Chapter 67: The aquarium

Chapter 67: The aquarium

Suddenly, Suyang pretended to be a female character and joined his thumb and middle finger together and extended the rest. He had a pitiful expression on his face.

Where does he get all this confidence from? And who’s the woman that’s like a wolf and a tiger, eh?!?

With difficulty, I suppressed my frustrations and took in a deep breath. Then, I began slowly, “Allow me to explain. It is not what you’re thinking…”

“Goldfish! I’m really serious right now. Listen to me.”

All of a sudden, Suyang’s attitude changed 180 degrees. I was a bit worried. It was a joke, he wasn’t seriously mad, right?

“Boss, if you use my real name. Perhaps I can take you more seriously…” I suggested.

“Considering how you’ve been disappearing without cause or reason these days, and flirting with your boss...most importantly, flirting with your boss!!...the only explanation for this behaviour is because I’ve been too lenient on you. Hence, it is part of my duty to assign you with a mission so that you’re not slacking off all the time. Then, you can become a useful human being…”

I blankly stared at Suyang, “Sorry boss, you said too much and I don’t understand your point…”

“Tomorrow, go to the aquarium and take a picture of all the sea creatures that you see. Then, I want a hand-written report of their breed, livelihood, and habits. The more details the better.”

What type of messed up mission is this?

“Also, after you’re done, create a power-point presentation to show me. Report back to me the day after tomorrow. Remember, I want every kind! Every variety! Even if they’re the same species but in a different colour.”

“That’s too soon! Plus, what’s the purpose of this mission?!”

“Today, you didn’t return home in the designated time I had given you. So, I am going to deduct from your salary. But if you manage to complete this mission well, I will return your salary to you.”

He's using my salary to threaten me again?!

“Suyang, you’re purposely messing with me, aren’t you?”

“A boss has every right to order his employee to tasks. You have a problem with it?”

Currently, Suyang and I were exchanging an intense eye contact with each other. I could lose money or whatever, but I must not lose my aura!

But humans must be flexible at times. Sometimes, we must lower our heads when necessary. “No! Boss, you’re the electricity! You’re the light! You’re the only God! Whatever you say, I will do! not deduct from my salary!”

I hopped out of my the couch and stood up, throwing the cushion aside. I lightly pinched Suyang’s face with my two hands and smiled, “Alright, I’m going to go and prepare the necessary information you want. Sleep earlier, boss! Late nights aren’t good for the skin…”

Suyang reacted like he was a rock. He awkwardly gazed at my hands that were on his face. After a second, he slowly questioned, “Did you... wash your hands after you touched your foot?”

“Haha!” I gave him an obvious look as my response. Then, I headed to my room.

“Wait! Before you return to your room, warm me a cup of milk!” Then, Suyang paused and added, “But go wash your hands first!”

Yes, yes. I was his servant the whole time; an old nanny he spent money to hire.

Although I was annoyed, I still maintained the smile on my face. Like a professional female worker, I responded gently, “Yes, please wait, Sir. I will immediately help you warm a cup of milk.”

F*** Suyang! Why must he create some type of aquarium mission to make my life difficult? But deep down, I knew it was because he didn’t want me to use my spare time to meddle with the Lu family and Mi Fan’s issue.

However, I was the type that won’t give up once I have made up my mind. Plus, the moment I imagined Suyang and Mi Fan spending time together, I felt distraught with anxiety.

Why do I feel that way towards him?! I don’t know. Suyang is bossy and opinionated.

Also, why wasn’t he intimidated by the intimate distance between us? It was something that affected me so much.

As I stirred the warm milk I had heated up from the pan, I noticed a bag of salt in the kitchen. I coldly laughed. Haha. Suyang, after you drink my “delicious” milk, I hope you will sleep well…

“Boss, your milk is ready! Savour it slowly, I am going to return to my room now.” I handed him the milk and rushed back to my room in quick steps.

“1, 2, 3!” I locked my bedroom door as I leaned on it and counted to three. Then, as expected, I heard Suyang choking and his footsteps headed towards my direction.

“Hahaha!” I covered my mouth as I snickered secretly.

“Lin Yixin! How could you be so despicable to mix salt into the milk? Come out! If you’re not happy with me, we’ll deal with it face to face!” Suyang knocked on my door. It sounded like he wanted to break it down.

Deal with it face to face?! You think I’m an idiot? As a common citizen, how could I argue against you, leader?

“Umm, boss, did the milk turn salty? Perhaps it’s expired? It’s rather late now. I have to rest. Tomorrow, I’ll buy new milk and replace your expired milk!” I tried my best to suppress my laughter and made my voice sound as normal as possible.

“Lin Yixin! I could hear you laughing! Come out!”

“Huh? Boss, you heard wrong. I-I’m not laughing. I’m going to sleep. You should sleep too!”

Then, I ran to my bed and rolled on it.

The moment I envisioned Suyang’s current eye bulging expression from the outside of my room, I wanted to smile. Today was a day worthy of being commemorated. The common people have successfully caused an uprising against the leader! This was the first step to victory. Long live the revolution!


“Ahhh!” I was so exhausted early in the morning. I had bitter feelings towards Suyang as I got up with difficulty. In order to complete Suyang’s assigned mission, I had to take the bus for two hours. I was the first visitor to the aquarium.

For the first time in my life, I was so sick of looking at fishes that I felt like vomiting.

Serious, weren’t they all just swimming around? To me, the fishes all look relatively similar. It’s like how Caucasians cannot tell the difference between Asians, and how Asians cannot tell the difference between Caucasians.

After observing for a long period of time, I decided I didn’t want to eat any fishes for at least a month.

But as I attentively scrutinized the fish photos I had taken, I had a sudden thought that perhaps I should be a photographer.

While I was planning to halfheartedly stroll around the aquarium to finish my mission, I suddenly noticed a very familiar figure with her back facing me.

I took another look. That woman…..isn’t that Mi Fan? Why's she at the aquarium?

I finally understood the line “When you search high and low, you will not find what you want. But when you’re not searching, it’ll be right in front of you.”

If Suyang knew I encountered Mi Fan in the aquarium, he would go insane!

I secretly hid at a corner and continued to observe her. Soon, she left with a staff member.

Although I wasn’t finished with Suyang’s mission, I wasn’t going to let a big fish escape from me! I could tell that Mi Fan was going to disappear from my field of vision. So, I rushed to follow as I got onto a taxi.

“Driver, please help me follow that vehicle in front of you.”

“Miss, are you trying to track someone down? That is not good. If the cops think you’re following someone around, you might be considered a psycho and locked up.” The driver still hadn’t moved his car. He was wasting time as he lectured me.

I was at a loss for words. But time waits for no one. So, my anxious heart began to beat faster and faster. I had no choice but to fabricate a story. “Uncle, she is a mistress! I am suspecting that she is sleeping with my husband. So, please catch up to her! Or else I won’t be able to get the proof that I need! I’m begging you!”

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