Chapter 62: Suyang’s bruise

Chapter 62: Suyang’s bruise

My hand quietly left the mouse that I was holding and I didn’t allow myself to make a single sound. I had all my attention focused on the movements behind the door.

*dong dong*. There was another two knocks. This time, I was positive that I wasn’t hallucinating. Someone was really knocking.

“Who is it…” I weakly responded as I slowly headed towards the door and pressed my body up against the wall.

“It’s Suyang.” The person replied, “Let me come in.”

I instantly felt a breath of relief and leaned my head against the door. “Don’t come in! Currently, I have no intentions of letting you enter.”

Suyang knocked again. He used a very light and quick tone I haven’t heard in a long time. “Can we have a talk?”

“I’m going to sleep.”

“As your boss, I am commanding you to open the door!”

Rather than saying something sweet, Suyang was using his usual boss status to suppress me. I was enraged and aggressively jerked the door open. Most likely, Suyang had been leaning against my door the entire time. The moment I opened the door, he directly fell into my arms.

All the words I wanted to say also fell apart. What did I want to say again?

Suyang dryly coughed twice. He held onto the door and stood up straight. “Where were you the entire day?

“Uggh! Didn’t I say not to come in?” I pointed my finger at Suyang’s fingertips. His fingertips were slightly violating my space. “If you have something to say, say it here, boss!”

“Allow me to come in.”

“If you have nothing to say, I’m going to bed.” I pretended to close the door, but Suyang blocked me. Obviously, this was what I had predicted.

“Today, I got hurt. So I want you to help me apply some medication.” Suyang raised the medicine bottle in his hand and shook it in front of me.

“You’re hurt? Where?” Immediately, all the frustrations and anger I had inside melted away. I hastily dragged Suyang into my room and took the medicine bottle from his hand. I felt guilty and a bit responsible. “Why were you so clumsy?”

“My back. Today, while I was trying to protect Mi Fan from the crazy child, I accidentally crashed into something. My waist is still in pain.” Suyang explained as he grimaced in pain.

“Turn around. Let me see.” I made Suyang’s back faced me as I gradually lifted up his shirt. I couldn’t help but suck in my breath.

Oh God! There was a huge bruise on Suyang’s fair skin. It stood out a lot. Within his bruise was clotted blood. I used my fingertips to stroke it a little and Suyang began to tremble.

“Why is it so serious?” I frowned as my heart ached a bit for Suyang.

If he didn’t go see Mi Fan…..women were always like this. They liked to put the blame on other women; especially if it’s women they weren’t fond of.

“Help me apply the medication.” While I was zoning out, Suyang had quickly taken off his entire shirt.

“You!” Before I could stop Suyang, he had already thrown his shirt off to the side. His perfect back was displayed in front of me and my voice naturally became very timid. “Why did you take off the whole... there’s no need…”

*Gulp* I lightly swallowed my saliva. My hands were shaking. It took a lot of effort before I was able to twist open the bottle. Why was I shaking? Was I nervous? I didn’t even know where my eyes should be looking.

There was another serious issue. Am I supposed to directly pour the content on his back? Or use my hand to rub it lightly? 

Use hand? Use hand? Use my hand? 

At this moment, all sorts of strange thoughts popped up on my mind. Based solely on Suyang’s back, I honestly couldn’t understand how a person who didn’t exercise for 365 days could maintain such a good body. It was as if his body was carved. There weren’t any excess fat at all. Could this type of body be innate? 

“What’s wrong now?”

Since I still hadn’t made a move, Suyang asked me.

“Huh? Nothing! It’s just that… how do you want me to help you apply it? Do you want me to rub on it?”

“I want you to massage the clotted blood area to spread it out.”

“Oh. Ok! Spread out the clotted blood area. Got it!” I clumsily poured the medical content onto my palm and wanted to smile so badly. I was trying my best to stop myself from giggling as my hand slowly approached Suyang’s bruise. “It might hurt a little. You must tolerate it!”

The moment my palm came in contact with Suyang’s back, I felt like I was getting shocked by electricity. I shrank back a little. Perhaps he was in pain, because he trembled a little as well.

Since Suyang couldn’t see me, my heartbeat was slowly returning back to its original state. I was afraid to hurt him, so I tried my best to be gentle. I was lightly massaging his bruise.

“Goldfish.” Suyang was calling me.

“Yeah?” I thought I had hurt him, so I was worried.

“Are you trying to help me spread out the clotted blood or are you trying to tease me?”


“Stop stroking my bruise so softly. It feels very weird.” Suyang turned around and seized my hand. He made me forcefully push against his bruise. But I was the one yelping out instead. His strength was no joke. I could feel the pain from watching alone.

“Alright…” I followed Suyang’s instructions and increased my strength on his bruise.

Time continued to tick by. Deep down, I was hoping time would pause at this moment forever.

After I was done with his treatment, I gently patted Suyang’s shoulder. “Alright. I’m finished. I think it would be a better idea for you to sleep on your stomach tonight.”

While I was talking to him, I noticed his forehead was covered with sweat. He must be in tremendous amounts of pain. But how could I expose him? So I pretended I didn’t see.

“Now you know the price of foolishly acting like a hero to save a beauty, eh?” I picked up Suyang’s shirt from the ground and handed it to him. “Hurry and put your clothes back on. You’re already injured. You don’t want to catch a cold as well.”

“You’ve cooled down? Not angry anymore?” Suyang was putting on his shirt on and grinning at me at the same time. Was he trying to coax me? 

“Cool down? I’m not mad?! I’m totally fine.” There was a strong scent of medication on my hands and I wanted to wash it off. So I stood up.

But as I was standing up, Suyang grabbed my arm and pressed me against the door.

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