Chapter 72: Lu Wenxue’s story (Part 2)

Chapter 72: Lu Wenxue’s story (Part 2)

While he was at his wits’ end, one of his former classmates from university contacted him. He was now working at a company for a guy named Chairman Jicheng. Apparently, the chairman wanted to do some charity work to give his company some positive publicity. So, he was interested in providing financial aid to Lu Wenxue’s school.

Lu Wenxue wasn’t sure if it was genuine or fake help, but as long as it could help his school, he was willing to give it a try. After taking the bus for half a day, Lu Wenxue had finally arrived at the city. After meeting the investor, he decided he could finally go visit his son he hadn’t seen in quite a while.

Which parents on Earth wouldn’t miss their children? They just wouldn’t say it.

Seeing how Lu Wenxue was dressed in plain cotton clothing, while he was dressed in a well ironed suit, his friend excitedly hung his arm around his classmate’s shoulders as he exclaimed, “You were ranked #1 back then, how did you end up in such state? But don’t worry, I will introduce you to a great business opportunity!”

“Business opportunity?” Lu Wenxue was a bit suspicious, but he didn’t press on. He was afraid he will lose the chance for his school to gain financial support.

“I’m telling you, the person you’re meeting today is our chairman from the corporation. According to internal sources, his son was in some sort of scandal. So now, he earnestly wants to do a charitable event to redeem their company image.”

Lu Wenxue was a smart man. He understood his classmate’s hint and understood the chairman’s goal. But that didn’t matter. The most important thing was to improve the school’s situation.

Approximately ten minutes later, Chairman Jicheng entered the private room that they were in. He appeared very refined and courteous.

“I heard about your story from Xiaowen! I’m so moved! Nowadays, there are very few people in society who would give so unconditionally. Furthermore, you’ve taught for so many years. I admire you very much.” Chairman Jicheng raised his glass towards Lu Wenxue.

Lu Wenxue was surprised to hear the chairman speak so highly of him. He rushed to drink his glass. Hmm...logically speaking, he should be the one showing appreciation as they’re the ones financially giving his school support. How come….

Before Lu Wenxue could think further, Chairman Jicheng continued, “Today, I invited you here for a meal because I am interested in providing financial aid for your school. However, it is not a small amount. In addition, this money solely belongs to me.”

“Chairman, do you have any requests? Please be direct. I’ve been in the countryside for too long and am not accustomed to tactful words.”

“None! What type of requests could I have? But in order to ensure that you’re a good man and won’t waste my money on self-indulgence, I want to personally go on-site to inspect.” Chairman Jicheng heartily laughed as he waited for Lu Wenxue’s response.

“You want to personally come see the school?!” Lu Wenxue was pleasantly surprised. This chairman was a lot better than what he had imagined him to be. Most people who do charitable work only takes out the money for a good report in exchange. But this chairman was actually willing to go to their poor and remote town to take a look!? Perhaps, not all rich people were evil.

Lu Wenxue felt lucky to have met such a kind person. So after the meal, Lu Wenxue tightly grasped his classmate’s hand as he emotionally thanked him. “I’m so grateful for all your help! Thank you for telling your boss about my school. You’ve done so much for me!”

“No need to thank me! No need!” An ominous glint flashed by Lu Wenxue’s classmate’s eyes. But it disappeared immediately. Lu Wenxue failed to notice.

Since Lu Wenxue no longer had to worry about the financial situation of the school, his footsteps were much lighter on the way back. Due to the alcohol he had consumed, he was a bit tipsy when he arrived at his son’s high school.

“Dad? How come you’re here?” Lu Zhengyang hasn’t seen his dad for a very long time. He had accidentally noticed his father waiting for him by the classroom door. The moment the bell rang, he ran towards him.

Lu Wenxue’s plain cotton clothing was very uncommon in such a big city. All the students were staring at him in a curious manner.

“Is daddy causing you to lose face? Today, I am not dressed….” Thinking of how he may be making his son look bad, Lu Wenxue decided he should leave immediately.

“Dad, what are you talking about? Ignore them. You’re already here. Why don’t you wait until I’m done school and we can have dinner together?”

“No. Dad still has to rush to take the bus back. There are children waiting for me in the countryside. I have been away for too long, so I’m a bit worried.”

“Dad, don’t overwork yourself! When I’m done my exams, I will come back to help you!”

Lu Zhengyang’s words warmed Lu Wenxue’s heart. But after exchanging a few lines, Lu Wenxue left.

A few days later, the chairman personally came to inspect the school. In order to show his gratitude, Lu Wenxue specifically prepared a bunch of dishes and invited Chairman Jicheng over to his home. Originally, he was hesitant because he was afraid that the chairman wouldn’t like to eat something so plain and simple, but the chairman didn’t act like a big shot and was actually very willing to come over. Lu Wenxue was delighted.

The two of them drank and chatted.

“Wenxue brother, your school is not bad! The children are young. Not bad!”

“I sincerely need to thank you! Thank you for investing into our school. You are a true philanthropist!”

“No no no! I’m not! You are! You’re a philanthropist! Except, just a tad bit slow. Do you know why I’m saying this, Wenxue brother?”

Lu Wenxue shook his head.

“You have no idea about the business opportunity you have around you! Why are you not making use of it? You’re too silly!” Chairman Jicheng placed his arm over Lu Wenxue’s shoulders as he whispered into his ear. “The people around here lack civilization. What do they know? The children are so young. What do they know? But we are business people. It is so obvious that your students are your business opportunity!”

Lu Wenxue was astonished by Chairman Jicheng’s words. He wasn’t sure if the chairman was speaking nonsense after drinking or was speaking the truth after drinking.

Lu Wenxue grew silent.

Seeing this, Chairman Jicheng continued, “Do you know why your students are your business opportunity? I’ll tell you why. In our field, there are a lot of strange people with fetishes. You know, some of them like children! Especially the ones that are around their teens. There are so many business owners who would fight to play with them! Plus, this place is so remote and desolated. No one will find out. This is the best hiding spot for them to satisfy their shameful cravings. There are conditions for me to financially support you. After all, we are business people….so, what do you….”

Before the chairman could finish his sentence, Lu Wenxue could no longer suppress his anger as he directly flipped the table and hollered, “You’re the scum of our society! Get out!”

Lu Wenxue was shaking. He couldn’t believe this animal wanted to buy and sell his students; and he sounded so proud of it too!

“What are you doing?” Lu Wenxue’s screeching half-sobered up the chairman. Lu Wenxue picked up his vase and was able to smash it over the chairman.

“You mental!’ The chairman cursed as he shoved Lu Wenxue away and scrambled to flee.

Lu Wenxue knew he had lost the financial aid, but he had no regrets. Even if he had to suffer more, he wouldn’t want support from such a beast.

The next day, Lu Wenxue noticed one of the students were missing from class. She was 12 and she was a new student that he took a lot of time convincing her parents. Lu Wenxue thought her parents had changed their minds, so he looked up the child’s address and rode his bike towards their place.

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