it was him, he must destroy him before any evidence could be discovered. Perhaps this was his plan all along. Maybe he has a grudge against him, and this was the best way to eliminate his enemy….” Suyang analyzed. Then, he went to his room to grab a pile of material and handed it to me.

“What is this?” I took the pile from him as I glanced at the first page. There was a photo of Lu Wenxue’s “friend”; Chairman Jicheng’s subordinate.

I continued to flip through the pile and saw the photos of the victim’s parents, Mi Fan, Lu Zhengyang, and some other people I did not recognize.

“Oh!” As I flipped through the pile, I praised, “Not bad!”

“This is what I have researched for the past few days. They’re all the people who are related or associated with this case.”

Suyang specifically introduced each person to me. “This is Lu Wenxue’s ex classmate; Chairman Jicheng’s subordinate. Ever since the Lu Wenxue incident, he has been demoted. This guy is probably the one who introduced Chairman Jicheng to Lu Wenxue.”

Although I wasn’t sure how Suyang got hold of these photos, I felt like we were both on the right track and around the same level. I was quite impressed.

“They are the victim’s parents. It’s quite obvious that Lu Wenxue didn’t touch their child, but the parents stuck to their statements that Lu Wenxue had previously harassed their child. If what you say is true, then Chairman Jicheng must have bribed them to give a false testimony.”

“But they’re the child’s biological parents!? How could they do something like that to their child?!” How could parents be so cruel?? I was very skeptical by what Suyang said, “After all, a cruel tiger will not devour its cubs. Even if the parents are obsessed with money, they wouldn’t compromise the death of their child, right? Perhaps they’ve been deceived.”

“You’re too naive. According to the report, there was a cloth fragment by the victim’s body. But during the autopsy, there was no fiber found within the child’s fingertips. This meant that the child probably didn’t pull the fabric off. Instead, someone purposely placed it there. But the police overlooked it and directly convicted Lu Wenxue based on the parents’ testimony.”

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