Chapter 69: The meal

Chapter 69: The meal

I followed him into the room. Mi Fan was also inside. But they both had their clothes on properly.

Huh? It wasn’t the type of relationship I was thinking? Or could it be, they haven’t started yet?

Ahhhh...what was I thinking?

But this room was very luxurious. Could this be the legendary presidential suite?

I was so amazed by the room that I had stopped in my tracks.

No! No! Lin Yixin! You need to stay sober! You must know your duties. Control yourself! You can do it! My heart gave myself a warning.

Mi Fan and the guy were already seated. The man opened his mouth, “I ordered the chef to purposely prepare these dishes for you. They are your favourite. Father has been very busy lately, but he told me I must take good care of reporter Mi. Thank you for what you have done for us.”

Then, the guy gave me a look.

Was that the cue for me to serve? I was certain he was hinting something, but I didn’t know what to do.

I was trying to think of the scenarios in dramas where the male and female lead would be sharing a candlelight dinner in a romantic atmosphere. What was the server doing on the side?

I never paid attention to the server! Ahhh!

Ai ya! Screw it! I just have to lift the lid and then display the food in front of them, right? Then, I could excuse myself!

“Oh? I’m curious to see what the young master has prepared for me… It’s according to my preference?” Mi Fan gazed at me. She was waiting for me to introduce the dishes to her.

Oh God! Kill me! At this rate, my disguise will be exposed!

I hardened my scalp and displayed the first dish. “Ummm...this is, uh… a steak?” I forcefully squeezed out a smile as I used my judgment and placed the steak in front of Mi Fan.

“And this, uh…. This is a mixed salad...” I stared at the pile of veggies in the dish. It should be a salad, right?

“Also, this is, umm….” I scrutinized the unknown item in front of me. Who could tell me what the heck it is? I didn’t even introduce the item as I directly placed it in front of the guy.

Their expressions were a bit peculiar. My only wish was to quickly open the red wine and dash.

This was the first time I had ever attempted to open a bottle of red wine. How do you open it? Regardless of how hard I tugged, it wouldn’t budge…

I used all my strength but still failed to pull out the cork. Mi Fan couldn’t take it anymore and pointed at the bottle opener.

“Oh…” I stabbed the bottle opener in the middle of the cork and used all my strength to pull.

“Young master, I’m honestly quite skeptical of your hotel’s standards. You have these type of servers to please your customers?” Mi Fan rolled her eyes at me; she looked displeased.

With the help of the bottle opener, I managed to open the wine bottle. But I barely managed to grip onto the bottle. The red wine nearly splattered on Mi Fan.

Oh no! I made her mad!

At this moment, my internal organs were breaking down. Before the young master could say anything, I rushed to apologize. “Sorry. I’m so sorry! I’m a new server. There are still a lot of things I may not be good at. Sorry for causing inconvenience to you!”

I was an expert at saying words I didn’t mean. After all, as Suyang’s subordinate, I’ve had lots of practice. I hope they won’t see through me.

“Thank you for reporter Mi’s comment in regards to our hotel’s server standards. We will improve. To compensate, this meal is on me. Allow me to personally attend to your needs.” Then, the man stood up and replaced my position without saying a word. I was standing at the corner while he began to introduce every dish to Mi Fan.

He was knowledgeable and fluent as he went on and on…

Can I leave now? I screamed from the inside. Sadly, there was no response. There wasn’t even the illicit sexual scene I had imagined. I have no purpose to remain here.

Right now, I was at a position where I couldn’t leave but shouldn’t stay either. I had no choice but to blatantly watch and listen to this somewhat flirty but not exactly flirty talk between the two. I felt like the God of awkwardness was favouring me.

“Reporter Mi, I heard you’ve been harassed recently? Do you want me to help you deal with it?” After the man was done doing my job, he sat down at his original spot and got straight into the main topic.

Mi Fan threw me a warning glance. “There’s someone here. Let’s not talk about this now.”

I quickly lowered my head.

“Why would it matter? This hotel belongs to me. The people from this hotel are my people. What are you afraid of?”

Huh? So it turned out I reaped some rewards after all! Suddenly, I didn’t want to leave.

“It’s not really harassment. He’s only a child.”

“He almost poured sulfuric acid on you! You’re still going to endure it? What if he got your face? We all know reporter Mi relies on her face to eat.”

Sulfuric acid? They were talking about Lu Zhengyang!

Mi Fan gave the man a deadly glare. She seemed extremely irked. “It was just a bad joke. He has bitter feelings towards me.”

“That’s why I mentioned it. Do you want me to get rid of him? I mean, we got rid of his dad. Why not allow the father and son to reunite? Then, you won’t have to fret.”

What?! Scum of society!

I shouted from the inside. Who would’ve thought such a respectable looking gentleman would be like this the moment he opened his mouth…

“He’s a child. He’s not a threat. If I can’t even deal with him, how can I be the reporter for the director’s family? I’m not letting it get to me, so there’s no need for you to be concerned as well.”

“Let me guess. Could it be that you’re feeling remorseful for the child?” The man’s eyes suddenly sharpened. He spoke in a testing manner, “You must not become soft-hearted, reporter Mi.”

“We’re on the same team. I never thought of turning back. Also, I never thought of becoming soft-hearted. But the incident is already over. I don’t want to reignite the drama because of a child. That is not good for us either.”

“As expected of reporter Mi, you sure are considerate. But lately, there has been a lot of houseflies around you… you must be careful.” The young master drank his red wine as his eyes flickered.

“You have been investigating me.”

“How could this be considered investigating? You’re an outstanding performer for my family. We just care about you.”

“I don’t need you to worry about those around me.” Mi Fan put down her fork and knife. She was clearly agitated.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to search the background of that guy? Or could it be you honestly want to date him?”

They were talking about Suyang? Uh oh...could Suyang be a target now?

“Young master, you do not have the power to meddle in my personal life.”

The man finished his cup of red wine in one go. Then, he smiled, “I’m not interested in meddling with your personal life. But, reporter Mi, I must give you an advanced warning. If you’re doing anything that will put my family’s interests at stake, you know the consequences!”

It was a clear threat. I’ve finally experienced what it meant as a one second face change. I was still at the corner listening to their conversation, but I was so intimidated that I didn’t even dare to breathe a bit louder. I was worried I would catch their attention and end up inviting disaster upon myself.

I was trying to make use of my specialty -being an invisible person.

Mi Fan’s expression was calm again. She had her head lowered as she concentrated on eating. Then, she lightly uttered two words, “I know.”

I felt like their words were filled with conspiracy. Is it actually ok for a fake server to listen to so much? Aren’t they too careless? Or would I be killed for knowing too much?

I felt like something was wrong with this picture.

From time to time, I would observed the two of them. There was an unspoken, shapeless, ominous atmosphere that was causing me to break out in cold sweat.

My mind was scrambling to make sense of everything. Could this be a trap? In reality, they already knew I was a fake server from the beginning? That was why they were deliberately mystifying the whole situation to lure me to take the bait?

No, based on their titles, there was no need for them to do that?

Mi Fan wiped her mouth and placed down the handkerchief. The man was almost done eating as well.

Ok, after they get up, I will be able to tidy everything and escape. Currently, I give myself 80% of success rate.

“Thank you for the meal, young master. I have something else to attend to this afternoon, so I will be taking my leave now.” Then, Mi Fan stood up and took her bag with her without turning back.

The moment her back faced the man, there was a quick change of expression. She looked angry. There was a look of hatred in her eyes.

I watched as Mi Fan left the room. The director’s young master’s face had also darkened. Wow, those two were chameleon experts!

I sighed. Then, the young master suddenly turned his attention towards me. He sounded annoyed, “Why aren’t you tidying up the table? What are you waiting for?”

I flinched. Oh yeah, this was the perfect opportunity to leave.

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